Just Who is Behind Jared Kushner?

When you study an individual, knowing who influenced this person in their formative years is rather important. Even though Mr. Kushner graduated from Yeshivat Frisch, a modern orthodox co-educational yeshiva high school in Paramus, New Jersey, he became involved with the Chabad-Lubavitch Movement when he was at Harvard University. The extent of his involvement is not well-known in most journalistic circles. We do know that a "Modern Orthodox" Rabbi (who was not connected to Chabad in any way) married him and Ivanka Trump. However, his connections to Chabad-Lubavitch cannot be overlooked.

Therefore, we decided that we would let the Bible Codes tell the story,

Kushner-Chabad Connection Code Matrix Kushner-Chabad Connection Word List

Click here to download a PDF file of this Bible Code.

In this Bible Code, we see clear connection between Chabad-Lubavitch, the Masonic Lodge, and Jared Kushner. How high up he is in the Masonic Lodge, we don't know. We can see a connection to the Beast Global Financial System. We also see that he is connected to George Soros and his hedge fund. We also see some of his connections with Chabad-Lubavitch and the Masons. These organizations are well-known to be involved with various aspects of witchcraft, including necromancy, spell casting, and even communication with The Watchers. The Code suggests involvement with a group of false priests called Chemarims (see Zephaniah 1:4). This could be reference to Chabad-Lubavitch. Just how connected Mr. Kushner is to Chabad, we do not know, yet...

It is clear that he has advanced himself in the business world and was placed by his father-in-law himself in a very powerful position within the White House. But what do we know about the organization he remains involved with? The next Bible Code will deal with Chabad-Lubavitch and who they are. Click on this link to learn more about Chabad-Lubavitch.