Kamala Harris and Ancient Evil

As we are finding with a lot of the Democrats that have risen to the top of their party, they have had a lot of "help" along the way. Some of it is apparent. The Kennedy family was very rich and could seed the campaigns of John all the way to the presidency, Robert to both Attorney General and U.S. Senator from New York, and Ted as U.S. Senator from Massachusetts. Ted's career could have ended in the White House if it wasn't for the Chappaquiddick incident. Hillary Clinton got a late start because she had to follow in the footsteps of her husband: Bill Clinton. Barak Obama's rise made no sense. When was elected to office in Illinois and to the U.S. Senate, the odds were always against him. When he ran for president in 2008, several candidates had better credentials, but could not overcome Obama's charisma.

Kamala Harris' road was even harder than Barak Obama's road. Since she spent much of her life in Canada and at Howard University in Washington, D.C., her lack of presence in California meant she initially did not have the contacts to get into office. The chance meeting with Willie Brown, the Speaker of the California Assembly and their subsequent affair got her appointed to many board and committees working up a decent resume. Mr. Brown also gave her introductions to many of the larger "players" in the California Democrat Party. Her resume and her connections got her in as District Attorney for San Francisco, then later as California Attorney General. From there, she got into the U.S. Senate and later she ran for president, though most analysts do not think her presidential run was very successful. Despite that poor run, she was installed as Vice President of the United States.

While it is helpful to have someone push you to the top of the party, know and have the support of the right people "when push comes to shove," the Bible Codes have shown us that it takes a lot more to get to the top of the political spectrum. It takes spiritual connections to get to the top. With that in mind, a Bible Code researcher might be tempted to look for the same things you found in the codes of Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and others. We tried to resist this temptation and run our Bible Code objectively. This is what we found:

Bible Code on Kamala Harris Bible Code Key

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What we found was a little more shocking than we could have imagined. Normally, politicians do not get direct connections to Ancient Evil, but Kamala Harris did. Normally, that doesn't happen unless that person has sold their soul to Ancient Evil. We don't clearly see that here, but another Bible Code will need to be done to explore that possibility. However, we do see "vampire" in this Code, suggesting that something has happened to her, just as it has to Joe Biden. What exactly has happened, remains to be seen. What we do know is that Ancient Evil is investing a lot in her, giving her Vril Energy and connections in the spirit world that will allow her to rise to the top of the World Government structure, but not the very top. Why?

Ashima (AKA the Joker)

Anytime we see Ashima (the Joker) in the works, we know that he makes deals and breaks them at his whim. We saw what happened to Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Countless YouTube videos done by "Word of Faith" preachers "prophesied" even in Trump's presence prophesied in the name of "God" that he would win the 2020 election. Most intelligence analysts in many foreign countries determined that Donald Trump would win again. But when President Trump did not follow Ashima's program to his liking, Ashima helped to fix the election to "vote" the Biden-Harris team into the White House. The power of this demon is surprising us. Deliverance ministries need to make binding Ashima a priority. Even Jon van Helsing has told us that his new version of 21st Century Warfare Prayers will address this demon directly.

From this Bible Code, we also see that Kamala Harris has connections with both the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the SVR (Russian Intelligence) but surprisingly, NOT with China. Maybe Joe Biden will get her those connections. We also see Islamic connections, which may explain why the Biden Administration secretly sent money to Iran after President Trump had emphatically cut those funds off. Also, Kamala Harris' connections with Malia, the daughter of Lilith suggest Islamic leanings, though the Mainstream Media has refused to discuss this. She appears to have connections with the Seven Royal Families which are likely funding much of her efforts through their intermediaries George Soros and Bill Gates.

Kamala Harris is turning out to be more complex than any Vice President we have ever seen. She even exceeds Al Gore, who was once at the top of the Democrat Party but now, he has fallen out of favor. We will have to research this woman further. Many analysts are seeing her as the next President of the United States considering the health issues Joe Biden is facing. Some people remember William Branham stating that the end of the United States would come when a woman would come into "high office." Some thought that when Hillary Clinton was that woman when she was Secretary of State, she fulfilled that prophecy. However, we are not so sure.

The real questions become, "spiritually, who is backing Kamala Harris?" and "what can be done to stop her from destroying the United States of America?" The next Bible Code will come closer to giving us an answer... Click here to go to the next page.

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