The Russian Bear's Agenda

While most of our mainstream media, even our independent media stays focused on the Russo-Ukrainian War, some correspondents are now suggesting that the War will be over either next year when winter is over or even this fall. The Russians are not inclined to broadcast their plans, so Western correspondents are left to speculate. What we do know is that the Ukrainian "offensive" they constantly broadcasted to the world has not accomplished anything. Instead, it is a ruse to get the West to give them more weapons which they will in turn sell on the black market.

The Battle of Bakhmut instead has shown us a model of warfare that the West is not used to seeing. The Russian were content to make short gains while inviting the Ukrainians to attack them in Bakhmut killing field. This is reminicent of what Generals Ulysses S. Grant and William Sherman did to break the will of the Confederal South. Using the economic power of the Northern States, they played an economic war to deplete the Confederacy of its resources and manpower. Eventually, the Confederacy collapsed when it lost the ability to resupply its troops. Russia seems willing to play the economic war game as well. When we look at the latest version of this Bible Code, we see this picture.

Bible Code Matrix Bible Code Key

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When we read this Bible Code, we see the SVR (Russian Foreign Intelligence Service) and the GRU (Russian Military Intelligence) doing some very interesting research and conjuring a very evil entity (as their forerunners in the KGB did during the Soviet era). We have encountered Sorath, the evil spirit of the sun in other Bible Codes, though we found him connected with the occult research of Nazi Germany prior and during World War II. British mystic Aleister Crowley also mentioned this evil being and publicly pointed out that the Hebrew word Sorath adds up to 666 in the Hebrew system of Gematria. 

Dr. Rudolf Steiner

Occult authority Dr. Rudolf Steiner was likely the first to suggest the numeric connections of Sorath in his lecture: "The Apocalypse of St. John." Dr. Steiner also mentioned in the same lecture that Sorath has greater power than Lucifer. Unfortunately, Dr. Steiner did not give his listeners a source for his somewhat radical statement. (Steiner, "The Apocalypse of St. John," GA 104, Lecture XI, given June 29, 1908 as part of his Nuremberg Lectures in Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany) We would gather as Isaiah did, that Lucifer and Satan are not one in the same. (Isaiah 14:16) It should be noted that Dr. Steiner did not give credence to the teachings of many Christian leaders of his time.

We also find that the Russians have made covenants with Osiris (Cain), but unlike the West, they have refused to deal with the demon Ashima, understanding that he is a trickster, lacking true credibility. Like their counterparts in the West, they talk to these evil beings using witches, sorcerers, and conversations with the Watchers. Other times, they employ necromancers in the hope they can contact their ancestors.

The other element of this Bible Code is the missile technology the diamond guidance system that we have mentioned in the previous pages. We saw their hypersonic missile employed in the Russo-Ukrainian War. It can travel up to fifty times the speed of sound and no Western missile defense system can effectively defend against them.

What we did not see in this Bible Code is any presence by the Russian Orthodox Church. That does not mean they are not in the Bible Codes, but that we will have to look further for them. What we do understand is that Russian culture has spiritual aspects we don't understand in the West. One of the few characters in Russian history that many in the West know about is Rasputin, a Russian Orthdox monk who worked his way into the favor of the Czarist Romanov Court. Because Rasputin started to advise the Czar that it was time to get Russia out of World War I, Allied Agents allegedly assassinated him. In the TV Show Grimm, Rasputin was identified as a Wesen entity called a "Koschie," a man with healing powers who can also kill. The show suggested also that they still exist today.

Russia is a very complex country with an even more complex history. When Constantinople fell on May 29, 1453, the last of the Eastern Orthodox Patriarchates (Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem has fallen to the Islamic world decades before) was brought under the control of the Islamic Ottoman Empire. The last "free" bishophrics of the Eastern Orthodox Church remained in Moscow, Kiev, and Tbilisi (Georgia).

The main bishophric of the Eastern Orthodox Church in the East has become the Russian Orthodox Church. However, it should be pointed out that unlike the Roman Catholic Church with its popes, the Russian Orthodox Patriarch has never exercised authority over the rest of the Eastern Orthodox Communion. In fact, thanks to the Schism of 2018 and the Russo-Ukraine War, the Russian Orthodox Church and the rest of the Eastern Communion are at odds with each other. The issue has been whether the Ukrainian Orthodox Church should be under the management of the Russian Orthodox Church or be a separate communion of the Eastern Orthodox Church. In 2018, the Eastern Orthodox Patriarchate at Istanbul (Constantinople) decided that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church should be allowed to be separate from the Russian Orthodox Church.

The Russian-Ukrainian Controversy though is not completely a church issue. The last powerful Soviet leader was Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev, a Donbas Ukrainian who replaced Stalin, a Georgian. One of his early controversial moves was the transfer of the Crimean Oblast from the Russian SFSR to the Ukrainian SSR. After Khrushchev was replaced in 1964, every subsequent leader of the Soviet Union was Russian. When the Soviet Union was fractured in 1991, Russia and Ukraine remained friends and worked together economically. Then, in 2014, the "color" revolution led the Ukraine westward politically. Why they would turn West would remain confusing for us until a Bible Code came to light.

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