Meeting the Phiabi Crime Family

Person of Interest - Elias and Scarface

Since the 1920s, people have gone to gangster movies about the Mafia. Movie classics like The Anderson Tapes, The Godfather, The Untouchables, and more recently, The Accountant have made the Mafia almost legendary. Even TV Shows like The Untouchables, The FBI, and more recently Person of Interest, with their mafia figure "Elias" and his right-hand man "scarface" pictured to the right. After watching all this media, people think they know "all about the Mafia." In reality, they know very little. As with most major media outlets, they only tell you what they want you to know. They do not go deep into the organization, to really find out their roots.

This all started to change about ten years ago when Olaf Hage released his Eyes Only Report #27 exposing for the first time, the Jewish High Priest system operating from about 50 B.C.E. to 70 C.E. In those days, Olaf Hage's Eyes Only Reports went to a select set of paid subscribers. While report number 27 only laid the groundwork, Eyes Only Report #28 began the process of exposing the Phiabi Crime Family for what it really was. Olaf explained that the Phiabi Family should NOT have been considered for the High Priesthood, as the House of Zadok was the primary line of priests. (cf. Ezekiel 48:11) But somehow, they were able to ascend to the position of High Priest.

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Once they got into control, they turned the Temple Rites into a "money machine." For example, it your tithes were not paid up, you would receive a visit from Philistine "thugs" working for the Phiabis. As people have seen in countless Mafia movies, if you didn't pay your tithes on time, they had a tendency to break legs, arms, or do other types of bodily damage. Using the spoken law (later codified in A.D. 200 as the Jerusalem Talmud and later as the Babylonian Talmud) as a weapon, the Phiabi Crime Family amassed large sums of money, which they would use for their future ventures. It was during this time that Yahushua (Jesus) came to the world to save us from our sins. He also spoke out against the Phiabi Crime Family (See Matthew 23 for one example out of many). When the Phiabis tried to crucify Him, He rose from the dead and many people followed Him as their Messiah.

However, when the Jewish Zealots took over the priesthood in A.D. 66, the Phiabi Crime Family had to come up with a way to get them removed from power. Olaf Hage's Eyes Only Report #29 titled "Revenge of the Phiabis" called upon their Roman cousins to move in and invade Israel. The Zealots were massacred, the Temple was destroyed, and the Phiabi Crime Family "escaped" at the last minute.

When Hadrian took over as the Roman Emperor in A.D. 117, he allowed the Phiabi Family to rebuild the Temple in A.D. 118 (He was more concerned about the British Isles, which were the main source of Tin, used in his armaments). With the rebuilt Temple in full operation, the Phiabis began extracting tithes from the people once again. They also created an armada of 1,000 ships to import Jews from other parts of the world back to Israel. For this reason, they were considered "the good guys" for allegedly "restoring Israel." All the High Priests were from the Phiabi Family line, as were all the Temple workers. Olaf's next report: Eyes Only Report #30 covers their rise to power, under the protection of the Romans. It was also during this time that a lot of Jewish Christians were massacred by the Phiabis because they would not knuckle under to their pressure. Olaf's next report: Eyes Only Report #31 talks about the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem in A.D. 117 and the reestablishment of a Phiabi-led High Priesthood. The massacres of Jewish Christians continued, with the Romans being willing participants. A lot of Hellenist Christian Jews were also massacred at this time as well.

As we studied Olaf Hage's research, we began to wonder how a bunch of Jews with part-Roman ancestry could ascend to the High Priesthood? When you study Ezra 10:2-4, the priestly families were required to "put away" their "strange" wives and children. These verses make it very clear that the children of these marriages could NEVER ascend to the priesthood. However, by the first century B.C., the Phiabis, with their Roman ancestry, had not only ascended to the priesthood, they served as the high priests! The Torah did not permit this, so we have to wonder how they achieved this. Since none of Olaf Hage's Eyes Only Reports addressed this issue, we decided to consult the Bible Codes, to see what they have to say. Check out the next page to see what the Bible Codes show us about these corrupt priests responsible for the crucifixion of Yahushua Ha' Meshiah (Jesus Christ) and many other horrible crimes.