When we first studied Ancient Evil, we began to learn that it had connections to many organizations working for the Beast System (see Daniel 7:24, Revelation 17:12) throughout history. We discovered one of those connections recently when we were tipped off by a reliable prophet from Florida. He warned us of potential problems at a Trump Rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota in October 11, 2019. He warned us that ANTIFA would attempt to disrupt that rally at the Target Center and might resort to violence to accomplish that goal. When we started running Bible Codes on ANTIFA, we discovered that they had a direct connection to Ancient Evil. While the mainstream media reported that the rally was peaceful, other alternate media reported a considerable amount of violence at the rally. Therefore, we decided that we had better start seeing just who these people really are?

ANTIFA Logo in 1930s

ANTIFA got its start as a "far-left" German movement called Antifaschistische Aktion (ANTIFA) that had its roots in Wiemar Republic of Germany (1920-1932) prior to the Nazi takeover in 1933. When the National Socialist German Workers' (Nazi) Party and the Schultzstaffel (German for "Protection Squadron" SS) took over Germany, they immediately imprisoned and executed almost anything left-wing. ANTIFA would remain dormant while the Nazis were ruling Germany from 1933-1945. Various groups re-emerged after the World War II both in East and West Germany, both as left-wing groups but with different objectives. In East Germany, they were a political force working within the Communist government. In West Germany, they opposed what they considered the "fascism of the government." This group has been given a number of names including the "Red Army Faction" and was referred to as the "Baader-Meinhof Gang" in the German media. There was evidence that the East German Stasi supported these gangs in West Germany. When Germany was reunified in 1989, they became the far-left radicals that still operate in Germany against the Neo-Nazi "hard right."

By 2007, the organization had imported their organization to the United States where they immediately took on hard-right groups like the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Nations, and the "skinheads." They gained the most notoriety with their opposition to the campaign of Donald Trump via a group they formed titled Refuse Fascism. However, they are most known for their thuggish behavior in places like Portland, Oregon and Berkeley, California where they have engaged in violent protests. An event somewhat predicted by the television show Grimm in its fifth season, sixth episode titled "Wesen Nacht" that was first aired December 11, 2015. The actual riots occurred October of 2018 and have continued to this day. Portland mayor and police commissioner Ted Wheeler (yes, he holds both positions simultaneously) has been criticized by News Agencies and law enforcement organizations for ordering Portland police to "stand down" and not take action against ANTIFA.

Quatermass - Conclusion

However, the NBC television show Grimm was not the only television show to portray a post apocalyptic world ruled by a combination of right and left wing world of gangs. British Author Nigel Kneale wrote a four-part British television mini-series titled Quatermass: Conclusion for British Independent Television (ITV) in 1978-1979. In this movie, English society and its institutions had degenerated to the point that (according to the show's narrator) "a primal disorder had reasserted itself." Rival right-wing and left-wing gangs (the Badder-Meinhoffs now known as ANTIFA) ruled the cities and rest of the population was left to fend for themselves. Government services including law enforcement, social services, and even media (BBC) broadcasting was reduced to working out of heavily-guarded compounds. Even they were hesitant to go out into the community, even when the situation demanded it. While society in the West has not degenerated to the level seen in this movie just yet, we can be sure that Ancient Evil would love to see this happen and happen soon. (How many calls for "civil war" have we heard from the media lately?)

Groups like ANTIFA continue to make news as they have threatened to disrupt President Trump's rallies all over the country. But as we ran Bible Codes on ANTIFA we found that they were not "just a bunch of young people acting like thugs." They have deeper ties, ones that we need to be concerned about.

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Update: In the aftermath of the George Floyd Murder on May 28, 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, ANTIFA used the incident to set up "protests," in every large population center in the United States. Some of these "protests" have turned violent with massive looting of stores causing stores like Target to close down. Rumors persist that George Soros and his Open Society Foundations have been funding ANTIFA... The most noticable item has been the presence of headsets and other receiving equipment on the heads of some of the protestors. We also noticed that MSNBC used footage from the movie World War Z in an effort to make the situation look worse than it was. It has also been reported that some political leaders in Democratic states have ordered their police to stand down and allow ANTIFA to operate in "Safe Zones." (The best example is in Seattle, Washington, though recently, the police had to break up the "safe zone" and now, businesspeople in the "Capital District" have gone to federal court to sue the mayor and city government.) These politcians were apparently following the governance model set up in Portland, Oregon.

However, there is more to ANTIFA than what the Mainstream Media is willing to tell us. Click here for more details.

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