Meet the Creator of the Corona Plague

While we learned a lot from the first code, there is one nagging question that it did not answer. We want to know as Professor Lorrimer van Helsing did when questioning Professor Keeley about the bacillus pestis he created, "Who commissioned you to work on this... this atrocity?" Unlike Professor van Helsing, even if we did found out, we would not be able to "report this matter to higher authorities." 

For one thing, it is apparent our "higher authorities" already had an idea who committed this autrocity. In a lightly reported incident, the U.S. Department of Justice arrested Dr. Charles Lieber, the Chairman of Harvard University's Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department. The Justice Department discovered he was colluding with agents of the Chinese government. One of these Chinese agents was caught with 21 vials of biological research as he was traveling from Boston's Logan International Airport back to China. But we found that this was only part of the story... The Bible Codes told us something else was going on that did not make the nightly news, any other mainstream outlet, or even the secondary news outlets.

While the Mainstream Media (MSM) has been reporting about the turmoil in Saudi Arabia (Sheba and Dedan in the Bible), they did not tell us the whole story (too much for a 30-second sound-byte... or a one-column article). Once authorities in the United States had figured out that the Bin Ladin family in Saudi Arabia was behind the Corona Plague, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman responded by placing members of his own family under arrest. The Crown Prince has gone to a lot of trouble to maintain good relations with the Trump Family and still would like Donald Trump, Jr. to build and invest in hotel facilities in Riyadh, the Capital of Saudi Arabia. The Trump Family already invested in the Middle East as they have a large hotel and golf course in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, but so far, nothing in Saudi Arabia! The Crown Prince unfortunately has learned the hard way that buddying-up with President Trump does get very far with Donald, Jr.

The Crown Prince learned Donald, Jr. is his own businessman and makes decisions on his own. He may get advice from his father from time to time, but because his father was the President of the United States, he makes his own decisions! If the Saudi families wanted to curry favor with Donald, Jr. they needed to assign family members to work in the lower echelons of the Trump Enterprises, Inc., and work their way up. Minions who work hard and look out for the Trump brand, will find favor with Donald, Jr. It is those people who could show Donald, Jr. how to make a hotel in Riyadh work without alcohol sales. Now with Joe Biden in the White House, the Middle East has not been a major source of concern for their Administration. Saudi Arabia has been left on their own.

These days, the Crown Prince is not as worried about the lack of a Trump Hotel in Riyadh... he has "other fish to fry!" In his mind, the bin Ladin family's activities in creating a chemical weapon next to a food market in Wuhan, is the ideal activity that would dissuade Trump Enterprises, Inc. from ever building that hotel in Riyadh. The lurking residue of the Bin Laden Family now makes it difficult for any other foreign player to considering building a viable hotel in Riyadh. As such, the Crown Prince also knows that he needs to "cull the herd" of princes or face even more severe economic consequences. Also, he cannot overlook the fact that this country on the other side of the Persian Gulf keeps threatening to invade his country and have its radical Shi'ite clerics take over Mecca.

Unfortunately for the Saudi Arabian royal familly, their Bin Ladin cousins are still a major problem that it not going away. The Crown Prince still remembers when the Bin Ladin Family created the West Nile Virus with the help of Nazi doctors... The West Nile Virus was supposed to be the next killer virus. It first showed up in Uganda in 1937 when allegedly, Nazi doctors first introduced it into the area to destabilize British interests in the region prior to World War II. The West Nile virus proved to be inconsequential to world health during World War II and was confined to Africa until the 21st century. Then, during an outbreak in Africa, it appeared in the United States when a West African Romance scam artist decided to go "off script" and actually move to the United States and attempt to marry one of his scam victims. Normally, the Romance Scam Artist will propose marriage, promise to come to the United States and marry their victim, but never show up. In the book, Cyber Loves' Illusions, authors Jonathan van Helsing and Anna Alden-Tirril chronicle the story of a woman who went to a New York City airport to wait for her "beloved" but he never showed up.

We have known about the Bin Ladin Family's bio-terrorism programs for many years. We also understand that the family continued their bio-terrorism program after Osama bin Ladin was assassinated on October 17, 2001. In fact, it is likely that Osama bin Ladin's assassination likely spurred the family to enhance their efforts. We were not surprised when the Bin Ladin Family created the Corona-virus Plague (now being called COVID-19). Some of them, being graduates of King Abdul Azziz University (one of the largest universities in the world), have incredible training in biology and chemistry, along with experienced family micro-biologists, given advanced training by Nazi doctors taught them how to create the particularly virulent strains of the viruses we are now seeing. Having worked with the Chinese on other projects, it was natural for them to do the final work on the virus in China. Here is the Bible Code that exposes them:

Bible Code Matrix Bible Code Key

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Senator Prescott Bush

In any case, the Saudi Royal Family is going to give out a good housecleaning and try to remove all their connections to the Bin Ladin Family. The only reason the Saudi Royal Family tolerated the Bin Ladin Family was because of their strong connections to the previously oil-rich Bush Family. That connection started decades ago when Connecticut Senator Prescott Bush was a powerful member of the Board of Directors for Union Banking Corporation along with Avrill Harriman. The bank won notoriety for its connections to German steel magnate Fritz Thyssen, the Bank voor Handel en Scheepvart (Bank for Trade and Shipping) and by association: Nazi Germany. It was likely through the banking connections of the Bin Ladin Family with the Bush Family that the Saudi Royal Family was obliged to maintain relations with them.

The Bin Ladin-Bush Connection

George H.W. Bush

The Bin Laden Family through Union Banking Corporation connected themselves with Connecticut Senator Prescott Bush and his son, former U.S. President George H.W. Bush. Both families had very strong connections to the petroleum industry via Dresser Industries (now defunct, assets sold to General Electric [NYSE: GE] in 2010) and Haliburton Corporation [NYSE: HAL] (his Secretary of Defense, Dick Cheney was president of the company at one time). When the Bush family dominated the White House, the Saudi Royal Family was obliged to honor and work with the Bin Ladin Family, especially when they were trying to undermine Russia in Afghanistan. That influence began to end when George W. Bush left the White House in January of 2009.

Things further changed with the death of George H.W. Bush and his son, George W. Bush, becoming a political "has been" in U.S. politics. The Bush Family lost much of their influence by refusing to support President Donald Trump in his 2016 successful run for president. George H.W. Bush's other son: John Ellis "Jeb" Bush, the whiny, big-time loser in the early 2016 Republican Party election primaries did not do anything to enhance the Bush name despite being given a "war chest" of over 100 million dollars to spend to obtain the Republication nomination for President of the United States! When the Bush Family lost much of their support in the Republican Party, the Saudi Royal Family began to lose interest in supporting the Bin Laden family.

Pierce Mallon Bush

Any remaining interest the Saudi family might have had in the Bush family and their connection to the bin Ladin family eroded further when Pierce Mallon Bush, the son of Neil Bush and great-grandson of Prescott Bush, of Sugarland, Texas finished a distant third in the Republican Primary for the 22nd Congressional District of Texas (he also refused to support President Trump).

George Prescott Bush

The only bright spot on the horizon for the Bush family seems to be George Prescott Bush. He has won two elections in 2014 and 2018 to be the Land Commissioner of Texas but his political way "up the ladder" seems blocked at the moment by Governor Greg Abbott (but he is 62, disabled, but determined and seemed very popular with the electorate, but right now, he is in a tough battle with Lt. Colonel Alan West in the 2022 Republican Primary) and Senators John Coryn (who is 68 and just won re-election to the U.S. Senate in 2020) and Ted Cruz (who is 49 and who was re-elected to the U.S. Senate in 2018) While Mr. Cruz though is mentioned by some analysts as a serious candidate for President in 2024, he is not likely to want a rematch with Donald Trump in 2024. George P. Bush remains politically stuck as Texas Railroad Commissioner. He understands this... but he still maintains his well-designed campaign website:, just in case an opportunity presents itself. Unlike the rest of the Bush family, George P. seems at least marginally, to be a Trump supporter.

Since the Bush family influence in U.S. politics seems stalled at the moment, the Bin Ladin family's connections to the Bush Family have been rendered meaningless in recent times. Therefore, the Saudi Arabian royal family has no more need for the Bin Ladin Family, so dispensing with them and their bacteriological warfare laboratories is not a major loss for the Saudi Royal Family... at this time. Especially, if they need favors from the Trump Family, especially to keep their neighbors at bay.

The Bin Ladin Family Moves Onward

As we look at this Bible Code further, we realize that the Bin Ladin Family has far from given up. With the blood purge going on in Saudi Arabia, the family has moved on to other locations around the world with the help of the Nazi/Fascist wing of the CIA, the only people still willing to marginally assist them. The Bin Ladin Family did become helpful recently when they were available to assist when Dr. Fauci was obliged to move some of the Institute of National Health's virus research from North Carolina to Wuhan, China because of troublesome U.S. laws restricting virus research. These rogue CIA operatives were able to get the cooperation of various factions of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR, formerly the KGB, the Committee for State Security) and the Chinese Ministry of State Security to help incorporate the Bin Laden Family's virus research into Dr. Fauci's research.

However, the result of their research was not what any of these people were hoping for. While the Coronavirus killed a lot of people in China, the South Koreans quickly learned that Hydrochrloquine mixed with zinc would counter the effects of the virus rather quickly. Making things more complicated for them, Podcaster Joe Rogan and Green Bay Packer Quarterback Aaron Rodgers have popularized the use of the drug Ivermectin. This information was passed all over Asia and deaths in other Asian countries were minimal. Now, these alternative treatments have caught on in the West and the stocks of vaccine companies have started to fall. Insiders in Moderna, Inc. [NASDAQ: MRNA], one of the bigger vaccine stocks, have started selling their shares. This has some investors concerned along with the fact that Moderna, Inc., stock has dropped from $449.38 on September 5, 2021 to $161.32 on February 11, 2022.

While the mainstream "drive-by" media (MSM) "chases its tail" by either speculating that the virus came from obscure cave bats or that it was created by some "evil mad scientist" in the Wuhan Lab, we think they should be trailing the Bin Ladin Family to see where they have moved their operations. The family still has considerable financial resources at their disposal and since this is technically, a Jihad for them, they will not stop until everyone in the West are dead! Also, as Anna Alden-Tirril and Jonathan van Helsing had found out from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investifgation (FBI), they continue to be funded by successful West African scam artists, so their flow of money continues.

The Bible Codes have also discovered a link connecting Adrenochrome to the Corona Virus, click here to visit the next page.