Daniel 7:4 -- The Lion Beast

England and the Power of Petroleum

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The days of the mighty British Empire may well be over, but that does not mean the British have left everything behind. They learned as other colonial empires learned, that maintaining a colonial enterprise can be a very expensive proposition. However, if you train the locals to handle the mundane work of government, you can center your efforts on doing business, making lots of money, and exporting it out of third world countries. In the case of Great Britian (England, Wales, Scotland, etc.), that meant maintaining their investments in the exploration, extraction, and refinement of crude oil. These investments are managed through two of the six major oil companies in the world.

The first of these companies is Royal Dutch Shell, PLC [NYSE:RDS-A]. Considered to be the largest petroleum corporation in the world by Fortune Magazine, the company is massive in size. Even though Royal Dutch Shell, PLC is headquartered in The Hague, The Netherlands, its registered office is still in London, England. It is also reported that the royal families (The House of Windsor, The House of Hapsburg, The House of Bourbon, The House of Rothchild, The House of Rockefeller, etc.) maintain substantial investments in Royal Dutch Shell, along with many other leaders of Great Britain.

BP PLC [NYSE:BP]is one of the largest private corporations in the world. They also own oil interests all over the world, but few realize that they got their start right in the backyard of Iran, when the Shah of Iran (courtesy of the CIA which put him in power) gave the company the right to explore for oil. The found plenty and Iran became the first major oil find in the Middle East. Even though BP has been riddled with disasters the past few years, it is still one of the more influential oil companies in the world.

English Oil

Code Key

This Bible Code shows the stranglehold, the Lion Beast's oil companies have over the energy community in world commerce. But when you look at the chart below, you will get an even better picture of how much control, the Lion Beast's Oil Empire has over the world.

Big Oil

When you look at the chart above, only one of the six companies listed above is not owned by a Lion Beast Country. That company is Total S.A. out of France. Total Petroleum is number six on the list.

To finish our study of the Lion Files, our next look will be at the United States and especially, the choice they made when they were in that Jordanian desert. Click on this link to learn this story.

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