Just When We Thought We Had It All Figured Out!

When we did the last code, we thought we had a "sex-trafficking code" and indeed, "pizzagate" arose at the beginning of last year, despite the efforts of the Mainstream Media (MSM) to cover it up. When we revisited the code, we ended up with 70 words in this code. More than we have ever accumulated on any code in the past. But, when you find this many words in the code, it has to be something important. So, let's have a look:

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When one looks at this code, they really do not have an idea of what they are seeing. Last time, we saw a sex-for-hire network, but we didn't know who many of the players were. Now, we have some players and we know how they win control of their victims. First, they use a pentagram within a circle (called a devil's trap) to trap the demon-elohim they will need to carry out their work. This code names some of the demons, so those who are aware of the "binding and loosing" principles in Mattnew 16:9, 18:18-19 can start to dismantle this network by daily binding these spirits. To help you with this, we have uploaded a sermon by Pastor Win Worley, M.S., the late pastor of Hegewisch Baptist Church in Highland, Indiana titled "Binding and Loosing." The message was preached at Lake Hamilton Bible Camp in 1983. Despite the sermon's age, it is still the last word on the subject.

We learn quickly that they learned years ago how to capture people, subvert their souls, and make them willing victims of their evil work. Then, these victims are "distributed" apparently through a network working out of the United Nations. From there, they control a network out of Paris, France, Athens, Greece, and even Council Bluffs, Iowa (they had to flee Nebraska when the case broke in the 1990s). There are likely other distribution points, but we haven't found them in this code yet. However, we also realized that this system is doing more than sex trafficking.

One of the managers of this system is Martin Bormann, a reanimated Nazi who escaped from Nazi Germany a couple of days before Berlin fell to the Russians. According to the History Channel program "Hunting Hitler," and also from Simon Dunstan's and Gerrard Williams' book Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf HitlerGrey Wolf, Mr. Bormann fled Germany and went to a secret Luftwaffe base in Tonder, Denmark. From there, they either flew to Norway where they grabbed a submarine to Spain or they just boarded a submarine to Spain. After waiting for the "heat" to come off, Bormann and Hitler eventually ended up in Argentina where Bormann died in 1959, but was "reanimated" shortly thereafter to continue managing this system. Adolf Hitler would die in 1962 after his wife and daughter left him.

Despite the Nazi's apparent failure in World War II, Martin Bormann knew when they lost the Battle of Stalingrad in early 1943 that the War would be over in a couple of years. Using the German Army to buy him time, he put the various research teams within the Schutzstaffel (SS) to work developing "miracle weapons" in the hope they could turn the tide in the War. However, when they realized that their Atomic Bomb would not slow the Russians (in the Battle of Kursk), their other atomic tests were not progressing as well as planned, and their other project were not working out as planned, Martin Bormann ordered them to pack up their work and take it via the "Ratlines" to South America where they could continue their work. He began work to set up a "deep state" system that would control the world behind the scenes. To learn more about this, read Dr. Joseph P. Farrell's books Reich of the Black Sun, Nazi International: The Nazis' Postwar Plan to Control the Worlds of Science, Finance, Space, and Conflict, and The Third Way: The Nazi International, European Union, and Corporate Fascism.

Otto Skjorzeny

Martin Bormann then assigned General Ernst Rohm (pictured below), Lt. Colonel Otto Skorzeny (pictured to the right) to the Middle East where they would train Arab forces and turn them into terrorists against Israel and other "people of the book." One of the most famous results of their work was the Palestine Liberation Organization led by Yassir Arafat. Bormann also received a lot of help from our Central Intelligence Agency (beginning under the direction of Allen Dulles) who sent additional trainers to help the Arabs. Eventually, the PLO and other organizations were folded up into the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). General Ernst Rohm The role of the Roman Catholic Church in this effort is also well-known. They set up "ratlines" to move Nazis from Germany to other parts of the world. The Nazis and the CIA financed operations to begin growing Opium Poppies in the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia and Afghanistan. They would then transport the fruits of their crops to laboratories in France (The French Connection), where their opium was refined into heroin and other related products.

Their plan is an end game at Megiddo in northern Israel. Whether they get there is still a matter of question. To understand this picture a little better, we will have to do a code on the scenario described in Psalms 82 and 83. In Psalm 82, the LORD dethrones the ruling gods of the world and takes authority back for Himself. These elohim respond by rebelling against the YHWH's rule. They do it in Psalms 83 by encouraging the locals to attack Israel. When that does not work out, they will arouse the Bear nations and the rest of the Arab nations to attack Israel. They will be in for a surprise. Keep watching this section for further research.

The Copper Scroll Incident - Book

While you are waiting for further research, check out Major Tom Baird's book, The Copper Scroll Incident, which covers a lot of this material in a fiction format. Even one of the players in this code, Hillary Rodham (Clinton) plays a prominent part in this story. Most shocking to many readers is that The Major made sure that Ms. Rodham was protected, and left unhurt. The Major contends that whatever crime she has committed, it is up to a Court of Law to determine her justice, not him.

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