The United States of America Becomes Babylon the Great!

Thanks to the Roswell Covenant with Evil, the United States has Become the Babylon of the Book of Revelation (Chapters 17-18)

Almost from the time we first announced these Bible Codes about the Roswell Covenant with the "aliens" in 2000 on the Q-Files Radio program, people have suggested to us that President Truman made this covenant to secure our future. They reminded us about Admiral Byrd's failure to secure Antarctica after World War II (Operation High Jump), the emergence of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, the emergence of Mao Zedong and Red China, and other world events which created a lot of uncertainty in the world. They argued that making a deal with the "aliens" would continue to secure the existence of this nation against all this uncertainty. This sounds good, but the Bible Codes suggest something else. Take a look at this code:

USA to Babylon - Elijah Warns

USA to Babylon - Elijah Warns - Words

Transocean Logo
British Petroleum Logo
Halliburton Logo

While Roswell, New Mexico is not named in this code, the fact that the United States has become part of the biblical Babylonian system is clearly mentioned. Not only that, it tells that Yahuwah Elohim has sent forth the Spirit of Elijah to warn this nation about its coming demise, which is happening now. The first of these prophecies came out of the mouth of A.A. Allen in 1954. We have recounted this prophecy on the next page. In light of what happened in the Gulf of Mexico with the British Petroleum [NYSE:BP]/Transocean [NYSE:RIG] / Haliburton [NYSE:HAL] oil spill, we have reprinted his prophecy for everyone to read and study.

The latest prophecy about the end of America comes from Major Tom Baird (ret.) and is recounted in his books: Alive on the Edge: Growing in the Purpose of God and The Sharp Edge of the Sword. You can learn more about his prophecies by checking out his website and subscribing to his RSS Feed. His new book, The Copper Scroll Incident (Jacob's Trouble) (Volume 1), has additional prophetic insights.

The next study in this series concerns Germany and its place in world events. The next code we will look at discusses the "heavy" in two 20th Century World Wars and how it will continue to emerge as an economic power in the European Union (EU) in the 21st Century. In fact, Germany may be the only reason the EU survives the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain) and the Islamic refugee crisis.

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