Expanding the Terrible Beast Code

When we started putting in words to fill this Bible Code out, we found out almost instantly that we are not dealing with a ten-nation confederacy which people like Hal Lindsey, Chuck Missler, Andrew Womack, and a host of other so-called Bible teachers would want this Bible Code to mean. We also found that it did not fit a lot of other theories that many Bible teachers have suggested over the years. When you take the time to find out what the real Bible Codes say, you get a different story.

In this tightly packed code, we found three different Hebrew words for poison, the Ebola virus, Watchers, and even the Islamic holy site: Mecca. However, when we ran our standard group of Islamic terms, we came up short. When we tried Obama, we came up short. What we did find was very interesting, to say the least.

Click here to download a PDF file of this code.

The most shocking thing we found was a mention of Cain running a sex trafficking ring and using it to control politicians. (Now called #Pizzagate) The names of two major Western politicians are hidden in this code, but for legal reasons, we have not listed them. We also learned that the victims of this sex trafficking ring have had much of their souls extracted from them to make them more "usable." Deliverance ministers have learned over the years that when a soul fragment is removed from an individual (See Psalms 7:2), a demon can come in and replace that soul fragment's function. Pastors Win Worley, Norman Parish, and Dr. Marcus Haggard discovered this back in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

We also came face to face with the Ebola virus. We learned from our Osama bin Laden codes many years ago, that his al Qaeda organization had created this virus as a terror weapon. Apparently, at this point in time, this Terrible Beast System, has acquired control of this virus and will use it to gain control of the world system.

We have also found that the Terrible Beast System is NOT a political system like the other three beasts. Daniel 7:7 says that this is a "diverse" or changed beast. This beast system is not limited by national boundaries and does not have a true government (some would suggest it is a "shadow government" that manages most of the governments in the world). It is a pure international business entity running an artificial intelligence set of programs, whose goal is to gain control of the world by controlling people and forcing them to adhere to the Systems' will. By doing this, the Beast will eventually subjugate countries by controlling their leaders. If you wonder why your national leaders do not perform in ways that are consistent with the best interests of your country, then beware, the Beast System may already own your leader. This system may also fix elections to get people in power that will do what this system wants.

It seems that the Terrible Beast System does not mind promoting itself as an evil system. The third, fourth, and fifth seasons of the popular CBS show Person of Interest, shows the advent of a computerized Artificial Intelligence (AI) System called "Samaritan" designed to control the world. In one episode titled "Prophets," they actually suggested the idea that The Beast System could fix an election. Unfortunately, in the real world, there is no Harold Finch working behind the scenes to save us, or is there? We also find it interesting that CBS abruptly cancelled the show in 2016, allowing the fifth season to have only thirteen episodes.

We continued to research on this code about The Terrible Beast System and discovered a lot more. Click on this link to go to the next section, a 70-word code telling an even bigger story.

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