The Pattern

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In 2008, the Fox Television Network released a controversial television show called Fringe. The television show portrayed the work of a "Fringe Scientist" named Dr. Walter Bishop, M.D., Ph.D. Apparently set for a 13-episode run (which was common for the Fox Network in those days), the network abruptly filmed three more and then four additional episodes for a total of twenty episodes. In the first thirteen episodes, we are introduced to some criminal activity called merely "The Pattern." As Special Agent Broyles explains in the pilot,

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Like many movies and television programs, the "Deep State" often uses these programs to test out concepts and ideas prior to using them in the "real world." We discovered this when we ran Bible Codes on Osama bin Ladin, that his family's terrorism was biological. But as we ran these codes, we wrongly assumed Osama bin Ladin to be a "lone wolf" terrorist who strikes at will wherever he wants. The Mainstream Media (MSM) promoted this idea from the outset. However, as we have run Bible Codes, we have learned that very few things happen by accident!

Mark Valley (John Scott)

As the episodes of Fringe in that first season, we would learn that FBI Agent John Scott (Mark Valley) had discovered a bio-terrorism ring, but had died before he could tell anyone about his discovery. He did however, leave clues to lead his fellow agents in identifying the bio-terrorist and closing down the ring. But as we watch these first thirteen episodes, we started to wonder what the real message of the TV show Fringe really is? Could the Bible Codes give us the answer. It turns out that it did.

Code Matrix Code Key

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We discover in this Bible Code that indeed, Ancient Evil has come up with plans to seriously harm and even destroy the human race. This plan is called "The Pattern," just like it was in the TV Show Fringe. However, we see from this Code that their research is in ways to contaminate the blood.  We also see that Ancient Evil is dedicated to a long-term research process to accomplish this process. This section of the program started in either 1945 or 1946 at the end of World War II. We would surmise from the date that this program was imported to the United States of America from Nazi Germany using the infamous programs Operation Overcast and later Operation Paperclip.

Like most of these situations, Cain using his guise as Osirus supervised the movement of the program from Nazi Germany to the United States. It was like returning to his old home, as he had spent centuries trapped in Oak Island before he was let loose. Now, he could begin the process of subjecting the earth to his "end of days" tyranny.

We also see in this code that their first real invention was the Ebola virus that first appeared in 1976 in Sudan, Africa. Ebola has continued to plague West Africa to this day, but unfortunately for Ancient Evil. It has never gotten out of Africa. But this "setback" will not deter Ancient Evil and Cain (Osirus) from trying again.

The next Bible Code outlines another attempt at creating a killer virus... will it succeed?