The Fountain of Youth in the Brain

The Greek Historian Herodotus first wrote of the Fountain of Youth in the Fifth Century B.C. He claimed it was a special fountain in the land of the Macrobians located in the "Horn of Africa." Herodotus tells us that when the Persian Emperor Cambyses II conquered Egypt in 525 B.C. he sent ambassadors to Macrobia bearing gifts to the Macrobian King, hoping he would submit to Persia. The Macrobian Ruler made a challenge to the Persian ambassadors. If they could string a special bow, they would be "given permission" to invade his country. If they could not string this special bow, they were told that they should be glad that the Macrobians never thought to invade their country. These ambassadors never found the "Fountain of Youth" in that country, but they did find out that the people lived a longer life there (about 120 years on average). Modern historians are unsure of of the location of this country.

Other "Fountains of Youth" could be found at the Pool of Bethesda in Israel as written up in John 5:2-4. According to the Gospel Story, when an angel stirred the waters, the first man to reach the waters was healed of whatever infirmity they had. Stories persisted of a "Fountain of Youth" in now Kollam, India that was sought for by Alexander the Great. Apparently, this was his reason for invading India in the first place. Alexander instead got a poison arrow for his trouble, which led to his early demise.

The most famous of these stories is the adventures of Juan Ponce de León, once the Spanish Governor of Puerto Rico. He proposed to the King of Spain that he should explore more of the New World. He did not get that comission, as he lost out to Christopher Columbus' son: Diego. He did get permission from the king to settle an island the Spanish called Bimini, which we now call Florida. It would take him eight years to raise the money for an expedition to what he called Pascua Florida. When he made financal requests to Spanish King Charles V and Pope Adrian VI, he neglected to mention "the Fountain of Youth." Rumors do persist that Ponce de León was at some time "impotent" despite having several children. Therefore, finding the "Fountain of Youth" was a high personal priority for him.

While Juan Ponce de León never found the Fountain of Youth in Florida or anywhere else, that did not stop Luella Day McConnell from attempting to create the Fountain of Youth on a property she bought in St. Augustine, Florida. She claimed that Ponce de León had been there and had made a cross of "coquina rock" to mark the spot. She sold visitors bottled water, post cards, and other trinkets until her death in an auto accident in 1927. The State of Florida took over the land and made a state park out of it. But the idea of a "fountain of youth" was not dismissed or explained away by these failures.

Newton the Alchemist

Other stories of an "elixir of life" and the "Philosopher's Stone" were also an obscession of men as famous as Isaac Newton, the enumerator of the "Laws of Gravity" and the "Laws of Thermodynamics." Called "an alchemist" by author William R. Newman, he published a book titled: Newton the Alchemist: Science, Enigma, and the Quest for Nature's 'Secret Fire.' Published by the Princeton University Press, it gives readers a realistic understanding of Newton's desires and goals. However, the "cheat codes" for immortality and long life eluded Isaac Newton. But his failures didn't stop others from trying.

Countess Dracula

Another interesting "fountain of youth" story comes from the Kingdom of Hungary in the form of Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed (known in popular culture as Elizabeth Báthory). Because of the fantastic nature of what she did, the complete truth will never be known. In modern culture, she was portrayed in a famous Hammer Horror movie titled Countess Dracula. The general vein of the story has Elizabeth advancing in years and with the death of her husband, her chances of finding another suitable husband as a middle aged woman... were not very good. However, since her husband very rich and connected, she had an extensive library of documents and books from the area at her disposal. Rumors persist that she was a distant cousin of Vlad Tepes (AKA Count Dracula), however these rumors have never been confirmed or disproved, but she still likely had access to some of Vlad Tepes' mass of untoward "research."

In this arcane research, she learned that if she bathed in the blood of virgins (or at least young girls), she could turn into a young woman who would be more attractive to potential suitors. The only problem is that after the bloodbath wore off, she then appeared older than she was before she started the process. That's why she killed so many women. She believed that research and according to court records of the time, she murdered over 650 young girls to get their blood. She was found guilty, but instead of execution, she was confined to her castle until she died at age 54. She was never able to attract another suitable man, despite her wealth.

One might dismiss this story of Elizabeth Báthory as insanity, but since the will to live and stay young is strong in humanity, some people actually assigned some validity to what she did to stay young. Later research on the subject did suggest that some components of the blood do make people younger.

Unfortunately for most of these people, they could not get past the blood theory until the early 20th century. At that time, some physicians began to understand what the Pituitary Gland actually did. Apparently, some of those physicians belonged to the pre-Nazi Thule Society. From what we have learned, the Thule Society was heavily into occultism and began to "channel" spirits in an attempt to learn the "forbidden secrets."

However, it was not just the Thule Society that took an interest in the glands of the brain. Masonic writer Manly P. Hall took an interest in the Pineal Gland, suggesting in chapter 16 of his book Man: The Grand Symbol of the Mysteries that it was "the eye of God." Some of his contemporaries further suggested that the Pineal Gland was an "atrophied third eye" which, if it could be activated, could elevate man to a new evolutionary stage. According to Max Heindel, man was in touch with the inner worlds through a "activated" pineal and pituitary glands. Even though Messrs. Hall and Heindel were esoteric writers, their writings generated some interest in the medical community.

When we did our Bible Code on the Pituitary Gland, we got these results:

Bible Code Matrix Bible Code Key

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We indeed found a "chain of custody" from the Thule Society to the National Socialist German Workers' (Nazi) Party. What we were shocked not to find was that the chain did NOT include the CIA! However, we do know that it wandered to the United States... how this "research" got there, we don't know. We looked for CIA in this Bible Code several times and never found it. But we shouldn't be surprised by this? Whoever got this was more interested in making money than they were in the betterment of humanity or letting the management elite of some government agency determine which people get to lead a "new world order." The Bible Code makes that abundantly clear.

What we did find is that they found that the Pituitary Gland regulates growth and aging, just as the Fringe video explained. If they could manipulate the Pituitary Gland to emit more Human Growth Hormone (HGH), they could stay younger, longer... But in time, they learned that HGH was not the only substance the Pituitary Gland was responsible for secreting. It also was a source for Adrenochrome. For many people, getting "high" and "staying high" was the ultimate goal. But because Adrenochrome is expensive and difficult to obtain, only the very rich and connected can afford to obtain it (normal people are obliged to settle for heroin, cocaine, mescaline, etc.). Since obtaining Adrenochrome requires suppliers to extract the Pituitary Gland from young victims, extraordinary means are required to maintain their supply. Drug traffickers who sell Adrenochrome must have a supply of young children that they can extract Pituitary Glands from. Once law enforcement authorities understood this, every human trafficking scandal (e.g. the recently "suicided" Jeffrey Epstein and his "hostess" Ghislane Maxwell) has now come under a considerable amount of scrutiny, as have scandals like #PizzaGate and other similar and/or related events.

It has also been rumored that people who use Adrenochrome are more suspectible to COVID-19 "virus," which might explain why the politicians have scrambled to "lockdown" everything they can and to keep everything "locked down," even when signs of a pandemic never existed. The politicians reasoned that if their large contributors are addicted to #Adrenochrome, they cannot afford to have them get sick and die. Dead major contributors can no longer support the politician's campaigns meaning they will lose future elections and be forced to work as a "consultant" for some "K Street Lobbying Firm."

The spiritual end of this Bible Code is rather interesting as well. The demon Lilith, who shows up as the "Virgin Mary" from time to time would like nothing better than to have a subservient population that will do her will. It loves seeing people build it shrines and chapels for worship. But also present in this Bible Code is Sorath, the demon of the sun, and Thirion, the 666 beast. This research interests them greatly. The presence of the Hebrew word for "computer" is also here. Until the elite can get the world population back down to the "managable size" of 500 million people, they have to engage in extraordinary means to bring this crowd under control. A lot of factors are working in this Bible Code and we are still learning how to understand them.

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