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One of the features of this website has been the inclusion of academic papers about the Bible Codes. We will start by including the famous 1994 paper published in the Fall Edition of the statistical journal, Statistical Science, as written by Drs. Doron Witztum, Eliyahu Rips, and Yoav Rosenburg. As we expand our collection, we will add additional academic papers. If you have some research you would like included in this section, please write us at and we will gladly consider it. However, please send your submissions in Microsoft Word format. We will give authors full credit for their work, but we do reserve the right to make comments about any research we post.

  • Rosenfeld, Rabbi Dovid, The Torah vs. the Computer.
  • Rips, Rosenberg, Witztum, "Equidistant Letter Sequences in the Book of Genesis," Statistical Science, 1994, Vol. 9, No. 3, pages 429-438 (abriged).
    • This is the original paper published in the academic journal Statistical Science in 1994.
      • The bestselling book, The Bible Code, and the two follow-up books by Michael Drosnin, were loosely based up their research.
      • While Mr. Drosnin's books sell a lot of copies, neither we nor anyone else we know, consider his "research" to be mathematically valid.
  • Reinhold, Roy A., "Are there valid Bible codes in the New Testament?," Retrieved, July 5, 2010. Article Link on next page.
    • One of the most common questions we get is whether the Greek manuscripts from which we get the New Testament have codes within them. According to what Mr. Reinhold has determined, the answer is "no," but he has also shown that there may be codes in some of the Aramaic texts that have come to light.
    • We will keep an eye on this work and continue to post his articles on this.
  • Mechanic, Rabbi Daniel, "Jesus Codes: Uses and Abuses," Retrieved July 5, 2010, Click Here to Visit Original Page.
    • This article is still one of the best articles about how the late Yacov Rambsell and Grant Jeffrey, along with other Christian authors have abused the Bible Codes and an outline of how they made a mockery of statistical methods in the process.
    • Bible Code Bombshell - BookWe are aware of a number of papers posted on the Internet that claim to rebutt the points that the Rabbi has made in this article. The only researcher that has succeeded in doing so is R. Edwin Sherman, author of Bible Code Bombshell. He did so by applying the procedures first outlined in the Rips Paper to properly address the randomness risk Messrs. Rambsel and Jeffrey clearly did not consider.
  • Lichtman, Rabbi Dovid, "The Accuracy of Our Written Torah," Retrieved August 18, 2010. Click Here to Visit Original Page.
    • The past few centuries, many scholars have started to question the validity of the Bible, including the Torah. Much of the questions that have been asked, have now been answered in this paper.

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