Daniel 7:4 -- The Lion Beast

Great Britain and the USA at the End of World War II

When most people start researching the codes, their first impulse is to see what they can discover about the future. After a while, most code researchers realize that doing that the Bible Codes by themselves will not give you a very accurate picture of the future. You can get glimpses, but those glimpses can be misleading. What the researcher needs is some kind of prophecy. A good example of that came when Larry Taylor shared his "Missiles of October" vision with us. His vision gave us the information we needed in order to create and understand the code we found. The resulting code we found from Mr. Taylor's vision however, gave us new insights about the missiles he saw including who was sending them along with the quisling that made the attack possible.

Doing codes on past events is a much easier proposition. The history book becomes our guide: it gives us dates, names, places and other details needed to give us a complete code. We have learned over the years that the codes can not only recount events, they can give you details about events that our historians may have intentionally decided the rest of the world did not need to know. Roots: The Saga of an American Family author Alex Haley once noted in his book And the Books That Changed a Nation, "History is written by the winners." The "powers that be" tell us what they want us to know. The Bible Codes, on the other hand, when correctly done, give us real history without any kind of slant or modification. We saw that in the last code when we learned about the influence of the Druids on the Lion countries.

When we look at the code below, we begin to see a picture that no history book has ever told us about. The years is late 1944 or 1945, when the Battle of the Bulge has just finished and the biblical being Cain meets with British and American authorities in the land of Moab (then part of the British Mandate, but now part of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan). Accompanying Cain is some mixed beings called Nephilim. Apparently, our people pay Cain gold for the privilege of meeting with and studying the Nephilim.

Bible Code

Code Key

Considering how many men and women the United States and Great Britain have lost in the last two world wars, the idea of a Goliath-type super soldier who could fight wars sounded very attractive to a lot of politicians. We will learn as we study these codes, that Cain is not about to give his technology away "out of the goodness of his heart." What we do learn is that the United States made one choice and Great Britain made another.

In the next code, we learn that the English choice was to give up their colonies in India and Africa, and retain their business interests in their former colonies. Check out the England Files to learn more.