Meet the Creator of the Corona Plague

While we learned a lot from the first code, we will want to know as Professor Lorrimer van Helsing did, "Who commissioned you to work on this... this atrocity?" Unfortunately, even if I found out, I would not be able to "report the matter to higher authorities." For one thing, I think they already know who did this. It could be why we have had so much turmoil in Saudi Arabia (Dedan in the Bible) in recent days (March 9, 2020). Once authorities in the United States figured out that the Bin Ladin family in Saudi Arabia was behind the Corona Plague, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman started placing members of his own family under arrest. The Crown Prince has gone to a lot of trouble to maintain good relations with the Trump Family and still would like Donald Trump, Jr. to build a hotel in Riyadh, the Capital of Saudi Arabia. The Trump Family has a golf course in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, but nothing in Saudi Arabia. The Crown Prince unfortunately has learned that buddying-up with President Trump does get very far with Donald, Jr.

Donald, Jr. is his own businessman and makes decisions on his own. He may get advice from his father, but because his father is the President of the United States, he makes his own decisions! If the Saudi families wanted favor with Donald, Jr. they needed to assign family members to work in the lower echelons of the company and work their way up. Minions who work hard and look out for the Trump brand, will find favor with Donald, Jr. It is those people who could show Donald, Jr. how to make a hotel in Riyadh work without alcohol sales.

However, the Crown Prince is not worried about the lack of a Trump Hotel in Riyadh... he has "other fish to fry!" In his mind, the bin Ladin family's activities in creating a chemical weapon next to a food market in Wuhan, is the ideal activity needed to dissuage Trump Entperprises, Inc. from building that hotel in Riyadh. It also makes it inpossible for any other foreign player to build a viable hotel in Riyadh. As such, the Crown Prince knows that he needs to "cull the herd."

Unfortunately for the Saudi Arabians, their bin Ladin counsins have become a problem again. We remember when they created the West Nile Virus... It was supposed to be the next killer virus. It first showed up in Uganda in 1937 when Nazi doctors first introduced it, but made it to the United States when a Romance scam artist decided to go "off script" and acutually move to the United States and attempt to marry one of their scam victims.

We have known about the bin Laden Family's bio-terrorism programs. It did not surprise us when his people created the Corona Plague. Being graduates of King Abdul Azziz University, they have incredible training, along with family to teach them about the particuarly virulent strains. Having worked with the Chinese on other projects, it was natural for them to do the final work. Here is the Bible Code that exposes them:

Bible Code Matrix Bible Code Key

To download a PDF copy of this code, click here.

In any case, the Saudi Royal Family is going to get a good housecleaning and all connnections to the Bin Ladin family shall be removed. The only good the bin Laden family ever did for the Saudi Royal Family was that they had strong connections to the oil-rich Bush Family. Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush who once had connections to Dresser Industries and Haliburton Corporation is now dead, former U.S. President George W. Bush is a "has been" U.S. politician who lost all of his influence by refusing to support President Donald Trump in 2016, John Ellis "Jeb" Bush, the whiney, big-time loser in the 2016 Republican Party election primaries, and recently Pierce Mallon Bush, son of Neil Bush, of Sugarland, Texas who finished a distant third in the Republican Primary for the 22nd Congressional District of Texas (who also refused to support President Trump). While George P. Bush has won two elections in 2014 and 2018 to be the Texas State Land Commissioner, he doesn't seem interested in moving up the political ladder. Those connections to the Bush Family have become meaningless in modern times. Therefore, the Saudi Arabian Royal Family has no more need for the Bin Ladin Family, so dispensing with them and their bacteriological warfare laboratories up is not a major loss for the royal at this time. Especially, if they need favors from the Trump Family. 

We will look at this situation more. The Corona Plague is only a continuation of "The Pattern" started by Ancient Evil.