Allen Dulles Takes Over "The Pattern"

For the Phiabi Crime Family (the Harlot) and the Royal Families (the "Beast"), the opportunity to experiment on human subjects before and during World War II in Nazi Germany was something they were never able to do before. By setting up a "Deep State" structure through the Schutzstaffel (ϟϟ) and the Order of the Black Sun, they could do untoward medical experiments without the normal public scrutiny of national governments. Without the restrictions of ethics normally required in medical research, ϟϟ doctors were able to make significant "advances" in many fields of medicine. These "advances" were important for the eventual subjection of the world under the control of the Beast and its Harlot System.

But after the War, the world's leaders adopted the Nuremberg Code, ten guidelines developed as a result of the "Doctors' Trials" at Nuremberg, Germany. However, the "Deep State" still had experimentation to complete which would violate this Code. When the Order of the Black Sun reconvened in the United States, they undoubtedly discussed how to overcome these restrictions. Their answer was to create the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) out of the ashes of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Originally sold to President Truman and Congress as a "central depository" for all intelligence information, the CIA was one of the resulting agencies that came out of the National Security Act of 1947.

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Three years after the Act was passed, President Truman hired General Walter Bedell Smith as Director of Central Intelligence (the official title of the head of the CIA). He in turn hired Allen Dulles as his "Deputy Director of Plans." Seven months later, Mr. Dulles was promoted to the position of Deputy Director of Central Intelligence under General Smith. In these jobs, Allen Dulles was in charge of clandestine operations for the CIA. When Dwight Eisenhower was elected President of the United States, Allen Dulles was promoted to Director of Central Intelligence, a job he would hold for eight years.

Numerous books have been written about the activities of Allen Dulles and the Central Intelligence Agency. More notable to Bible Code researches has been his work in Bern, Switzerland during World War II, his initiation into the Order of the Black Sun, and the selling of his soul to the devil in the process. But with our next Bible Code, we begin to see more about why he set up the Central Intelligence Agency the way he did and how he could perpetuate the work he was doing after he left the Agency.

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When Allen Dulles moved from the Deputy Director's office to the Director's office, he had a plan to fully convert the Central Intelligence Agency from a central repsitory of intelligence information to an efficient intelligence-gathering organization. But his plan did not stop there. He envisioned a "Deep State" operation that would transform the United States into a neo-fascist state similar to Nazi Germany. To do this, he took "The Pattern" concept created by the Phiabi Crime Family, approved by the Royal Families, utilized by the Jesuits and the SS, and modernized it using new policies and procedures to create the neo-fascist country he envisioned. He understood that "The Pattern" would not create a revitalized state overnight. It would take a couple of generations to complete this transformation and would require the cooperation of a lot of people to accomplish this. We see this cooperation in the Bible Code with both the Russian counterpart of the CIA: the KGB and the Russian military intelligence wing: the GRU. We also see some cooperation with China and the remaining Nazi elements in the world.

We also see Allen Dulles creating a "secret government within the government" that permitted the CIA to do almost anything they wanted. Before long, they were conducting medical experiments that equaled and sometimes exceeded what the SS ever did. Since their financial dealings are, by law, kept secret, only a very few people know to what extent the CIA operates in the world. We also are only beginning to see how they have compromised and controlled people to get them to do what they want. For example, when they could not conduct research to extract an influenza virus from bats and modify it to infect human beings in the United States, they gave Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health $3,700,000 to forward to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to conduct the research. The result of this research has been a "lockdown" and a world economic depression that will cripple the world for decades. It is almost ironic that Allen Dulles died of influenza, complicated by pneumonia on January 29, 1969 at the age of 75. Ironically, the medical profession now calls what Mr. Dulles had as COVID-19!

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