Daniel 7:4 -- The Lion Beast

The Emergence of Great Britain and the USA


War Leaders

Louis Napoleon III Otto von Bismarck
Louis Napoleon III
Otto von Bismarck

The year is 1917 and world history is about to take a turn that few expected. World War I has been raging for three years, with the Allies averting disaster countless times. Several times in the first couple of years, Germany came very close to breaking through in Northern France. Had they succeeded, the British Expeditionary Force would have been driven into the English Channel and once again, France would have become a vassal state in the hands of Germany, just like what happened in the Franco-Prussian War when France lost the Battle of Sedan in 1870. Louis Napoleon III thought he could defeat Otto von Bismarck and actually went to the front to lead the troops, just like his uncle, Napoleon Bonaparte I had done.

General PershingHowever, World War I was different. The United States Army under General J.J. "Blackjack"Pershing had entered the war and things were going to be considerably different. The Allies would now have the resources to break out of the trenches in Western Europe collapse the German and Austrian Empire. The American entry into World War I also meant the British could dedicate more troops to the Middle East. With these additional troops and the assistance of Lawrence of Arabia, the British Empire were be able to drive the Ottoman Empire out of the Middle East and back into Asia Minor.

General AllenbyThey key date in World War I would turn out to be December 9, 1917 when the Egyptian Expeditionary Force under General Edmund Allenby drove the Ottoman Turkish Armies out of Jerusalem. He declared in his report "today the crusades have ended." Gen. Allenby would enter Jerusalem two days later when he dismounted and walked through the Jaffa Gate, claiming that only "his Lord and Master" Jesus Christ had the right to ride a horse into Jerusalem.

General Allenby's big victory would come almost a year later when his troops broke the Ottoman Line at the Battle of Megiddo (Armageddon) on September 21, 1918. Within weeks he had taken Damascus, Homs and Aleppo and the Ottoman Empire collapsed on October 30, 1918. Once the war was over, the first beast had literally risen out of the sea. The United States and England (Great Britain) emerged out of the first world war as the super-powers of the world. Even though the United States and Great Britain were sovereign nations, their governmental structures were similar and their foreign policy was euqally similar. Many analysts contended that the period between World War I and World War II was a time of brutality toward smaller nations. They collapsed the German economy in the early 1920s when they took Germany's gold to rebuild the decimated economies of the West. They also began to enforce abusive trade policies against Japan, Central Europe, Africa and the rest of Asia. The Prophet Daniel's association of the United States and England.

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