The Black Sun: Ancient Evil's Organizational Efforts to Bring About the Terrible Beast System

Now that we have learned what Ancient Evil is and what its goals and objectives are, we need to know its history. We need to discover what year it was started who leads this organization. We thought we had the answer in our 70-word Terrible Beast System Bible Code. but even with this monstrous Bible Code, there are questions remaining to be answered.

The Black Sun from Wewelsburg Castle

Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke (author of Black Sun, Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism, and the Politics of Identity and Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, author of Reich of the Black Sun both suggest the existence of an underpinning society behind the Schutzstaffel (the ϟϟ), Mr. Hitler's infamous "Protection Squadron." In Nazi Germany, we saw, for the first time, a government within a government. We saw an official government, supposedly headed by Mr. Hitler, but also a "shadow government" that did the actual ruling, behind the scenes. This "shadow government" went into the planning stages in late 1940. One of their more famous actions was the creation of the "Final Solution." An ambitious plan to murder all the religious Jews in Europe. But, that was just one of their many plans. In early 1943, after the loss of the German Sixth Army at Stalingrad, the shadow government took over Germany, turning Adolf Hitler into a figurehead leader. The real leader of this shadow government was Martin Bormann. (Other reports have Adolf Hitler dying in a plane crash in the summer of 1943.) Image experts have contended for years that the man giving children medals on April 20, 1945 was one of Hitler's doubles.

Contrary to what the Allied Legend tells us, the History Channel TV Program Hunting Hitler, Season One, Season Two and Season Three proved that Hitler and Bormann escaped Berlin in April of 1945 and later on, set up operations in South America. Many intelligence agencies were aware of their escape and tracked them to Morocco and South America. However, most of them lost interest when Hitler finally died in February of 1962. Other sources point out that Martin Bormann died of stomach cancer in 1959, but interestingly, his name still comes up in the Bible Codes. Take a look at this code:

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When the Bible Code unfolded, we began to realize that The Black Sun is more than just another Nazi organization. It is a world organization with designs on ruling the world from behind the scenes, just like they did in microcosm state: Nazi Germany. In fact, some historians are now theorizing that the ϟϟ actually wanted to lose the War so they could work from "behind the scenes" without anyone really paying attention to what they were doing.

It is interesting that when you look at the surrender documents ending World War II in Europe, only the German Army surrendered. The Nazi Kriegsmarine (War Navy) did not surrender and neither did the Nazi Party (which includes the ϟϟ). Instead, they went underground and worked from "behind the scenes." We began to realize that they were setting up for their next goal: becoming the leader of the world from behind the scenes. To make this happen, they called up various demon-gods to carry out their work in the heavenlies, on the earth, and even from the pit of hell. Every time we do one of these Bible Codes, we discover that they use vampirism (blood tampering) to keep people alive for a very long time and that they can reanimate bodies (like Martin Bormann's) to keep their leadership intact.

We find they also work behind the scenes in major national governments and intelligence agencies to accomplish their goals and objectives. While the media likes to turn various countries against each other, we are slowly learning that these activities are designed to cover up what they are really doing. The most interesting element in this code is how they are manipulating time. Einstein one said that time is not a "fixed construct." It is fluid. Scientists have known for years that when you fly faster than the speed of light, you "bend time."

But the final item in this Bible Code that is most interesting is the former President Obama is now on the outside looking in, trying with the assistance of Lilith, to get a seat at their table. Being he is black, the Black Sun society is not so willing to give him a seat at that table. Even though he claims to descend from a dynasty of Pharaohs, the Black Sun still considers the black race to be inferior.

We have found additional Bible Codes on the "Ancient Evil." It turns out that our problems were not solved by the advent of Donald Trump to the White House. It seems that his son-in-law, Jared Kushner and the cult he is involved with: Chabad-Lubavitch has "Ancient Evil" connections. Click here to learn more about Chabad-Lubavitch and the Jared Kushner connection.

We have recently found a connection between Ancient Evil and the left-wing terrorist group: ANTIFA. We are finding that this group is more than just a bunch of miscreant youth rioting and otherwise causing trouble across the United States and Germany. Click here to learn more.