Osama bin Laden

The CIA and the Cult of Betrayal

The World of al Qaeda

Formed in August of 1988 at the end of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, al Qaeda translated into English means simply "the base." Born out of the Sunni branch of Islam, the group embraces the teachings of Wahhabism and especially the teachings of Sayyid Qutb, an extreme fundamentalist.

Once on the CIA Payroll

Ever since the tragic events of September 11, 2001 took place, everyone in the world has learned the name of a so-called notorious criminal known as Osama bin Laden. He has been called a terrorist by every leader of the Western World and has been blamed for all sorts of terrorist acts. But what very few people know is that he was once on the Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) payroll, working for them against the then Soviet Union occupiers of Afghanistan. When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan on December 24, 1979, the CIA was desperately looking for people to lead the Mujahideen against their country's occupiers. They found Osama bin Laden to be a willing worker in the fight to turn the Soviet Union's occupation of Afghanistan into their version of Vietnam.

bin Laden CIA
Code Key

Code Analysis

However, this code from the book of Daniel tells us a story that you are not likely to read or hear about in the major media. To begin with, it is clear that Osama bin Laden had a completely different vision for the world than any Western government or intelligence agency did. When the Soviets pulled out of Afghanistan in early 1989, the attentions of Osama bin Laden turned to his home country of Saudi Arabia, where he approached the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and offered to help defend the country against the Iraqis. Rebuffed and probably laughed at, he denounced the Saudi Arabian government for trusting in the West, rather than the Islamic god Allah.

Instead, he turned his attention to Southeast Europe and the Balkans. In Kosovo, Sudan and other places, Osama bin Laden and his fledgling organization, called "al Qaeda," (according to most Arabic Dictionaries it means "the base") began to commit terrorist acts all over the Middle East. Considering the nature of these attacks, it is doubtful that the CIA or any other intelligence agency supported these attacks. We see from this code that a very curious Hebrew word comes us concerning the ancestors of Osama bin Laden. The Hebrew word qayin is translated either Cain 17 times or Kenite four times (Strong's Hebrew Word #7014). However, the word can also mean "spear" (Strong's Hebrew word #7015). Considering that the word touches the words for terror, holocaust, trader or trafficker, and bin Laden, its a pretty good bet the word refers to a spear.

The reference to the disease AIDS and the chemical weapon Anthrax gives us the impression that he may be trafficking in the items of chemical warfare. References to the Watchers (the fallen sons of God) and familiar spirits suggest he was being controlled or at least managed by familiar spirits. Apply all this information together and you begin to see a man that the major media does not portray.

Cyber Love's Illusions - Book

First and foremost, his organization is a trafficker in weapons of all types. They do very well financially dealing in these weapons and continue to do well despite the fact that Osama's oil rich family disinherited him and cut him off from the seven million dollar a month "allowance" He used to get. It is also interesting to note that Fox News-Miami reported (based upon sources in the FBI) in May 2006 that a portion of the money collected by West African (mainly Nigeria) scam artists goes to support the operations of Islamic Terror in general and al Qaeda specifically. The station cited the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as their source. Jonathan van Helsing and Anna Alden-Tirrell also documented these facts in their blockbuster book Cyber Love's Illusions: Romance Scams . . . a Virtual Pandemic.

This code shows us that we have only begun to touch the world of Osama bin Laden. He was more than just the "mindless terrorist" that our media continues to envision him as being. In our next code, we will learn more about how he transacted business and just what kind of business his organization is really involved in.

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