The Devil (Ancient Evil) and Allen Dulles

It has been interesting to see Allan Dulles make several sections of this website. We first encountered him when we were researching the Order of the Black Sun. We expected the Order to consist of people of Germanic origin. However, as World War II was coming to a close and the Nazis realized that the War was lost, they needed another place to go. They certainly did not trust the Russians after what they were doing to them on the famous Russian Front. They did not trust the British, especially after the Rudolf Heß (Hess) Affair. Even though the House of Windsor is of Germanic origin and one of the seven members of the Royal Families they still had concerns. The merciless bombings of England and Scotland during the 1940-1941 Blitz and the Zepplin Bombings of 1915-1918 during World War I did not help matters either. They did understand that the British were going to want a lot from them which they were not willing to pay them.

That led them to start calling on Allen Dulles, an Office of Strategic Serivces liasion in Bern, Switzerland that they had known and trusted for a few years. After making initial contacts, they used a career diplomat: Fritz Kolbe to feed information to Mr. Dulles. In many ways, Mr. Dulles felt closer to the Nazis than he did to liberal Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman. He agreed to help them escape Nazi Germany if they allowed him to join the Order of the Black Sun. What Mr. Dulles did not realize is that the power behind the Order of the Black Sun was Ancient Evil.

Bible Code Matrix Bible Code Key

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When we look at this Bible Code, it becomes clear that Allen Dulles has done more than become the head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). When he went through that initiation ceremony to become a member of the Order of the Black Sun, he became a lot more. He would become the one of the men in charge of setting up the "Beast System" we read about in the Biblical books of Daniel and Revelation. He would literally set up the image that Nebuchadnezzar saw and Daniel would later reveal. (cf. Daniel 2:31-45)

When Allen Dulles took over the CIA in 1953, he literally proceeded to set up that image in the United States and Europe. He knew that the West would have to be subverted before they would accept worship of this image. To accomplish this task, he could have to contaminate the souls of every human being. That was the real reason for all the untoward research done with LSD and other psychotropic drugs in Project MK-Ultra. He would also have to find willing participants from the medical profession who would be willing to part with normal medical ethics to conduct these medical experiments.

He also had to find a way to break the Divine stronghold Christianity had on the West. Whenever Ancient Evil looks to subvert Divine works, they look of Balaam for their model (cf. Numbers 22-24). They used sexual lust to subvert the leaders of the churches and before long, the movement would collapse due to Divine Judgment. (See Numbers 25) Allen Dulles would never live to see this part of his plan come to fruition, but we see examples of this with the Jimmy Swaggart-Marvin Gorman Affair and Jim Bakker-PTL Affair in the late 1980s. However, that was not the only way the CIA choose to subvert Christianity. Using Operation Mockingbird, they started to control the Christian publishing industry and eventually roll those companies up into publishing conglomerates. It is interesting that the same integrated publishing conglomerate can publish The Satanic Bible also publishes Hal Lindsey's bestseller The Late Great Planet Earth and Rick Warren's The Purpose-Driven Life and The Purpose-Driven Church.

The long-range corruption plan of Allen Dulles and the CIA continues to this day. We have seen plenty of evidence of this in what has happened around the world. We now see it in the vaccine promotions that George Soros (born Georgi Schwartz) and his Open Society Foundations along with Bill Gates and his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. We have to wonder if Bill Gates has ever been initiated into the Order of the Black Sun? One of pet projects of Bill Gates has been the "darkening of the sun" to reduce the effects of "global warming." As for George Soros, a lot of rumors persist regarding his life that the left-leaning media has gone to a lot of trouble to dispell.

There is a lot of research left to do on Ancient Evil and their plans for the world. One of the surprising Ancient Evil players in the world is the Roman Catholic Church, click here to visit that page and learn more.