Closing the Deal

The Bar Kokhba Revolt was long since over in (A.D. 135). The Phiabi Jews that weren't massacred retreated to a small city on the Mediterranean Seacoast named Yavne. There, the rabbis and teachers began the enormous task of writing down all the teachings of their now fallen leaders. But the last Bible Code suggests that they did more then just recall old rabbinical teachings. Many of them felt that Yahuwah had failed them, so in time, they began writing up an evil plan that we now call "The Pattern" in an attempt to control the world they thought Yahuwah had given them. It became apparent that if this plan was going to work, they would have to get help from a lot of willing and unwilling minions, along with some spiritual entitities (elohim). They had in their possession, King Solomon's occult writings The Major Key, The Minor Key, and his version of the Kabbalah, along with other literature of that time (written by King Solomon when he had fallen into idolatry). This literature explained to these rabbis how they could summon and manipulate demons, to get them to do their bidding. However, they also understood that forced labor is often not the best work quality you can get.

By this point in time, these Phiabi Rabbis knew that they needed to make a deal with the various spiritual forces associated with "Ancient Evil" that would "be beneficial to all parties." But since many of these forces had been enemies for milennia, getting them to work together would not be easy. We actually thought such a deal was impossible... but the Bible Codes say otherwise...

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It turns out that a demon we have met before named Ashima (Pan) was right there to broker a deal for the Phiabi Crime Family. (Why they would trust him is something we don't understand... Ashima is a trickster demon, much like Batman's mortal enemy, the Joker in the movie/TV/comic book lore, but then, maybe Ashima was the only demon that they could get to do their bidding willingly? Sometimes, you have to take what you can get...) To get the process started, Ashima had to sell the Phiabi Crime Families' proposition to Cain (Osirus). Cain, also looking for revenge, not only accepted, Cain then "opened the door" to the European Royal Families (then, the beginnings of the Merovingian Dynasty), who had one big chip to play in this deal... they knew the spirits who knew how to create viruses and other sicknesses (e.g. The Bubonic Plague, Typhus, etc.). Cain also knew Sorath, the head demon of the sun and the holder of the 666 chest. Getting his power behind them would be essential if "The Pattern" was ever going to work. Sorath could also convince other demons to go along with "The Pattern."

Ashima's biggest coup d' etat was getting Lilith (effectively Cain's ex-wife) to the table. She had been seducing Gentile Christians with her multiple Marian appritions and with her other false signs and wonders for almost 2,000 years. She like the idea of getting the Phiabi Jews "under her umbrella." That would be a major coup d' etat for her, but to make that possible, she insisted that certain Phiabi Jews would need to become Christians... but in exchange for these Phiabis becoming Christians, some of them would be permitted to have high positions in the church system, with some even to be elected Bishop of Rome (later Pope). From their position as Bishop of Rome (later Pope), they would be able to ride (control) the Beast System (the ten kings with seven horns per Daniel 7:24 and Revelation 17:1-2, 12) that they would create in the end times. In the end, everyone made a covenant... the signing ceremony must have been an interesting one. We do know what happens in the end: the beast turns on its controller. (cf. Revelation 17:16) It is one thing to make a deal, but quite another to make sure that everyone keeps their end of the bargain.

It should be understood that not all of the Jews went along with this deal. Many of them remembered the teaching of the Torah which forbade the Jews from making deals with the Gentile nations and their elohim. (Exodus 23:31-33) A lot of Christians would also be horrified at the agreement that their leaders made in their behalf. That is why when we do deliverance, that we have to ask people to revoke their alliances with certain church organizations including the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthdox Churches, and all her "protestant daughters." Jews also need to renounce their alliagances with their former groups as well. This is especially true if they ever even attended a Chabad-Lubavitch meeting and especially if they had participated in their activities.

Many deliverance organizations have discovered that the major denominations have demons affiliated with it. Those demons are there to enforce the deals their leaders made with the Phiabi Crime Family, their human associates, and the elohim who also signed the covenant. The only name we didn't see in this covenant was Therion, the beast. It makes us think that because he did not sign his name on the contract in Hebrew that this will be the reasoning he will give for turning on the harlot. ("The Pattern") (See Revelation 17:16)

21st Century Warfare Prayers

Getting a copy of Jon van Helsing's 21st Century Warfare Prayers: Effective Spiritual Warfare in the 21st Century would be a good start to get you free, but even Professor van Helsing will have to add some prayers to help people get out of their church organizations. We have already brought this to his attention. He suggested that he might post a prayer on his website.

One other note: we see in this Bible Code that their communication network works not only the Pleiades, but Orion and Arcturus star systems as well. We will need to bind all of these star systems. With Typhon coming through the Pleiades system, they had to develop other alternatives to make "The Pattern" work.

We now need to look at the puppet-master: Allen Dulles and see his role in all of this.

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