The Ancient Evil Management

When we started building this matrix, we started with the words "Ancient Evil" and "Obama." We chose Obama because of all the evil acts he has allegedly committed while he was both a U.S. Senator and as President of the United States (and also why he is spending a lot of time in French Polynesia, a non-extradition country). When we ran these two core words, we were shocked when "Ancient Evil" came out at a skip rate of -666. Most Christians are quite aware of this scripture in relation to this number:

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. (Revelation 13:18, emphasis the author)

To us, that made this code important. As we started running words, we began to realize that this was nor ordinary code. Ancient Evil has appointed a group of men and women to bring forth a catastrophic event in their attempt to bring down the West. Surprisingly missing from this Bible Code is George Soros, who finances anything socialist left wing (Despite the fact he was once a lieutenant in the Nazi SS). However, what Mr. Obama tried to do when he was U.S. President and what Hillary Rodham (Clinton) was unable to do when she failed to get elected President of the United States. With such a major set of losses to deal with, The left wing will be turning to their "Plan B."

One of the most notable names in this matrix was Jeb Bush, the crybaby loser in the Republican Primaries of 2016 to now President Donald Trump. His brother, former president George Walker Bush is also in this matrix along with the family surname Walker. Some would suggest this is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who recently lost his re-election bid in the 2018 mid-term election but, what we have is less than conclusive. Now that they are "on the outside looking in," they have to come up with another way to bring America to its knees. While President Trump did make one late visit to Wisconsin to help Walker, some analysts felt he could have done more to help him out. He lost by only 29,050 votes out of 2,651,102 votes cast, a little over a 1% margin. (Some suggest that vote fraud may have contributed to this)

Another politician who has lost out recently that is on this list is Angela Merkel, until recently the Chancellor of Germany. She announced earlier this year that she will not stand for the party leadership at the December 2018 convention and would not run for Chancellor in 2021. It is interesting that everyone named in this Bible Code will be out of office by late 2021 and will be available for "special duties." What could those "special duties" be? The Bible Code gives us some ideas.

We can see that they are already using witchcraft in an attempt to modify the 2020 elections by calling upon the demon-gods Allah (the god of the Islamic religion and the Masons), Ashima, a demon-god of desolation, the Egyptian demon-god Osirus, Lilith and her daughter Malia, both demon-gods of marital confusion, homosexuality, and blood contamination (as evidenced by the word "vampire" in the code). Interestingly, they also call up Cain, the Anti-Messiah spirit, who most frequently works against Lilith. The appearance of ISIL suggests they will be employing their terroristic talents, though it is getting hard for them to infiltrate into this country with Donald Trump seated firmly in the White House and the U.S. Supreme Court apparently behind his Executive Orders to limit immigration. This could be why we are seeing "the caravan."

Working in tandem with these demon-gods will be literally legions and legions of demon spirits working under the demon-gods already summoned by the witch Hillary Rodham. The Hebrew Year 5781 (late 2020, including election day, and the first nine months of 2021) seems to be their point year, but 5783 (late 2022 and the first nine months of 2023) and 5785 (late 2024 yet another election date, and the first nine months of 2025) also shows up in this code. We are clearly seeing that they want to tamper with elections, but with "election fraud" becoming such a big issue, they will have to resort to the witchcraft of Hillary Clinton and others to achieve their goals. However, as the D.C. Comic Book Character Constantine frequently points out, every time you do a witchcraft spell, your physical body is weakened. This may explain in part why Hillary Rodham continues to have health problems. This could also explain why Angela Merkel is leaving politics.

As we learn more about Ancient Evil, we begin to see it as a force behind the fallen sons of god (the Ben-a-Elohim, Satan (the devil) and anything else evil in this world. As the LORD creates, Ancient Evil attempts to destroy. It is the ultimate confidence artist, getting people and other beings to believe it is doing our world a favor, when in reality, it takes great joy in trying to corrupt and destroy what the LORD has made. While our battle is with Satan, his fallen angels, and his demons, we must always be aware of the Ancient Evil that keeps them going and makes them think they can win in the end (despite the Bible's constant statements about who will win out in the end).

We did some research on a cult within the Ancient Evil System, the Black Sun. Click here to visit the next page in this series.