The Underlying Plan of Ancient Evil

As one could easily guess, Ancient Evil's plan has always been to usurp YHWH's creation and turn it into its own creation. We saw that with the corruption of Cain, how he killed his brother Abel, and how he worked to destroy the world of agriculture... first in Egypt, then in Babylon, then in Persia, then in Rome and now, he seeks to bring the world under his selfish control, with Ancient Evil as his master. Not only has he corrupted agriculture, but he has worked to corrupt the bodies and souls of the very creation of YHWH. But now that they have corrupted much of humanity, they have a bigger goal: the subversion and control of the entire world.

In modern times, Ancient Evil had been forced to adjust to a political climate in the United States that is less than favorable to them. Part of that adjustment is the importation of a "far-left" German Communist Movement called Antifaschistische Aktion (ANTIFA) that had its roots in the Weimar Republic of Germany prior to the Nazi takeover in 1933. When the Nazis took over Germany, they immediately imprisoned and executed almost anything they thought was Communist or even just left-wing leaning. ANTIFA was forced to remain dormant while the Nazis were ruling Germany from 1933-1945. Various ANTIFA groups re-emerged after the World War II both in East and West Germany, both as left-wing groups but with different objectives. In East Germany, they were a political force within the Communist government. In West Germany, they opposed what they considered the "fascism of the government." When Germany was reunified in 1989, they became the far-left radicals that still operate in Germany against the Neo-Nazi "hard right."

By 2007, the organization had imported themselves to the United States where they immediately took on hard-right groups like the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Nations, and other Neo-Nazis. but they gained the most norotiety with their opposition to the presidential campaign of Donald Trump via a group they formed titled Refuse Fascism. However, they are most known for their thuggish behavior in places like Portland, Oregon and Berkeley, California where they have engaged in highly violent protests. An event somewhat predicted by the television show Grimm in its fifth season, sixth episode titled "Wesen Nacht" that was first aired December 11, 2015. The actual riots occurred the next year.

We got interested in ANTIFA when a prophet from Florida mentioned them in connection with an event on October 10, 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. When we ran the date, ANTIFA came up. When the Bible Code revealed things about ANTIFA that we did not expect, we tried running it with the term "Ancient Evil." We were shocked to find ANTIFA connected with Ancient Evil. Suddenly, we began to realize that this organization is not at all what the Mainstream Media (MSM) represents them as being.

Bible Code Matrix Ancient Evil - ANTIFA

Click to download a PDF document containing the Bible Code.

In this Bible Code, we see that Ancient Evil under the demon-gods Osirus (AKA Cain) and Molech (the elohim of fire that people used to sacrifice their firstborn children to) with the assistance of other demons and the Chemarims (false priests using necromancy as a communications medium) have brought ANTIFA to the United States in an effort to curb the efforts of President Donald Trump who has been allegedly trying to clean up "deep state" corruption in the Federal Government. While ANTIFA makes the news beating up elderly people and rioting, their deep operatives are a network working to poison water systems in the United States in an effort to assassinate President Trump and other right-leaning government leaders. They are hoping that if they can murder these leaders and many of their followers (as collateral damage) they will create a large enough human sacrifice to give them the power necessary to sieze control of the United States government and place it back on the left-leaning course Barak Obama had set for it.

Update: It turns out that the ANTIFA's planned riot in Minneapolis was more designed to created a complacency amount the conservative community by seeing them fail in this attempt. But like most heavily ideological organizations, ANTIFA only had to wait for their associates to come along with their plans, most notable Event 201, held at John Hopkins University. This event, held in late October as planned epidemic that could erupt in 2020. With the COVID-19 "epidemic," and the subsequent lockdown, anger sentiment arose that would feed into the ANTIFA movement. With the George Floyd murder in Minneapolis on May 28, 2020, ANTIFA has the spark to start riots in major cities around the United States.

Considering what we have learned about ANTIFA, we have started a special section on them to expose more of their evil works. Ancient Evil continues to work in many areas, including the world of Infectious Diseases. Click on this line to learn more.