A Marriage Made in Sheol

Sometimes, when you do Bible Code research, your find yourself becoming a detective, trying to find out what happened in the past in order to understand what is going on in the present. We have seen what the Phiabi Crime Family has become, but we do not know how they came to existence. The Bible does not directly tell us how the family came together, or does it. The prefix "phi" is NOT a Hebrew prefix, it is a Greek and Latin prefix. The "abi" suffix is the first three letters of Abiathar's name.

The question becomes, where does the "Phi" prefix come from? Olaf Hage suggested that the prefix comes from Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus, the famous Roman "statesman" who defeated Hannibal in the Second Punic War and who is considered by military experts to be the "father of guerrilla warfare." In Latin, the "ph" sound and the "f" sound are identical. If Abiathar's family were looking for a family match that would make his priesthood more attractive to the Israelites, the Fabian line was the "perfect match." Before we can determine if such a match ever exist, we would have to run a Bible Code to see if it is even possible. We know Abiathar traveled a lot of places including Rome. The question is whether they ever matched up. This following Bible Code gives us the answer.

Bible Code Matrix

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Not only was there a Bible Code on it, the code indicated that this was literally the marriage from Sheol (hell). Likely the groom was a son of Fabius and the bride, a daughter of Abiathar. Any child of this union would still be considered Jewish because it is motherhood that determines whether someone is Jewish or not. Never mind that there would be a stain on the line of Aaron with every Phiabi-created priest. We also learn very quickly that everything evil became part of this wedding. Clearly, this was an insidious plan to corrupt the priesthood of the LORD.

When this wedding ceremony was ongoing, the Bible Code shows us that a human sacrifice occurred at the same time. We have learned over the years that human sacrifice is used to maximize the occult power of this initial marriage. This union came at a time when Alexander the Great was dominating much of the "known world," Rome was fighting for its survival against Hannibal of Carthage, and Israel was in a state of disarray. It was a period of time when the prophets stopped speaking to the land of Israel called the "four-hundred silent years." Malachi was dead and John the Baptist would not start his prophetic journey until early in the first century A.D.

Without a prophet to warn them of what was going on spiritually, the Israelites readily accepted the ambitious Phiabi priesthood. The Phiabis would achieve the high-priesthood in 50 B.C. with the help of King Herod I (an Edomite who allegedly converted to Judaism) and not give it up until A.D. 70 when Titus would destroy Herod's Temple and the Temple Mount. When the Temple was rebuilt in A.D. 117, the Phiabi family would again serve as the high priests and the Captain of the Guard, a position that would ultimately allow the holder of that position to ascend the position of high priest.

They would again hold the High Priest position until A.D. 135 at the end of the Bar Kokhba Revolt when again, the Romans would come and destroy their Temple. Dr. Ernest L. Martin's last book, The Temples That Jerusalem Forgot covers this history in considerable detail. The sad part is that the purchase of Dr. Martin's book is now an expensive proposition.

When John the Baptist and Yahushua Ha' Meshiah (Jesus Christ) came on the scene in the first century, they spent much of their ministry attacking what was going on in the Temple of Herod. John the Baptist was especially vehement because his family line came from Zadok, it was not part of the Phiabi line. He and Yahushua took major exception to the murder of Zecharias (John the Baptist's father and Yahushua's uncle) and called the Phiabi Crime Family out for their crime. (Matthew 23:35, Luke 11:51)

We even see a "modern" manifestation of this marriage when we see both the CIA and the United Nations connected in this code. The first civilian director of the CIA, Allen Dulles was allegedly both an attorney and an accomplished occultist who knew his history and how to tap into this occult power so his Agency would survive the scrutiny of presidents, senators, and congress-people. We recently discovered he was a member of the Nazi Order of the Black Sun.

There is much more to be learned about the Phiabi Crime Family and their role in Judaism and later Christian history. In the next Bible Code in this series, we see the Phiabi Crime family making their next move to preserve themselves.