The Russo-Ukrainian Media War

Tucker Carlson

These days, one of the obscessions of the media has been the Russo-Ukraine War. CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the "mainstream" Western media have been proclaiming that the Ukraine is winning the war so Western governments can justify sending them more weapons of war. Colonel Douglas MacGregorHowever, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson began having on Gulf War veteran and top-flight military analyst Col. Douglas MacGregor on his program. The Colonel began to tell Mr. Carlson another story quite contrary to the mainstream narrative. But then, we began to discover that others were questioning the narrative.

Judging Freedom

Another former Fox News Commentator, Judge Andrew Napolitano started having Col. MacGregor on as well. His program, Judging Freedom is a YouTube Channel, iHeart, and is on a lot of talk radio stations. Judge Napolitano also started having on other analysts who supported Colonel MacGregor as well. These include former United Nations weapons inspector Scott Ritter, former CIA analysts Larry Johnson and Ray McGovern, military intelligence operative Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer along with other analysts who are questioning the mainstream narrative.

Redacted with Clayton and Natali Morris

Yet another former Fox News Anchor, Clayton Morris and his wife Natali (a former NBC News correspondent) created another YouTube channel called Redacted to expose the errors and lies of the mainstream media. They don't just cover the Russo-Ukrainian War, they cover a goodly number of news stories that the mainstream media refuse to cover. They do not report the news in a vacuum but frequently invite Col. MacGregor, Larry Johnson, and Scott Ritter on their program to further help their listeners understand the news and what each story means for the individual listener.

Brian Berletic

It isn't just former Fox News personnel questioning the mainstream media narrative. Former U.S. Marine Brian Berletic moved to Bankok, Thailand and set up a YouTube Channel titled The New Atlas. While some of his critics complain that he is unduly influenced by Red China, his analysis is impeccable. Using Ukrainian sources like YouTube Channel Military Summary, he demonstrates daily how the Ukrainians are losing the war and losing it badly. Mr. Berletic has also been a guest on several other podcasts as he continues to demonstrate his knowledge of the war and how it has been prosecuted on both sides.

These alternative media sources have given Americans a look at the news that the mainstream media has chosen to overlook. They represent an independent news model that "flies in the face" of the standard mainstream media news model designed by Dr. Joseph Goebbels, once Nazi Minister of Propaganda. These independent sources have often exposed the "deep state" agendas promoted by the mainstream media causing a considerable number of people to question their validity. While the mainstream media still contends they are "diligent seekers of the truth," the independent media has frequently exposed their reports as either outright lies or just government propaganda designed to get people to support the government narrative. Because of the misinformation found in the mainsteam media, along with the discoveries we found in the Bible Codes, we are finding independent media far more reliable. Therefore, we plan to use their information to go forward in our research and analysis.

Deep Analysis of the Russian "Bear"

One of the facts Colonel MacGregor has continued to repeat on several independent media programs is the fact that the Russian Army has mustered up 900,000 soldiers in the last year! While this number pales in comparison to the 3,000,000 soldiers in the Soviet Army in the "Cold War" period, it is three times larger than the Russian Army had just three years ago. Yet, the strange fact is that of the 900,000 soldiers mustered, less than a third of them have deployed to the Ukrainian War and apparently, the Russian leadership has no plans to bring them to the front.

Wagner Group Logo

Instead, much of the fighting in Ukraine has been done by the Wagner Group, a private military group consisting mainly of prisoners on parole working for Russia until a few weeks ago... It makes us wonder what Russia has planned for 600,000 troops? We also wonder if they are going to stop at 900,000 men? It also makes us wonder why they are creating massive amounts of war material on a 24-hour basis in factories all over the country? They certainly don't need all these resources to finish off the Ukrainian Army!

Years ago, the late Christian financial newsletter writer Jim McKeever warned in several of his newsletters:

Russians are chess players, they think many moves in advance. Americans are poker players, they think only one or two moves in advance. To deal with the Russians, you have to think long term because your Russian opponent already is...

To apply Dr. McKeever's understanding to current Russian thinking, we need to understand that Russian President Vladimir Putin is the ultimate planner. We forget sometimes that he was a Lt. Colonel in the new disbanded KGB. He has been in either the presidential or the prime minister's office since 2000 and has survived five United States Presidents. A shrewd and calculating leader, President Putin thinks many steps in advance. While Americans think about what is going to happen in the next three months, Russia thinks years in advance.

The only way to combat the long-term thinking of Russia and Mr. Putin is to consult the Bible Codes. We already know that Russian Orthodox Priests are already consulting them. Here is a video they posted to their Telegram Channel:

It is interesting that when we subscribed to their channel, they quit posting. However, we do not think their research has been terminated. President Putin reportedly attends Russian Orthodox mass on a daily basis and is considered very devout. His government builds Russian Orthodox Churches at the rate of ten per day throughout Russia. It is likely they are doing Bible Code research at a rate unlike any effort in the West. Like Israel, they probably possess Bible Code applications that are considerably further advanced than any application we use. What is important to understand here is that the Russian Orthodox Church does not hesitate share its research with the Russian government in an attempt to anticipate and plan for what the West will do next. We know they monitor this website on a consistent basis, as do other government intelligence agencies all over the world. We have ways of catching them that go beyond "cookies."

Considering these things, we intend to research Russia more. For a starter, we have prepared an update to the Russia-Bear-Magog Code found on the previous pages of this section. Click Here to visit that page and see that Bible Code.

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