Kamala Harris and the King of Hell (Asmodeus)

One of the things we learned from our previous research on Ancient Evil is that he does not get interested in someone unless another high-ranking demon sponsors that person and brings that person to the attention of Ancient Evil. We know that Ashima "The Joker" is not the one because even Ancient Evil does not trust him. Also, he is not ranked high enough in evil's hierarchy to warrant Ancient Evil's attention. When we run into a question like this, we need to turn to the Bible Codes in the Hope we can get an answer. When we did, we got a very interesting answer. Here is the Bible Code:

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Asmodeus, the King of Hell

When we did this, we were shocked at what we found. The key demon as the imfamous Asmodeus, known in most demon lore as the "King of Hell." Unlike the Demon Crowley, who was the King of Hell in much of the the Supernatural lore (though he was the fourth King of Hell), most every authority on this subject places Asmodeus in this role, most notably, King Solomon, who wrote The Geotia: The Lesser Key of Solomon. Many authorities associate him with the sin of lust. In Pastor Win Worley's "Hosts of Hell" series, he describes Asmodeus as a horrific demon that is hard to dislodge, but associated with every sexual deviancy we can imagine and some we would never consider.

Consider 32nd on King Solomon's heirarchy of demons in The Goetia: the Lesser Key of Solomon, he is well-positioned to approach Ancient Evil and sell to him, the idea of Kamala Harris being Vice President of the United States. Normally, demons do not like to place women in high positions of authority, but for some reason, they felt it was important to place her there. They may have been forced to do so because William Branham prophesied, "This Saith the LORD" about the last President of the United States being a woman who would destroy the country.

While many preachers in the demoninational churches are bane to consider William Branham a Prophet, this prophecy seems to be right on target, even in being the 49th Vice President of the United States. Because of Joe Biden's tenous health, it is likely she will be the 47th President of the United States. From what we can see, Chemosh, an elohim of Moab is also a big player in the ascendency of Kamala Harris. The words "poison" and "virus" also appear in this code, but missing is any indication that COVID-19 is the virus being discussed. Likely, the name of this virus is in the code, but until we know the name of it, we will not be able to find it.

From what we can see in this Bible Code, the power backing Kamala Harris is a Ley-Line coming into the United States. That will be the next objective of our Bible Code research. We know that Asmodeus and Chemosh are the demonic powers backing Kamala Harris, but until we can cut their power, Kamala Harris will be the next President of the United States. Also challenging us in this Bible Code is the Jewish Year 5782 which starts on September 7, 2021 and ends September 25, 2022. The Bible Code actually says, "5782, will you change it?" Can we stop it? The answer is "yes" if we can bind the demonic forces supporting Kamala Harris and sever the ley-line giving her the power she has. What is a ley-line? The media character Constantine gives us an answer:

As Constantine explains to us, ley-lines are a "psychic railroad," easy for any demonic entity to follow. Our job will be to find that ley-line and shatter it, jamming all the demonic traffic following it. When that happens, the power backing Kamala Harris will be broken and on the physical plane of existence, we may see the courts order a new election for President of the United States. In the past, we have seen courts redo elections in Mississippi and New Jersey, but doing it on the national level would likely require an order from the U.S. Supreme Court. The Court have so far played the "lack of standing" card when the issue was before them in 2021. When the Wisconsin and Arizona cases come before the Supreme Court next year, the Supreme Court will not be able to "duck" the issue again.

We will continue to research this issue and when we get more Bible Codes on this, we will post them. Place a bookmark on this page and then you can be updated on this issue.

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