The Bible Codes Give Keys to Understand the Bible

The past few centuries of church history has seen the rise and sometimes the fall of many Bible Scholars. During this time, the church (defined as the Body of Believers in Christ, whether they belong to an organization or not) has been exposed to and sometimes subjected to countless theories and interpretation concerning the End Times and the Second Coming of Yehusha Ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ).

This was evidenced in the 20th century by the success of books like Rev. Hal Lindsey's (ghostwritten by Carole C. Carlson) The Late Great Planet Earth and his subsequent prophetic titles. His work was so popular that it made the New York Times best-seller list for several weeks in 1970. Later on, a documentary film was created based upon information contained in the book. Lindsey's prolific number of works soon caught the attention of other famous preachers. Some of them have even been caught plagiarizing his works in an effort to embelish and promote their own ministries.

Mr. Lindsey's works were revived twenty years later when his teachings were turned into fiction fiction books by Messrs. Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins in the Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth's Last Days. In time, these books became the bestselling Christian books of all time, except for the Bible itself. This series of books was eventually turned into a movie starring Nicholas Cage that gets airtime on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and other related Christian channels when they need fill-in programming.

Despite the success of these books and media, there are multiple scholars and pastors who take exception with the teachings put forth in Hal Lindsey's writings, and its later dramatizations by Messrs. LaHaye and Jenkins. Both sides of the various issues discussed by these men can be very eloquently argued by each side. However, at the end of the discussion, most people claim confusion and do not know what to believe. Since we know that Yahuwah is not the author of confusion (I Corinthians 14:33), there has to be an answer. We know that the Bible in of itself is the final standard by which the Christian faith is measured. We further know that within the Bible, the Torah (the first five books of the Old Testament) is the basic law that governs the rest of the scriptures. Yahushua (Jesus) quoted it that way and criticized the Pharisees when they elevated their "oral tradition" above the teachings of the Torah. Yet, in modern times, the Old Testament is the part of the Bible that most modern Christian leaders want to "torch" (just like their Pharisee counterparts before them).

It became apparent to many that there had to be a way to objectively evaluate the Bible and come up with a way to find out what many of the biblical symbols employed by the Bible actually mean. It turns out, the Jewish Prophetic Community had developed such a system back in the time of Zechariah the prophet (his prophecies are part of the Old Testament of the Bible). It turns out, there are hidden messages or "codes" in the original text of the Bible that clarify the teachings and illustrations of the plain text of the Bible. According to Josephus, the prophet Zechariah discovered these codes and in time, was able to accurately predict the future using these codes:

There are also those among them who undertake to foretell things to come, by reading the holy books, and using several sorts of "purifications," and being perpetually conversant in the discourses of the prophets; and it is but seldom that they miss in their predictions. (Josephus. Wars of the Jews, Book II, Chapter 8, ΒΆ12)

With the advent of the personal computer, the potential for study of these codes increased exponentially. What used to take weeks and days can now be done in a few hours. The only problem is that you need a plain text prophecy to give you the information needed to begin a search. In the case of the Key Codes, we found our model in the book of Daniel, chapter 7. To understand the book of Daniel, you first need to know the resume of Daniel the prophet. That way, you will know he is the person most qualified to prophesy about the end times.

Part I -- Daniel chapters 1-6 -- The Resume of the Prophet Daniel

Scholars have broken down the Book of Daniel into two distinct sections. The first section, consisting of Chapters one through six covers the basic life history of the Prophet Daniel, from the time he was taken captive from Jerusalem by King Nebuchadnezzar until his final days during the reign of King Cyrus of Persia. He was apparently the son of a minor prince in the Southern Kingdom of Judah, and as such, was taken to Babylon and placed in the educational system of Babylon. He was educated in the mystery religions of Babylon and Egypt, and in the end, probably knew as much about the religion, mathematics, and science of that culture as any Babylonian might.

Daniel enters into the forefront when King Nebuchadnezzar has the dream of the grand image. The biggest trouble with the dream was the King's inability to remember it in the morning. He was about to kill all his wise men before Daniel showed up in the king's court and interpreted the dream. This dream interpretation immediately vaulted Daniel into the Prime Minister position in Babylon. The vision of the statue would also show us how the science and wisdom of Babylon would be exported to the rest of the Middle East.

Once Daniel moved into the Prime Minister position, he was in a position to advance the careers of Shadrach, Meshach and Abendego, who would also serve in high positions in the Babylonian government. When they had to stand up for Yahuwah Elohim and refuse to be part of the Babylonian religious system, Yahuwah stood with them and protected them. Unlike our leaders of today, King Nebuchadnezzar took the hint and learned to worship the true Elohim of heaven and earth. When crises came, the king learned that he needed to call on one man: Daniel. In the end, it became apparent that the king and Daniel were close friends.

It is too bad that King Nebuchadnezzar's grandson, King Belshazzar did not learn his lessons. Because he did not listen to Daniel's warnings, the Kingdom of Babylon would fall, and King Darius the Mede took over. Darius did not make Belshazzar's mistake, and again set Daniel up as the Prime Minister. Even when his political opponents tried to destroy him, Yahuwah was faithful and the King learned to serve Yahuwah.

Daniel's influence on the Kingdom of Persia was immense. He brought the teachings of the Torah (the "law," the first five books of the Bible), along with the science and wisdom of Babylon to the land of Persia and formed up an academic college in Persia. It was this college that continued, long after Daniel was dead, to produce the Wise Men of Persia. It was these "Wise Men" who knew about the Coming of the Messiah in Matthew 2:1-12 and also knew exactly when He would come. They only needed the star to lead them to the exact location of Yehushua (Jesus). Much of the knowledge of the Western world comes from the academic college of Persia founded by Daniel the Prophet.

When Alexander the Great conquered the Persian Empire, he brought the knowledge and wisdom of Persia west to Greece, Macedonia, and Egypt. When Rome began to dominate the western end of Alexander's kingdom (Greece, Syria and Egypt) the wisdom and religion of Babylon would effectively be exported to the rest of the world. It would also be the first mention of the ten nation confederacy that would rule the at least parts of the world at the time of the Messiah's return. However, the vision of King Nebuchadnezzar was only a scant outline of these times. In time, Yahuwah would give Daniel further clarification of King Nebuchadnezzar's dream.

Part II -- Daniel 7-12 -- The Prophecies of Daniel and Zechariah

When we begin to understand the resume of Daniel and learn how he became a trusted part of three major civilizations, we begin to understand why his visions and prophecies represent some of the most complex works of the Old Testament. When you read the visions and prophecies of Daniel chapters 7-12, you begin to see a complex pattern of fulfillment that would eventually require additional enhancements and clarifications from other Biblical authors. When you read the Book of Revelation, you see one example of this divine assistance. When you read the Book of Zechariah, you get yet another example of this assistance. However, when it comes down to "brass tacks," we will need additional assistance if we are going to break the code of the Book of Daniel.

It turns out, the key to break the code of the Book of Daniel has been around for a long time. If you read the front page of this site, you will again realize that it takes the Bible Codes to break the code of Daniel. On this web site, we will start by understanding the images of Daniel chapter 7. In this chapter, we learn of four beasts which will rule parts of the world in the end times. These beasts are:

  1. The Lion (The Lion Files)
  2. The Bear (The Bear Files)
  3. The Leopard (The Leopard Files)
  4. The "Terrible" Beast (The Terrible Beast Files)

To begin the process of studying the beasts of Daniel 7 and applying the Bible Codes to gain further understanding of what Daniel is trying to tell us, Click here to begin your studies on the Key Codes.

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