Introduction to the Lion Files

When the Prophet Daniel first saw the vision of the four beasts which he recorded in the seventh chapter of his book, the first one to emerge was in the 11th Century when William the Conqueror and his Normans crossed the English Channel and invaded England. His victory at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 marked a major change in Western history. For the first time in the British Isles, a king would take authority over the feudal lords and make them subservient to him. That did not please the Anglo-Saxon and Briton Lords who had previously ruled the land for centuries. The story of Robin Hood is just one of many stories about the conflict between the Saxon Lords and the Norman kings. It took two or three centuries to get the problems worked out, but when they did, England became a world power to be reckoned with.

Consistent with the character of a Lion, England rarely became an offensive nation, their only conquests being their invasions of Wales, Ireland, and eventually India. Their victory over the Spanish Armada was a defensive victory. Their wars with France were mostly battles of attrition. Even in the World Wars of the 20th Century, they were rarely an aggressor nation. The lion did form a lot of colonies, but even when these rebelled, they did not stray far from "Mother England."

Right now, the Lion Files is our largest body of research and we are likely to add more in time. As we study the beasts of Daniel 7, we have come to understand that even though they come onto the scene at different time, they will ALL come into conflict with each other at the end in their desire for world dominance. They will also come into conflict with YHWH and his people. Therefore, the more we can learn about them from the plain text of the Bible and the Bible Codes, the better off we will be.

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