Just What Happened at Roswell, New Mexico!

There is More to This Story Than Just Some Aliens Visiting Earth...

One of the saddest realities of the United States Government is that it has no difficulty lying to its people. This has gone on almost from the day the present United States Constitution was finally approved by the 13 colonies in 1791. When the "founding fathers" conceived our three-part government, they had little idea that the Executive Branch would eventually gain power over the other two branches, just like what happened in Rome almost two millennia before when Julius Cesar effectively wrested control of the government from the Roman Senate.

We began to see this in the United States Civil War (AKA the War Between the States) when the Federal Government started to take preeminence over the states. During the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln began to issue "Executive Orders" that effective allowed the Executive Branch of the United States Government to have lawmaking abilities. While this ability to make laws from the President's Desk was originally supposed to happen only in times of war, is now done as a matter of course, even in peacetime. Also, during this time, the government began to hide information from the American people under the guise of "National Security." While it is not a good idea to tell our enemies what we are doing, it does not give our government the license to constantly lie to its people at will like it does now.

This is especially true when it comes to the next set of events we are going to talk about. We read on other pages about a meeting that officials of the United States and England had in the Jordanian desert in late 1944 or 1945. There they met the biblical killer Cain, the Nephilim (Watchers) that were accompanying him, and maybe other examples of technology he was willing to give these nations in exchange for their souls. We see from the code on this page that Great Britain preferred to keep its soul, the United States elected to sell theirs, or should we say, our government elected to sell its soul... without telling the people!

We can either bemoan the fact that governments lie to their people, or we can understand that "the truth begins in lies" and use the Bible Codes to deal with it. Let's start with one of the most controversial subjects of the middle 20th Century: the supposed Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) crash at Roswell, New Mexico. At first, Air Force General Roger M. Ramey dismissed the situation as "the crash of a weather balloon." When people saw through that lie, the Air Force simply "stonewalled" and allowed a bunch of stories to "leak" to the secondary press. Soon, the secondary media was loaded with books about UFO crash landings at Roswell. But now, even those stories are coming into question.

When we ran a Bible Code on what happened at Roswell, we got the following result:

The Rosewell Covenant - USA to Babylon

The Rosewell Covenant -USA to Babylon - Words

When you review this code, it becomes clear that our government did NOT do what the TV Show Dark Skies: The Declassified Complete Series suggested. They made a deal with alien beings the Bible calls Nephilim and Rephiam and their master: Cain. They came into existence when spiritual beings called the "Sons of Elohim" mated with human women (See Genesis 6:1-5). Apparently, our government realized that they were going to need some kind of spiritual help to survive what they knew was coming. However, instead of turning to Yahuwah Elohim as the people would have done, they turned to the sorcerer Lucifer, and the demon god Nergal along with the cursed being Cain. What they got was technology that would keep the United States ahead of its enemies and wealth that would keep this nation prosperous for at least 49 years, one perverse Jubilee cycle (1948-1997).

Unfortunately, this deal also brought the United States into the biblical Babylonian system from the Book of Revelation (chapters 17-18). On the next page, we will see what is going to happen to this nation because its government opted to sell out to the world of darkness. Click on this hypertext to see the next page in this series.

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