The Bible Codes and the Russian Bear

Now that we have given a brief discussion of Russian History and Politics, it is time to see what the Bible Codes have to say about the subject. We have said before that the phrase "Soviet Union" is not found in any relevant range in the Bible Codes. However, the Hebrew word for Russia is found many times in many places. The sad part is that we have only begun to do searches on Russia. There is much more to find out about the Bear and maybe very little time to find out just what the Bear is up to.

The last of the Old Testament (Tenach) was finished about four centuries before the birth of the Messiah in 3 B.C.E. Needless to say, neither the Prophet Daniel or any of his other prophetic colleagues had had any idea of the Republic of Russia let alone any idea what the bear symbol represented. However, if you do a code search on this, you will find this simple matrix:

Russia-Magog Code

Code Key

CompuTorah book

In a very tightly knit Bible Code first published by Dr. Moshe Katz in his interesting book Computorah: Hidden Codes in the Torah, we see the words Russia and bear connected, but we also see another interesting word also connected, the word "Magog." For years, some theologians contended that Magog and Russia are one in the same. This code might confirm what these scholars are saying, but unfortunately, there are only three words in this code. If we were to show this code to a Bible Code convention, we would be laughed to scorn. To consider this a truly valid code, we will need to see more many more words.

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