The Real Story Behind the Assassination of Osama bin Laden

The Bible Codes Reveal the Truth Behind the Lies

The World of al Qaeda

Formed in August of 1988 at the end of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, al Qaeda translated into English means simply "the base." Born out of the Nazi/CIA formed Islamic Brotherhood, the group embraces the teachings of Wahhabism and especially the teachings of Sayyid Qutb, an extreme fundamentalist.

If Osama bin Laden is Dead,

Why are We Keeping Troops in Afghanistan?

During the first 2004 Presidential Debate, Democrat Candidate John Kerry railed on President Bush for wasting taxpayer money invading Iraq. He argued that we should be stepping up our efforts in Afghanistan to find Osama bin Laden and bring him to justice. Check out the FBI Website and indeed, he was on their famous Ten Most Wanted List for many years. It is interesting that while he was on the FBI list, there is NO evidence that he ever stepped foot in the United States or anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere. Yet for all the criticism, President Bush never saw a need to increase manpower in Afghanistan (until just before the end of his second term). His administration instead, attempted to stabilize the nation of Iraq, trying to fix the mess they created when they destabilized it in 2003 when they invaded it to depose dictator Saddan Hussein. According to U.S. Government rhetoric, our troops supposedly "stabilized" the region and after Mr. Obama entered the White House, our military officially withdrew from Iraq.

The sad reality is that many of the troops stationed in Iraq were transferred to Afghanistan and Mr. Obama committed even more troops to the region. This would make sense if they were needed to chase down and capture Osama bin Laden. But if you check on various news and intelligence reports over the years, you will read multiple stories about Osama bin Laden being dead! Could this be true? If you did a Google search prior to his "official death" on May 2, 2011 with the terms "bin Laden" and "dead" and you would have gotten several hundred "hits," many of which Google and other search engines purposely obscure.

However, the real question this site must ask is when did Osama bin Laden really die? The Pakistan Observer reported that Osama bin Laden had died of "untreated lung complications" on December 15, 2001. Fox News picked up the story and reported it on December 26, 2001. Other news reports have him dying in 2005 and 2006, but what is the truth? Maybe the Bible Codes can help us find the real truth.

Death Code

Code Key

Gunga Din - Movie

When we did our Bible Code research, we found that he was actually assassinated on October 17, 2001 (Tishri 30, 5762 on the Jewish Calendar). When we looked at the code further, we discovered that Osama bin Laden was murdered by an assassination team, formed up in the land of the Medes (northern Iran and Iraq) and called the Order of Assassins. The Bible Code further shows us that the assassination team was hired from a group of professional assassins known as the Kadiri (or Thuggee cult if you have ever watched the 1939 movie Gunga Din). We learn from the movie and many other sources that they are a very old cult that does nothing but assassinate various leaders of countries and tribes in exchange for cash and/or other valuable consideration. Their assassination work is usually paid for by politicians, billionaires, business leaders, and anyone else who would like to see someone they do not like dead. The Kadiri are well-known for their ability to "do the job right," for not leaving a lot of physical evidence for the police to find (unless they want to point blame to a specifically-designated "patsy"), and most importantly: keeping their clients' secrets!

The Kidiri are also known for their effectiveness. They are effective because they recruit their adherents by buying unwanted children from various Arab and other central Asian tribes. These children are then taken to the Kadiri training grounds in India and taught the art of assassination, even as children. By the time they become adults, they are very well-trained and ready to do their work.

The Bible Code though, does not stop at naming the assassins. It shows that Osama bin Laden was shot with bullets tempered with some kind of snake venom probably obtained from the Kidiri and then refined by scientists working for the Israeli Military Intelligence (Mossad). The contract for the murder of Osama bin Laden was let by some alphabet agency (FBI, CIA, ATF, etc.) or some other propriatary business organization within United States Government (which is why money is not an issue), with all the research being completed and paid for by the United States taxpayer via their "black budget" operations.

This money and technology was given directly and discretely to the Kadiri probably through an Asian money transfer system called "Hawala." The Kadiri were likely the only ones who knew their way around the mountains of Tora Bora, Afghanistan where Osama bin Laden lived at the time. They were also the only ones who could blend in well-enough to fool the locals. Getting them into Afghanistan was easy, as Arab fighters were commonly coming into Afghanistan to help the Taliban. Once they got into Afghanistan, they had no trouble finding Osama bin Laden and disposing of him. The snake-venom ridden bullets ensured that when they shot Osama bin Laden that he was indeed dead. What it did not do was destroy his Al Qaeda fighters. In fact, it may have made Osama bin Laden into an Islamic martyr and empowered his fighters.

The sad part is that Western governments have been lying to us all these years. We had no reason to invade Afghanistan or even Iraq if Osama bin Laden was already dead. The invasions of these countries was for other reasons, which other websites have explained in detail.


The real problems in this region came when most of our forces finally did leave Iraq. Suddenly, a new adversary arose from the ashes. A new Islamic group arose in 2014 calling themselves the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, though United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and our media insists upon calling it ISIS) crawled out of the woodwork and immediately took over large portions of Iraq and Syria. Headquartered out of Mosul, Iraq, they became the nightmare the rest of the world hoped would never happen.

They took over large parts of Iraq and Syria in a few short months. Eventually, they started threatening a Russian Naval Base in Tartus, Syria. Since Tartus, Syria is the only warm-water Russian Naval Base in the world, the Russians were not about to give it up. Since they also needed the current Syrian regime of Bashar Assad to remain in power so they could maintain that base, they have engaged in literally hundreds of airstrikes over ISIL strongholds. The Russians have reportedly also activated a considerable number of Army Reservists and other Spetsnaz (Russian Special Operations) to come to Syria and wipe out ISIL. In the process, the Russian Air Force allegedly violated Turkish airspace, causing the Turkish Air Force to shoot down a Russian jet fighter. The diplomatic battle that has ensued could involve the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in a World War III scenario with Russia since Turkey is a member of NATO. However, the former Prime Minister of Turkey: Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan has started to draw Turkey away from NATO and toward Russia and Iran.

We have also noticed a Chinese presence in Syria as well. Apparently, they are there to reinforce the Russian troops already there. It makes sense because China has a large Islamic population that could get turned against their government if ISIL begins to gain traction in Asia.

We will run codes in the future to see what is going on here.

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