The World of Adrenochrome

When one visits the back offices of hospitals and other medical facilities, they hear a word whispered around that makes every knowledgeable physician cringe and shudder in fear. They say a prayer under their breath, not even wanting to utter this word out loud. For decades, it was hidden "in plain sight" in arcane academic journals and in older medical textbooks. Even in medical school classes, it was discussed with doors shut and with the understanding that on those days, no non-medical personnel would even be privy to this subject. From what we can see, this substance, now called Adrenochrome, was first reported on by doctors in a laboratory at Cambridge University in 1937. The article titled, "Adrenaline and Adrenochrome" was published in the April 1937 edition of The Biochemical Journal (Volume 31, Issue 4, pages 596-616). We have uploaded the article to our website for your review.

Normally, discussions like this could stay in the medical back-rooms and never be discussed in public, were it not for the alleged COVID-19 epidemic that has been afflicting the world in a number of ways. Why is this the case? Because there seems to be a connection with Adrenochrome and the COVID-19 virus. What that connection is we need to investigate. What we do know is that since at least 1971, the word "Adrenochrome" has started to appear in the print entertainment media.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Adrenochrome was mentioned prominently in "Gonzo Journalist" Hunter S. Thompson's bestselling book published in 1971: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The book was first serialized in Rolling Stone magazine. The book was later made into two movies. Where the Buffalo RoamThe first attempt was a poorly-rated movie starring Bill Murray that was titled Where the Buffalo Roam but it only referred to the book and Adrenochrome peripherally. The second attempt was a 1998 a movie that starred Johnny Depp as Hunter S. Thompson... this movie shared its title with Thompson's book. Since the book was supposed to be fictional, most people who read the book or saw the movies wrongly assumed that the drug mentioned was fictional as well. In those days, only a medical professional would realize that the hallucinogenic substance had been mentioned countless times in scientific journals, as we have established previously.

Inspector Lewis

The first mention of Adrenochrome in the television media that we could find was in a British Television Show simply called Lewis (called Inspector Lewis when it was aired on Public Broadcasting System or PBS in the United States) in the opening show of Season 1 titled "Whom the Gods Would Destroy." In this episode, Oxford, England Detective Inspector Robert Lewis and his Detective Sergeant James Hathaway investigate the murder of an artist who apparently belongs to a secret society called "The Sons of the Twice-Born." The patron-elohim (god) of this order is the Greek Deity Dionysus (known as Bacchus in Roman Mythology), an entity known for his desire to self-indulge, to engage is religious ecstasy (often using drugs), and especially to abuse wine and other alcoholic beverages. As Inspector Lewis continues his investigation, he discovers that that the "Sons of the Twice-Born" often behaved like their patron Dionysus, especially when it came to psychedelic drugs. Notice what sets off one of the characters in this episode:

The word in the message is "Adrenochrome." This word is unique because from what we can see, it has never been mentioned on television previously. When Harry Bundrick gets a one-word message: "Adrenochrome" he is shocked. He is further shocked when someone calling themself "Fury" calls and insists he do something he clearly refuses to do. "Fury" is an entity in Greek Mythology that often carries out specified evil tasks for the various Greek Gods, much like what the Nephilim seem to do in the Bible. It was interesting that the person who identifies herself as "Fury" turned out to be the murderer in this murder mystery. Is Inspector Lewis and Sergeant Hathaway trying to tell us something of importance with this episode? Here is another clip from this episode:

There are an expanding number of stories about Adrenochrome on the Internet. Rumors persist on the "Dark Web" of a video of Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin mutilating a young girl to harvest the Adrenochrome in her Pituitary Gland. Even if such a video exists, it is doubtful that anyone could successfully post it to the "normal" Internet without severe repercussions. The stories do persist telling about how Adrenochrome is harvested by extracting the Pituitary Glands from a young child or even a baby. When we heard about this, it took us back to a TV Show that we have evaluated before: Fringe. Once again, in the show's first season, second episode titled "The Same Old Story" we see this scene:

While Adrenochrome is not mentioned directly in this clip, in this episode, or even in this series, the Pituitary Gland which regulates the Adrenal Gland is discussed in some detail. It also discusses the concept that if you can manipulate the Pituitary Gland as Dr. Bishop and his son Peter Bishop suggest, then you can control aging and other bodily functions. That, in of itself, is something very interesting to the elite of this world. Men like David Rockefeller (1915-2017), Henry Kissinger (1923-2023), and George Herbert Walker Bush (1924-2018, once President of the United States from 1989-1993) have lived longer than most. If indeed, you could harvest a young person's Pituitary Gland and use it to control your aging, there are people who would be more than willing to pay large sums of money to obtain this substance.

Stories persist all over the Internet that Adrenochrome is harvested by removing the Pituitary Gland of a young person and harvesting a red substance from it, just like the substance Drs. Green and Richter identified at Cambridge University, England, U.K. in 1937. The only difference is that our elites know what Adrenochrome is capable of doing. I think if Drs. Green and Richter had known what what our elites have discovered, they would have suppressed their research and never written an academic article on it.

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