The Woman Who Wanted to be President

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is probably the most familiar woman in the United States of America. Her presidential runs in 2008 and 2016 immediately placed her at the top of that list. But her road to the top is something that has stumped political analysts for years. We will take a look at her history and see how she got where she was...

Hillary was born at Edgewater Medical Center in Chicago, Illionis and raised in the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge, the daughter of Hugh Rodham, owner of a profitable textile manufacturing company and Dorothy Howell Rodham. As a young woman, she followed her parents who were "Rockefeller Republicans." She claimed to have seen firsthand, evidence of vote fraud against Richard Nixon in 1960. She also claimed to have met Martin Luther King, Jr. while attending a 1962 speech at Chicago's Symphony Center.

Having done well in high school, Hillary Rodham was accepted into the prestigious Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Considered the women's alternative to Harvard University (especially after Radcliffe College merged into Harvard University in 1963), Wellesley College still has one of the highest academic ratings in the world, as less than 22% of all applicants are accepted for admission. Hillary Rodham would major in Political Science graduating with "departmental honors" in 1969. It was during her time at Wellesley College that her political views changed from moderately conservative to far-left liberal. It makes us wonder if she made her deal at that time.

Hillary Rodham was then accepted for admission to the prestigious Yale Law School, one of the highest rated law schools in the country. While a law student, she was on the editorial board of the short-lived Yale Review of Law and Social Action. She was also very active in political campaigns during this time. She spent an extra year at Yale Law School to be with her future husband: Bill Clinton. She would graduate in 1973 and while studing for the Bar Exam, she continued to engage in political activities. She served as a law clerk for the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate Scandal. It was during this time that she failed the District of Columbia Bar exam, according to some reports, three times. She then married Bill Clinton, moved to Arkansas, and passed the Arkansas Bar Exam on the first try. She then taught at the University of Arkansas School of Law for a couple of years before she got a position at the prestigious Rose Law Firm. It should be pointed out that when Hillary Rodham married Bill Clinton, she retained her surname, which professional women often do.

At the Rose Law Firm, she specialized in Patent Infringement Cases and Intellectual Property Law, but also did pro bono for the field of Child Advocacy. She did not do much work in Trial Practice. She continued to work there when her husband became Governor of Arkansas. Despite the ethical considerations, there was a pipeline from the Rose Law Firm to the governor's office while she worked there. Other documentaries outlines the many questionable business dealing of the Rose Law Firm, especially when he became a partner in 1979. She also worked her way onto the Boards of Directors of TCBY, Walmart Corporation, and Lafarge, S.A. (a French cement, concrete, and construction aggregates company). She was also on the Board of Directors of Beverly Enterprises, which indirectly bilked the Iowa Finance Authority out of millions and did the same to the Arkansas Finance Development Authority.

Hillary Rodham's advance onto the national political scene won her lots of attention as the "First Lady" to Bill Clinton. Acting much as a co-president, he advanced her own politics, initially trying to push through a National Health Care initiative. When that failed, she found herself fighting off charges in the Travelgate Scandal, the Whitewater Scandal, and defending her husband's numerous extramarital affairs. She did write a small book titled, It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us partly in an attempt to deflect the media away from the scandals.

When her husband's second term as president was finishing, they bought a house and moved to New York where she ran for U.S. Senator to replace Daniel Patrick Moynihan. She would win in a landslide over Congressman Lazio, though irregularities in New York City voting practices were common. She would remain in office until 2009, resigning to run for President of the United States. It was then that she ran into another member of the Ancient Evil Blacklist who had apparently made a better deal. She would lose that election and settle for the office of Secretary of State from 2009-2013. Her tenure there was tumultous as scandals continued to erupt, most notably the Benghazi Scandal and the Email Scandal. Eventually, she left the cabinet to prepare for her White House run.

When the 2016 election season started in late 2015, she was again considered the front-funner with her main opposition being Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont. Many analysts had already projected that she would win the Democratic Party nomination and would face former Florida Governor John Ellis "Jeb" Bush in the fall. However, these analysts overstated the value of money to the election campaigns. They did not realize that people were sick of seeing political advertising during their television shows and sports events. Blacklister Jared Kushner realized this and promoted his father-in-law: Donald Trump in the 2016 Republican Party Primaries. He ran an Internet-style campaign using social media and other inexpensive platforms.

Hillary's loss in the 2016 election came because she could not overcome what the Internet had become. She ran a standard political campaign with traditional financing and traditional advertising. But Donald Trump's tireless campaigning and media efforts, coupled with her falls and coughing fits, cost her an election. When everyone's cell phone is capable of taking pictures and spreading them all over the world, even the most powerful candidates cannot possibly win... Even ones who call upon Ancient Evil for help... Even members of the Ancient Evil Blacklist.... Click here to see Hillary's Bible Code.

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