Mr. Dulles Joins the Order of the Black Sun

Updated March 5, 2023

After the last Bible Code on the Order of the Black Sun, we realized that this subject needed a lot more study. We always knew that in Nazi Germany, that the Schutzstaffel or SS was the real power behind Nazi Germany, a "Deep State" as it was. But deep within the SS was a deeper organization that set policy and direction for the rest of the SS organization. We now know of it as the Order of the Black Sun. What we didn't know until we did the last Bible Code was that the Order lived on when Nazi Germany collapsed after World War II.

Allen Dulles Office of Strategic Services Logo

Theoretically, word about the Order likely reached Allen Welsh Dulles, then station chief for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in Bern, Switzerland. He had a lot of contact with the Nazis in the last years of World War II, especially Nazis that wanted to survive World War II and become part of a post-war "New World Order." But we have to wonder: just what level of contact did he have with the Nazis? We decided to investigate this in the Bible Codes... could Mr. Dulles have been initiated into the Order of the Black Sun? Is it possible that the longest serving CIA director in the history of the United States, who literally formulated the basic policies by which the CIA operates, even today... who served under Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy... could he have been compromised by the Order of the Black Sun? Let's check the Bible Codes and find out:

Bible Code Matrix Bible Code Word Key

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The Bible Codes have never ceased to shock us. His name is there connected directly to the words: "The Black Sun." Also there is "ruler or prince," CIA (so we are not confusing him with another man named Dulles), "mark," "subvert," and even Borman, suggesting that he approved of the initiation of Allen Dulles into their Order. We also get the idea he was blood contaminated as many people in the Order seem to be. It could even be plausible that Mr. Dulles brought the Order of the Black Sun to America. More research will be needed so we can find out.

Major General William "Wild Bill" Donovan

Finding former CIA Director Allan Dulles' name connected to the Order of the Black Sun was not something we suspected until we realized just how many connections he had both when he was working for the prominent law firm: Sullivan and Cromwell, and when he was working in Vienna, Austria for the State Department and later in Bern, Switzerland for both the State Department and later, the Office of Stategic Services (OSS) under the legendary Major General William "Wild Bill" Donovan (pictured to the right). When you study Mr. Dulles' background, you find that he had a Bachelor of Arts degree from the prestigous Princeton University, an Ivy League school. After graduating from Princeton, he worked for the State Department and "got the itch" for clandestine work. He initally worked in Vienna, Austria, but when World War I erupted, the State Department transferred him to Bern, Switzerland. But after a few years in State Department, he went back to the United States and earned a law degree from George Washington University. From there, he went to Sullivan and Cromwell, a prominent prestigious law firm in Washington, D.C. (and now, around the world) where his older brother John Foster Dulles (Secretary of State under President Eisenhower) was already working as a partner in the firm. He also served as a director for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) during this time.

Herrengasse 23

Allen Dulles used his position in Sullivan and Cromwell and the CFR to generate connections in Europe that would benefit him later when Major General Donovan recruited him into the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in 1941. He was posted back to Bern, Switzerland on November 12, 1942, living in the now famous Herrengasse 23 for the duration of the War. It was here that he made numerous contacts with Germans that yielded up the plans for the Messerschmitt Me-262 "Schwalbe" Jet Fighter Messerschmidt Me 262 Jet Fighter Planeand also received sketchy information on the V-1" Buzz Bomb" and the V-2 Rocket. From the Bible Code, we also get the idea that he made a number of contacts with "second level" and "third level" operatives within the SS and used that influence to get himself initiated into the Order of the Black Sun.

We know from Allen Dulles' many books, pamphlets, and other statements that he was concerned about Communism and felt that working with and for German Intelligence (via the DVD Deutsches Verteidigungs Dienst AKA German Defense Service) was the only way to stem the Communist tide that was coming west from Russia and had engulfed Eastern Europe. It was through the Order of the Black Sun that he was allowed to obtain extensive lists of German scientists that would be later repatriated to the United States under Operations Paperclip and Lusty. He only periferally participated in these operations because the OSS was officially disbanded in October of 1945.

Highly critical of many of the Truman Administration's policies, Allen Dulles worked with his brother John Foster Dulles on the 1948 Thomas E. Dewey Presidential Campaign and after the election campaign, he later helped form the Office of Policy Coordination within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Operation Mockingbird

Allen Dulles worked his way up the CIA until in 1953, he became the first civilian Director of Central Intelligence. It was in this position that Mr. Dulles transformed the CIA into a "modern intelligence agency," independent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the military intelligence organizations. It was at this time that he inserted a few of his "paperclipped" Nazis into key positions of power within the organization. He used Dr. Joseph Goebbels' "Media Control Model" from Nazi Germany to create "Operation Mockingbird" in an untoward attempt to control the outgoing content of the media. This worked rather will while he was director and well into the 1990s before blogs and podcasts began to break Operation Mockingbird's stranglehold on the release of information. The CIA also became active around the world working to manage the individual operations of countries to the liking of the United States. Whole books have been written about this subject.

Allen Dulles' career in the CIA came to an end on November 29, 1961 when the White House released a "resignation letter." President John F. Kennedy (JFK) was apparently incensed over how the "Bay of Pigs" situation was handled and the fact that he was not fully informed of the CIA's planning in the matter. When other questionable operations came to light in the White House, JFK felt it was time to move on from Mr. Dulles. It would not be surprising if JFK had also learned about Dulles' connections to the German DVD. When JFK started to learn about how deeply the DVD had penetrated the intelligence apparatus of the United States that he became a "liability" that the DVD could ill-afford have outstanding on their "books."

It would be ironic that Allen Dulles would be a member of the Warren Commission which supposedly investigated the Assassination of JFK. (Some journalists eventually started referring to this investigation as "the Dulles Commission") The Johnson Administration's explanation was that Mr. Dulles was needed on that Committee to make sure "classified" information was not improperly released when the Warren Commission Report was published. Most assassination researchers would contend that Mr. Dulles did more to cover up what really happened than he did to bring out the truth. Mr. Dulles also wrote a book during this time titled: The Craft of Intelligence: America's Legendary Spy Master on the Fundamentals of Intelligence Gathering for a Free World. But rather than have you buy another book, we have uploaded a PDF version of the book.

When you merge the Order of the Black Sun with Allen Dulles, you begin to see how the Nazi outlook affected how Mr. Dulles did his work. Some authors have even contended that Allen Dulles had more in common with his Nazi friends than he had with Presidents Roosevelt and Truman. It is most felt when you study Operation MK-Ultra and Operation Mockingbird, two operations which were first executed in Nazi Germany and then brought to the United States by Mr. Dulles. These operations were executed almost the same way they were completed in Nazi Germany. When we see how the COVID-19 hoax was perpetrated on the world in 2020, we see the Operation Mockingbird "markings" throughout. In the next Bible Code, we will take another look at how the Order of the Black Sun researched both the virus used to create the problem and the vaccine they have produced to "protect us" from this allegedly deadly virus.

Our story with Allen Dulles is not done. On the next page, we will begin to see the saga of the man who wanted to join the Order of the Black Sun and the woman he was infatuated with. We will also learn what will happen to anyone who chooses to take the Black Sun's vaccine. Click here to read the next page in the story.

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