The History of Germany Does Not End When World War II Finishes!

The events of the year 1989 marked a revolution in German history. After World War II, Germany was broken up into an American Zone, A British Zone, A French Zone, and a Russian Zone. In time, the Russian Zone became the German Democratic Republic or, as it was called in the Western Media, "East Germany." It remained effectively under Russian management until 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell, the Soviet Union "collapsed," and Germany was reunited. The British, American, and French Zones were merged into the Federal Republic of Germany or, as the Western Media would call it, "West Germany." The division ended on October 3, 1990, despite the opposition of Israel, Great Britian, many in Russia, and Poland.

The Reunification was not without some difficulties. Many parts of East Germany were still in ruins because of World War II. Also, the Communist Government of East Germany had to be dismantled, as the Stasi Secret Police had created the greatest surveillance state in the world, bar none. The East German government also had a large treasure trove of Schutzstaffel (SS) documents that had never been released to the public. When these documents became public, national intelligence agencies, independent journalists like Simon Dunstan, Gerrard Williams (authors of Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler), Joseph P. Farrell, Jim Marrs, Peter Lavenda, Harry Cooper, and private investigators like Steven Rambam, former CIA Agent Bob Baer, and even former MMA fighter Tim Kennedy had evidence to work with in finally discovering the truth of what went on at the end of World War II.

It is good that these men are finally getting to the truth of what happened at the end of World War II. People were getting very tired of hearing the "Allied Legend" being spun by the media. In fact, when we started this next Bible Code, we were looking for information to help the aforementioned people with their research. We started with the words "Amalek" and "Germany" to build our Bible Code. Unfortunately, as went went along, we got something we did not expect to see.

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When we did this code, we got 40 words, but words that tell of a conflict going on right now. Later in 2021, Germany will have big parliamentary elections. In Germany, as in most countries in Europe, the people do not directly vote for their Prime Minister. The elected Members of Parliament (MPs) do that. Many times, since there are many parties competing in an election, no one party holds a majority of seats in that parliamentary body. Therefore, coalitions have to be formed between cooperating political parties which will eventually determine who will be the Prime Minister. From this code, we got the idea that Angela Merkel (which has proven true) retained her position in the 2017 elections, but her party had to form another coalition in order to keep her in that position. When that happens, she will not have a cabinet that will always be supportive of her. The globalists realize that unless they get a clear win in Germany, their plans will be destroyed. That is why Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama were employed in their efforts in 2017. They have to stop the rightist parties and this code says they will. If a nationalist party, similar to the National Socialist Worker's (Nazi) Party gets a coalition in, their world efforts will be finished.

We are still seeing the potential of the old German Democratic Republic taking over all of Germany. The very Communists that Hitler and the Nazi Party hated bitterly, interned in Concentration Camps, and murdered are getting ready to take over at least in part in Germany. The first clues came when we saw Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton show up in a German code. It was even more evident when Prime Minister Angela Merkel (born in East Germany) and the Russian intelligence agencies showed up in the code. Even more evident it is the appearance of Cain and Osirus, the biggest supporters of a totalitarian world government. It seems, they are using ISIL (called ISIS by the Western Media) and the Islamic refugees to destabilize the region. Then, they are hoping with a little dose of "mind control" witchcraft, that the German people will so inclined to ask for a totalitarian state to take over and run their country. Germany, be careful what you ask for! You just might get it. In 2016, the United States voters rejected Barak Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton in favor of Donald Trump. However, in 2020, Obama's former vice-president Joe Biden took back the presidency. There could be a good reason for this.

We will monitor this situation and continue to release Bible Codes on Germany. It seems, what happens in Germany affects the world. Until that time, we will take a look at Asia. Daniel 7 talked about a leopard in the mix of end-time world events. Click here to take a look at our Russia-Bear Files.