The Cult of "Ancient Evil" and Chabad

Two years ago, we began to study Bible Codes on a phenomenon called "Ancient Evil." There is a section on this website that covers this subject in some detail. We also have started a website to study this even more. We started studying the subject after receiving requests from Larry Taylor and Pastor Dan Catlin. We were also prompted by the research Olaf Hage was doing just before he died on October 21, 2016. He was researching the "Sons/children of Belial," people mentioned 17 times in 16 verses of the Bible. We first learn about the children of Belial in Deuteronomy 13:13. Moses warns us that these people would entice their peers to serve other elohim (gods). In Judges 19:22, the sons of Belial wanted to engage in homosexual activity (similar to Genesis 19:5, 9). In I Samuel 2:12, the sons of Eli were "sons of Belial." Even though they were descendants of Aaron, they were still called "sons of Belial." In I Kings 21:13, men of Belial bore false witness against Naboth at the behest of Queen Jezebel. Not once did these children of Belial do anything good, anywhere is scripture!

As we review these scriptures, we begin to realize that the children of Belial can turn up at any place, at any time, they can be religious leaders, and they can even represent the legitimate government. Many times, they have a greed that drives them to do things most people would not normally do. Therefore, it is important to vet people who do the bidding of their government. We see this with Jared Kushner. He grew up a normal Modern Orthodox Jew, graduating from Yeshivat Frisch, a highly-regarded Orthodox Jewish high school in Paramus, New Jersey. From here, he went on to Harvard University where, for the first time, he begins participating in the activities of the Chabad House on the Harvard University Campus. As we saw on previous pages, Mr. Kushner's connections to Chabad continued after he graduated from Harvard University and completed a joint business/law program at New York University. As we noted previously, he and his wife continue to attend a Chabad Synagogue to this day.

We looked at one Bible Code on Chabad-Lubavitch, but now, we need to look at another. If there is an "Ancient Evil" connection, we need to know.

Chabad-Ancient Evil Bible Code Matrix Chabad - Ancient Evil Bible Code Word List

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There is a lot of words that could be discussed in connection with this Bible Code. The most notable words are "soul" and "to make fly" which are also mentioned in Ezekiel 13:20 where YHWH speaks against the sorcerers and witches who hunt souls to "make them fly." We find this the case with a lot of cultic organizations who extract souls from people, inserting evil spirits within those people so they will always serve the cult. Even though they pretend to know YHWH, the leadership's primary allegiance is to the demon-god Molech and the sorcerer Lucifer.

the Ohel

The Chabad Cult is well-known for their strong devotion to the late Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Orthodox Jewish rabbis not connected to Chabad frequently accuse them of practicing necromancy when they gather at the grave of Rebbe Schneerson (called The Ohel) to pray. Even Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump went to Rebbe Schneerson's grave in Queens, New York to pray for the Presidential Campaign of Ivanka's father, Donald Trump, just before the election. The real question that remains to be answered is whether Jared Kushner has been afflicted by the "Ancient Evil" curse or whether he has remained free. We will find that out in the next code.