Allen Dulles' Affair with Psychic Maria Orsic

When we first looked at Allen Dulles, once the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, we were shocked when we realized that he sold his soul to the devil to obtain membership in the Order of the Black Sun. However, this Bible Code suggests there might be more going on that him wanting to be in the Nazis' Order of the Black Sun. The mythical psychic priestess: Maria Orsic played a role as well. There are plenty of legends about her, but no records exist in the Nazi archives of a woman bearing her name. Several explanations exist as to why that could be. The biggest one being that this was not her real name.

Maria Orsic

With World War II coming to a close and the Nazis coming out on the losing end, Maria Orsic realized that she had three places she could go. Russia was certainly out because some stories suggest she was born in White Russia (now Belarus), she hated the Slavic Russians and resented the fact that her country was merely one of nine entities in the Soviet Union. She also was not sure about how the Russians and especially the newly-formed KGB would receive her. (Unknown to her was the fact that they would have been VERY INTERESTED in her psychic abilities.) Her second choice would have been Great Britain, but the British were quite skeptical of psychics. Her last option was the United States, but she had to somehow win the fancy of Allen Dulles, the station chief of the Office of Strategic Serivces in Bern, Switzerland without granting him any sexual favors. A psychic with her abilities cannot engage in sexual intercourse, even with a husband. Even the Bible teaches that a soul tie can merge two souls together, compromising the abilities of the psychic.

We saw from the last Bible Code on Allen Dulles that she would have her opportunity when she officiated at a meeting of the Order of the Black Sun in Wewelsburg Castle in Büren, Germany. While Allen Dulles was not a particularly handsome man and his pipe-smoking was not appealing, she did need something from him that only he could provide. Since Maria Orsic was an attractive woman, she had no problem getting his attention. The real question is whether they could really "hook up?" Here is what the Bible Codes have to say.

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It turns out, a number of beings were interested in seeing Allen Dulles and Maria Orsic get together. Even though Allen Dulles was already married and had children, we have found that when someone sells their soul, the first thing people lose is their morality, the second thing they lose is their discernment, and the third thing they lose is their judgment. He had been married to Clover Todd (the surname Todd is often synonomous with witchcraft, some might remember that Abraham Lincoln's wife was Mary Todd Lincoln... she had seances in the Red Room of The White House) since 1861 and had four children. It could very well be that Allen Dulles' marriage was arranged... Many bios of Allen Dulles tell of the "whirlwind three week romance" he had with Clover Todd, just before he married her. We have seen this in other cases as well.

For Allen Dulles, getting Maria Orsic to America was more about getting her to America so she could give the U.S. Government information about the many Nazi secret projects she was allegedly connected to. The most famous of these projects was the Nazi "Bell" (Die Glocke) that some said was a rotating device capable of being a "flying saucer." The most famous write-up on Die Glocke was by Jane's Defense Weekly aviation editor Nick Cook in his book: The Hunt for Zero Point. People familiar with the project at the time theorized that Die Glocke was capable of interdimensional travel and even "time travel." A UPN television show titled Seven Days explored that possibility for three seasons (1998-2001). While many of these subjects seemed sensational, even now, Allen Dulles still felt they were worth investigating, even if many in U.S. intelligence thought she was just a myth or legend. Maintaining a relationship with Maria Orsic seemed to be an excellent way to do this.

It is interesting to see this pair-up between Maria Orsic and Allen Dulles. It reminds us of the relationship of Colonel Henry Steel Olcott and Helena Blavatsky. They met in 1874 when they were investigating the psychic events at the Eddy Brothers Farm in Chittenden, Vermont. After they met, they became close friends, but never married (Col. Olcott was already married). Col. Olcott would become the president of Theosophical Society which he helped form in 1875. As an attorney and journalist, Col. Olcott accompanied Ms. Blavatsky on her trips to India and Europe to promote Theosophy. Some authors have theorized that Colonel Olcott was engaged in espionage activities for the United States government. Allen Dulles also authored books and traveled the world engaging in espionage activites for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). By connecting with Maria Orsic and by joining the Order of the Black Sun, he was able to repatriate this information to the United States after the War.

We have no idea what ever happened to Maria Orsic (Another Bible Code suggested she lived near Heavener, Oklahoma). We are certain that only Allen Dulles and his trusted associates in the CIA know that answer. We understand that she knew a considerable amount of information about the Vril Society and its researches. The CIA made sure that all of this information remains hidden in their highly classified files.

In the next article, we will learn about the price that Allen Dulles had to pay for his relationship with Maria Orsic and the Order of the Black Sun. Click here to learn more.

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