Exposing the Devil's Bigger Plan

The last page gave us some insights into how Satan has been managing "his corporation" and who the major players are in this corporation. The last Bible Code gave us the name of several demon-elohim who are true players in the end-time game. This match is about to get more intense with every forthcoming year. The year 2017 was the 100th Anniversary of the Marian Apparitions of Fatima in Portugal. The Roman Catholic Church made several proclamations about the importantance of Fatima. Even Pope Francis I had made arrangements to visit Fatima on May 12-13, 2017. Other Roman Catholic writers have been stressing the importance of preparing themselves spiritually for the return of the Virgin Mary to Fatima. Yet, this 100thAnniversary came and no Marian Apparatians, despite the apparition's promise of a return show... She did not show up!

In the Germany codes, we learned about the Spirit of Amalek and his linchpin importance to the "Ancient Evil" connections. The first code we found Ancient Evil in was in our first Germany code, when the Nazis were taking over. When we run Ancient Evil in the codes, the only word we have been able to get valid connections with is Amalek. We may find other connecting words with "Ancient Evil," but so far we haven't. We first learned of Amalek when we did our German key codes a few years ago.

The Words initially didn't mean much to us when we first ran them, but when Larry Taylor, Pastor Dan Catlin, and others started asking us about what this "Ancient Evil" was? We really did not have a good answer, so we started digging. These last two Bible Codes were really difficult to put together. But finally, we did get something. Here is the second "Ancient Evil" Bible Code:

The Ancient Evil Code II

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Professor Sayyid Qutb
Prof. Sayyid Qutb

This operation of the "Ancient Evil," also ran by the demon-god Amalek deals with a subset of Islam. Wahhabism is the brainchild of Professor Sayyid Qutb, once a professor at King AbdulAziz University in Jeddah, Makkah, Saudi Arabia. One of his "students" was a very young Osama bin Laden. We also find that his teaching was actively supported by the first murderer: Cain. Also supervising Dr. Qutb's work was Nergal, a violent demon-god who won fame for having his temple dug up in northern Iraq when they were filming the movie, The Exorcist in 1972. We begin to understand that Nergal was dug up from the sand in Iraq so he could make an appearance in the opening scenes of the movie. People will remember that some people waited in line for hours at movie theaters, just for the chance to watch this groundbreaking movie.

The vampirism which was evident in this movie is featured right next to Wahhabism. Many of the Islamic refugees we see in Europe and North America are from the Wahhabi Cult, which is why you see so many violent, bloody deaths. The more people they can injure and steal blood from, the more they can increase their following, and the more power they can obtain. When the Islamic Ottoman Turks broke off their siege of Vienna during the the Battle of Vienna on September 11, 1683, they vowed revenge on Europe for humiliating them. It seems they are getting this revenge right before our eyes.

The most interesting word in this code is the word Belial. It was a word that Olaf Hage was studying before he died. When he started on his studies, he seemed to be in good health. but after he finished his May 2016 report and his June 2016 reports, he got sick with a vicious infection and could not complete his work. He did theorize that the children/sons of Belial were a class of human being was not sired by their parents. For one thing, he did not think these children were truly sired by their fathers, but by the sons of elohim (much like what we saw in Genesis 6:1-4). Read this verse:

Now the sons of Eli were sons of Belial; they knew not YHWH. (I Samuel 2:12)

We begin to see that a slow poisoning is taking place in humanity. They especially want to poison human blood any way they can. In the old vampire movies and even on TV Shows like Supernatural, vampires either kill their victims or they turn their victims into vampires like themselves. If their victims survive the initial bite, that victim obtains a measure of immortality. They can survive as long as they have human blood to drink on a periodic basis.

When it came to blood contamination in general, Olaf often wondered about all the tattoos people were getting. He was quite aware of the following verse and was often upset as to why preachers didn't stress this verse more in their pulpits:

Ye shall not eat any thing with the blood... Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am YHWH. (Leviticus 19:26a, 28)

While Olaf would be the last to suggest this could be a salvation issue, he would point out the health dangers involved with getting a tattoo. Many health professionals would agree with Olaf and also attempt to discourage people from getting tattoos.

This is not an issue we are close to done with. The next page will show you a little-known battle between all the forces of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and the Christians who have been there for 2,000 years. Click here to learn more.