The Phiabis Make their Move

This Bible Code is both a story of the past, a story of the present, but also a look at the future. We find a disillusioned former high priest named Abiathar moving to Tyre to set up a new religion with Cain, the murderer of Abel. Both have been upbraided by YHWH and has wandered from His presence into the hands of Ancient Evil. Using the influence of King Hiram of Tyre, they have begun setting up a works religion that will benefit themselves financially and make people feel like they have "pleased the gods."

This "Beast" religion based upon the appeasement of various "gods" was transferred from Tyre to Babylon where King Nebuchadnezzar and other kings quickly embraced it. When the Persians and the Medes took over Babylon, they adopted a form of the Babylonian religion, just as the Prophet Daniel had predicted. From there, using the Phoenicians for transport, they took their untoward religion to Asia Minor, Greece, Carthage, and later to Rome. The Roman Empire would become the apex of Abiathar's new religion.

Many people now ask, how does this code relate to today? Is this just "old history" or is this relevant to today? Let's look at the Bible Code and decide for ourselves:

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What we found in this Bible Code also has a modern reference. Notice that all the countries mentioned in Ezekiel 38-39 also appear in this Bible Code. We also note a spiritual element connected to this code. We see the Watchers of Daniel 4 and the Book of Enoch (Chanok) active in this code. We see Ancient Evil working in this code along with Lucifer and the Shades (demons). Their plan is clear: attack Israel and destroy it. Unfortunately, Ezekiel 39 tells about how their plans will "come to naught." However, this code tells people who understand the principles of Spiritual Warfare how they can make sure these evil nations, now led by the vampire Abiathar, can be brought to naught. All the evil spirits working on this project are in this code. Those that want to begin learning the principles of Spiritual Warfare should purchase Professor Jonathan van Helsing's book 21st Century Warfare Prayers. You can also consult his website to learn more. He is on the cutting edge of Spiritual Warfare. Listening to Shannon Davis' Omegaman Radio on a frequent basis will also help. Bible Codes often help people in Spiritual Warfare by giving them specific intelligence on various situations. To give an example, the Bible Codes have helped law enforcement agencies close cold cases.

In the next section, we will learn about The Marriage Made in Sheol. In this section, we will learn how Abiathar marries his family into the Roman family of Fabius. We will further learn what plans they have for this world.