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Maria Orsic

Maria Orsic and her group of White Russian psychics were the most famous psychics of World War II. After Anschluss Österreichs unified Germany and Austria in 1938, the Nazis were pleased to learn that her team of psychics were willing to help them. Legends have it that one of her psychics channeled literally hundreds of technical manuals which the Nazis used to make rockets, foo-fighters, flying saucers, and other "miracle" technologies. Herman Oberth and Werhner von BraumThis information was confirmed by none other than Wernher von Braum, the first head of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and a German scientist named Dr. Herman Oberth (one of the founding fathers of rocketry and astronautics), a Nazi scientist who larter worked for NASA also confirmed this information.

The real mystery in the minds of many researchers was what happened to Maria Orsic after 1945. The Bible Codes tell us that Allen Dulles became infatuated with her and brought her to the United States as a secret part of Operation Paperclip. Mr. Dulles met Maria Orsic when he was initiated into the Order of the Black Sun. Maria Orsic understood that the War was going badly for Nazi Germany and that she thought she needed a way out of Germany. Allen Dulles (the OSS resident in Bern, Switzerland) was the contact she needed.

When Maria Orsic arrived in the United States secretly, the OSS immediately interrogated her to find out what her psychics had been doing for the Nazis. The problem was that she was just one of many "channelers," she did not know much about what they channeled. By the mid-1950s, when Allen Dulles was firmly entrenched as Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) for the CIA, he had lost interest in Maria Orsic. He realized that he needed to collect her entire group. Even though he visited her from time to time, we learned from our next Bible Code, that Maria Orsic was a frequent visitor to Heavener Mountain and the Heavener Runestone:

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The Bible Code was more challenging than most of the ones we do. The skip rate is 4,370, which some analysts will sneer at, but we have come to realize that these high skip rate Bible Codes are still valid. What we do see rather quickly is that Maria Orsic found some kind of solace at Heavener Mountain. She first found that solace when she visited the United States when she was young. When she returned at the end of the War, she likely used the ley line running through the mountain helped to restore her depleted energies. 

When she returned to the United States at the end of the War, she learned quickly that she was "out of her element." The occult energies did not flow as freely in the United States as they did in Nazi Germany. However, we do begin to wonder if she made her home somewhere in Oklahoma, where 38 Native American tribes ended up being relocated. We doubt the Native Americans ever trusted her and her psychic abilities, but they also knew what it was like to be forcefully removed from your home by the American government and relocated to somewhere you didn't want to be.

Maria Orsic did find on Heavener Mountain, some of the elohim she communicated with in Germany. Because she was comely, she could count on Cain and his elohim counterpart Osiris calling on her from time to time. She also had the Watchers as guests, along with some minor members of the Seven Royal Families. The CIA did keep track of her, but as she got older, Allen Dulles continued to lose interest. The elohim she was in contact with in Nazi Germany were clearly not as willing to communicate with her personally in Oklahoma. At that time, Oklahoma was a large part of the "Bible Belt" and many ministries had their headquarters near there (in Tulsa, about 140 miles away).

We were shocked to find Maria Orsic in Oklahoma. There are many other places where spiritual energies were working in the United States, but Maria Orsic chose Oklahoma. Why she chose Oklahoma we are uncertain. One would think of other places more to the liking of an occultist like her. Our Bible Code research does identify a "ley line" running through the eastern part of the state as one reason, but we will need more. We will have to find out why, though we have some ideas. We will continue to research Heavener Mountain in Oklahoma to learn more.

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