The Olivet Discourse, the Teaching on the Mount of Olives

One of the last teachings Yehushua (Jesus) gave before He went to the cross, died for our sins, and rose from the dead, was the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24-25, Luke 21 and Mark 13), an exposition of what world conditions would be like prio to His second coming. At the beginning of this discourse, He shocked his disciples by predicting that the Herod's Temple in Jerusalem would be destroyed. That happened in A.D. 70, just as He said it would. (Matthew 24:2, Mark 13:2, Luke 21:6) However, that is not the end of the story.

Because Yeshushua made this statement and it was widely-circulated, the Phiabi Jews were determined to rebuild Jerusalem and restore Israel. It took a long time for this to be accomplished because the writings and other activities of the Jews were legally blotted-out by the Romans until A.D. 96. The Jewish world did not get much of a reprieve until A.D. 117 when Emperor Trajan got sick during the Parthian War. His successor, Hadrian agreed to let the Jews rebuild their Temple as a quick solution so he could concentrate his efforts on his problems on the British Isles (the Roman Empire needed to secure their tin mines so they could continue to make weapons for war). Remember the famous Roman Expression: "Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum." (Translation: If you want peace, prepare for war.) (Vegetius, Epitoma Rei Militaris)

According to reliable authorities, the Phiabi Jews rebuilt the temple between A.D. 117-118. At first, they tolerated the Romans ruling over them, so long as religious freedom was permitted. However, some historians suggest that in A.D. 130, an additional legion was sent into the area along with a new governor named Tineius Rufus, who apparently wanted to ban the rite of circumcision. This did not please the Jews at all!

After months of careful planning, the Phiabi Jews started the Bar Kokhba Revolt in A.D. 132. The leader of this revolt was Simon bar Kokhba. The name "bar Kokhba" means "son of the start" in reference to Numbers 24:17. The Jewish sage Rabbi Akiva even called Simon bar Kokhba "the Messiah," not realizing that his words fulfilled this prophecy by Yahushua:

I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive. (John 5:43)

After three years of war, The Romans again destroyed the Temple in A.D. 135 at the end of the Bar Kokhba Revolt. The Romans, to make sure there would be no more temples on the Temple Mount, put up their own temple to their god Jupiter and banned Jews from even entering Jerusalem (Except on Tisha b'Av). While the ban was lifted in A.D. 438, the Christian population still did not allow the Jews to worship at the Western "Wailing" Wall. Islamic armies would later capture Jerusalem in A.D. 637.

Foretelling the End Times

The rest of the Olivet Discourse discussed what the conditions of the world would be like after the first century. He made it very clear that in the "church age," a lot of people would declare Him to be the Messiah, but only so they could draw disciples unto themselves (Matthew 24:5, Acts 20:29-30). Yahushua (Jesus). He also made it clear that there would be plenty of wars, famines and earthquakes in the "church age," along with all sorts of false prophets and messiahs.

Yahushua (Jesus) warned His followers to expect a considerable amount of persecution, and because of that, many people would betray the cause, and "iniquity shall abound." He also left open the possibility that some living in the first century would survive to the end of the age (Matthew 16:28, Mark 9:1, Luke 9:27). The Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 are clear examples of this. There are likely others as well. But, at the end of the discourse, He started talking about a special period of "great tribulation," like nothing before it (Matthew 24:21).

These days, a lot of people have been asking us when this end-time "great tribulation" would begin? We decided that this would be a good question to ask the Bible Codes. Here is the result we got:

Code Sheet

Code Key

Colonel Harold "Speed" Wilson Gerald Derstine
Col. Harold "Speed" Wilson Gerald Derstine

When we ran this code, we got the above results. This time we got a date: January 21, 1961. This date did not catch us totally by surprise. Back in January of 1961, a Charismatic Mennonite minister named Gerald Derstine started getting prophecies from several independent "prophets" of sorts (he never identified them). None of the people giving these prophecies to Rev. Derstine ever realized that anyone else was giving him the same prophecies. We learned about these prophecies when we received some cassette tapes done by the now late Marine Colonel Harold "Speed" Wilson (ret.), in one of many of his many teachings at the Lake Hamilton Bible Camp and at other locations. The sad part is that the prophecies were not promoted by Rev. Derstine and were lost until Colonel Wilson brought them back into view in one of his talks in 1982. Sadly, he never talked about this again, even when he went on tour with the Prophecy Club many years later.

Despite this, A lot of religious authorities still deny this date because it does not match with what little their Bible Prophecy "experts" were teaching at that time (1961) or at any other time in the future. Also, it should be noted that at the time (1961), theories regarding Bible Prophecy, whether right or wrong, were only rarely being taught outside of Fundamentalist Baptist and Pentecostal circles. It was Hal Lindsey's New York Times bestselling book: The Late Great Planet Earth, released in the summer of 1970 that brought the subject of Bible Prophecy to the forefront of many evangelical and mainline religious institutions. The success of this book caused a number of religious institutions to have "Bible Prophecy Seminars" to "bring in the masses." Before long, people were carrying Mr. Lindsay's book next to their Bibles as a proverbial Bible decoder key.

The Beginning of Great Tribulation

John F. Kennedy

It is interesting that the date on this Bible Code coincides with the first full day that John F. Kennedy (Pictured far right) occupied the White House as President of the United States. He came into the White House just after the outgoing President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower, gave his famous "farewell speech" of January 17, 1961 warning of a "military-industrial complex" that was effectively taking over the government of the United States. General Eisenhower, at age 71 had started to grow weary of the massive amount of politics going on in Washington. Even though he undoubtedly warned Kennedy of what he was up against, he felt it was his duty to warn the American people as well. Here is a video of his speech:

At first, most mainstream media people thought President Eisenhower was just doing his "one last rant" before he had to vacate the White House. It turned out, the outgoing president was trying to warn the American people of the tribulation that would soon be coming to them. He undoubtedly had no idea about this Bible Code, but he didn't need a Bible Code to understand the upcoming future of the United States.

Allen Dulles

We saw clear evidence of this in 1963 when President Kennedy issued executive orders and other directives doing these three things:

  1. Withdrawing troops from Vietnam,
  2. Printing dollars without the authorization of the Federal Reserve, and
  3. Firing the first civilian CIA director, Allen Dulles (pictured to the left smoking a pipe, something he was famous for...) after the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

All of these moves were designed to counter the intentions of the "Military-Industrial Complex" that President Eisenhower described. This internal conflict came to a head on November 22, 1963 at 12:30 P.M. when President Kennedy was assassinated by parties unknown at Daley Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas. Many conspiracy theorists have suggested that the "Military-Industrial Complex" exposed by President Eisenhower was behind the contract "hit" on the President, while other authorities on the assassination suggest that the New Orleans Mafia under Carlos Marcello was behind the "hit." Assassination researchers like former LBJ Attorney Barr McClellan, University of Minnesota-Duluth Emeriti Professor Dr. James Fetzer, Gregory Burnham, and Dr. Walt Brown suggest that a number of people (conspiracy) were involved.

Tribulation would become the byword of the 1960s. We watched as the Soviet Union and Communist China emerged as world powers challenging the status of the United States, Great Britain, and to a lesser extent, France. A very surprising Middle East war erupted during this time that few experts could either anticipate, let alone predict the outcome. In the United States, people like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., the Black Panthers, and other far left radicals began to take a larger role in American Politics. Suddenly, we began to see a polarity in Democrat Party politics as the Ku Klux Klan and other "Southern Democrats" began to lose favor and the liberalism of John F. Kennedy took hold with the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and its later Amendments in 1972 and 1991. The racist Democrat politics that ruled the South for decades suddenly collapsed and progressive liberals rose to the top of the Party (with the nominations of Hubert Humphrey, George McGovern, Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, and Barak Obama) It should also be noted that the George Wallace faction of the party met a decisive end following the assassination attempt on his life on May 15, 1972 during that year's presidential primaries, (some commentators contend that the assassination attempt was ordered by the Nixon Administration and carried out by the CIA).

Lyndon Baines Johnson
Lyndon Johnson Being Sworn in as U.S. President
with Jacqueline Kennedy Standing Next to Him.

Once Lyndon B. Johnson (pictured to the right) took the oath of office to become the 36th President of the United States, many of President Kennedy's executive orders were immediately reversed including two of the three mentioned in the last paragraph:

  1. Troops that thought they were going to come home from Vietnam had their orders canceled, and additional troops received orders that they were going to Vietnam;

  2. The Federal Reserve was reinstated as the private organization charged with the management of the U.S. Dollar. The only thing he did not do was

  3. Reinstate Allen Dulles to his job as Director of Central Intelligence.

The only reason Allen Dulles was NOT reinstated as Director of Central Intelligence is because he was placed as a "central figure" on the Warren Commission, a group charged with learning the truth behind the Assassination of John F. Kennedy, the President of the United States. Even before the ink was dry on the report, independent investigators have heavily criticized the report. One of the first to object to the report was former U.S. Senate investigator Harold Weisberg, author of several books including WhiteWash. Since that time, a host of other investigators, historians, and other academics have also lodged objections to the Warren Report. Their biggest objection was the fact that Allen Dulles got to "investigate himself" and the organization he once worked for and later headed.

George H.W. Bush in Dallas on November 22, 1963

Despite additional official investigations, most people do not believe that the Warren Report even comes close to being accurate. Some of the most telling information on the JFK Assassination came when President Trump released a large portion of the information still classified by the government. A large number of assassination researchers quickly evaluated the information and especially the pictures. One of the interesting items they spotted in newly-released pictures from the assassination was one showing George H.W. Bush sporting a walkie-talkie standing on the presidential parade route in Dallas, Texas. This has led many to believe that it was our future president who actually the on-the-ground commander of the assassination. We are not so sure. Still, when he was asked, he gave one reporter a story about him waiting at a beauty shop in Tyler, Texas for his wife Barbara to get her hair done. He's told other stories as well. The important thing is that the JFK Assassination was a signal, a very important signal of what would be coming in the future.

Tribulation did not just come to the United States of America... The world was shocked in 1967 when an Arab-Israeli War suddenly broke out and had a very surprising outcome that floored even military experts. The Middle East suddenly became a hotbed of war with additional conflicts in 1973 (The Yom Kipper War), 1976 (First Israeli invasion of Lebanon), 1982 (Second Israeli invasion of Lebanon), 1983-1988 (Iraq-Iran War), 1991 (Gulf War I), 1996 (Bible Code thwarts Iraqi invasion of Israel), the 9/11 disaster and the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, and 2003 (Gulf War II). The number and intensity of these wars is likely to escalate, not decrease as we get closer to the end.

The alleged election of Barak Hussein Obama in 2008 in what many consider a "fixed" election, brings an adherent of Islam to the White House. It turns out his "alleged" birthday is also January 21, 1961. Since most document experts have declared the Obama birth certificate to be a forgery, the birthdate has to represent something else. While some are already declaring that Obama is the Antichrist, we feel their conclusions are unfounded. Our website: Antichrist Watch demonstrates that antichrists are nothing more than false-messiahs. There have been many of them and in time, there will be many more. All an antichrist does is take attention away from Yehushua, the real Messiah. We feel that Mr. Obama is part of the "antichrist system," but is certainly NOT it's leader.

Dr. Derek Prince
Derek Prince

The Islamic issue is quite another matter. Since the late 1970s, teachers like Derek Prince, along with a host of other less well-known pastors and theologians have argued that Islam is the "Antichrist religion." Dr. Prince's arguments have been validated by what we have seen in Iraq and Syria with the activities of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, wrongly called ISIS by the United Nations, some officials of the United States Government and the Mainstream Media) and other radical Islamic groups. The mass slaughter and persecution of Christians in these countries, since the sixth century is unparalleled in history. Dr. Bill Warner's website Political Islam has demonstrated this rather clearly. Other researchers are quick to point out that more Christians have been killed due to persecution in the 20th century than in all the previous centuries combined. At the rate persecutions have been occurring in the 21st century, the 20th century record will be elapsed by the middle of the 21st century.

The Omega Syndrome - Book

This code gives us a marker in time which will become more and more significant as we proceed closer to the end. Some even tried to superimpose numbers onto the year 1961 and look for "rapture dates" and other supposed biblical events. One of the things the Bible Codes have taught us is that nothing will work out as simplistically as Revs. Hal Lindsey, Chuck Missler, Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins, and other so-called prophecy teachers would like it to work out. Even when TBN's movie series The Omega Code and its sequel Megiddo - Omega Code II both tried to suggest that the Bible Codes supported the teachings of Dallas Theological Seminary and their most famous student: Hal Lindsey. Unfortunately for them, the work of countless code researchers have proven otherwise. Study the codes on this site and you will see that things are not as simple as our prophecy teachers would like you to think it would be. Also, the actual manuscript for The Omega Code movies was written by the late Sylvia Fleener in her book The Omega Syndrome distributed starting on December 13, 1997. Her manuscript was allegedly plagiarized by Trinity Broadcasting Network. The lawsuit filed by Ms. Fleener and her family was quietly settled out of court for a considerable sum of money. Ms. Fleener's website indicates that she is suffering from systemic scleroderma, or hardening of the skin and is not well. Analysts have suggested that her poor health contributed to her decision to settle the case out of court rather than endure a long jury trial. By TBN's own admission, they made a considerable amount of money off their two "Omega Code" movies. By not sharing their profits with Ms. Fleener in the form of royalties, they have demonstrated themselves to be nothing more than an organization "greedy of filthy lucre." We pray they will do the right thing and share their profits with the woman who created their wealth.

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