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Bio-Terrorism via the Romance Scam Artist

The World of al Qaeda

Formed in August of 1988 at the end of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, al Qaeda translated into English means simply "the base." Born out of the Sunni branch of Islam, the group embraces the teachings of Wahhabism and especially the teachings of Sayyid Qutb, an extreme fundamentalist.

Bio-Terrorism Comes to the USA

...and the Main Stream Media is covering it up?

In the middle of September, 2014, reports started to come out of Africa about a new strain of Ebola Virus. The media reports is giving us conflicting reports concerning this new strain, but an October 1, 2014 World Health Organization Report says that 7,178 people have contracted the disease and that 3,338 people have died. Most people dismissed this Ebola Virus outbreak as just another disease outbreak on the "dark continent." However, the situation changed when people from West Africa hopped on planes and came to the United States. Read the following story off the Bloomberg News website dated October 3, 2014:


Ebola Patient Came to U.S. to Marry Girlfriend, Start "New Life in America"

Thomas Eric Duncan (pictured to the right), the Dallas Ebola patient, came to the U.S. to marry his girlfriend, a local pastor said. Days later, Duncan was seriously ill and in isolation at a local hospital. His girlfriend is now in quarantine in the apartment where he fell sick.

Duncan arrived in Dallas from Liberia last month, with plans to visit Louise Troh and “start a new life in America” with her, according to an e-mail sent today to the congregation of Wilshire Baptist Church, where Troh is a member.


“Louise and other members of her extended family are in isolation now because of their contact with Mr. Duncan,” said (Dr.) George Mason, who the church’s website identifies as a senior pastor. “You can imagine how frightening this must be for all of them, mixed with the sadness of Mr. Duncan’s diagnosis.”


Duncan arrived in the U.S. on Sept. 20 and developed symptoms four days later. He went to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas’s emergency room for treatment on Sept. 25 and was sent home with antibiotics, before returning in an ambulance three days later.


Health officials have said Duncan is in serious condition, and are monitoring about 100 people who may have had exposure to the disease. So far, none has had symptoms.


A call to a home phone number listed for Louise Troh was not answered. Attempts to reach Mason at e-mail and phone contacts listed on the church’s website were unsuccessful.

Cyber Love's Illusions

When we checked the Wilshire Baptist Church website, we noticed that the church was predominantly white and from the picture above, that Mr. Duncan is black, leading us to believe that the prospective bride, Louise Troh, was also white. Since Mr. Duncan came from West Africa, we suspected he was a West African romance scam artist. We contacted Jon van Helsing, author of the book: Cyber Loves' Illusions, and showed him the information we had. Prof. van Helsing suggested that Mr. Duncan likely developed an Internet romance with Ms. Troh, but instead of taking her money or getting her to cash fake checks, he took a more insidious approach.

Prof. van Helsing's book Cyber Loves' Illusions  (co-written with the late Anna Alden-Tirril) was first released in 2006 and revised in 2010. This book was the first to warn people in the West about the activities of West African Romance Scam Artists. The professor explained that the scam artists' most basic ploy was create listings on one of many Internet Dating Sites and on social media (e.g., Facebook). Once their listing was established, they would begin to target and send out romantic e-mails and private messages to potential victims. While most of these communications are discarded by their targets, they usually get a few people interested. As time goes on, a romance develops and the scam artist proposes marriage. Once an "engagement" is established, the scam artist starts to ask the fiancée for money and other financially-related favors. Normally, the scam ends when the victim realizes that they are out of money and that their lover is a scam artist. There are several variations on the basic scam, but the end result is the same.

One of the other facts the book revealed and has been confirmed by Fox News-Miami and the FBI is the connection between the West African Romance Scam Artists and the al Qaeda movement of Osama bin Laden. Professor van Helsing explains that much of the West African scam operations support the terrorist activities al Qaeda, now known as ISIS/ISIL. After reading the Bloomberg Report article above, Professor van Helsing saw the connection between what happened in Dallas with a new twist. The romance scam artist actually came to the United States to marry their victim. However, he came to the United States with a "little prize package:" the Ebola virus! This website warned many years ago that the true work of Osama bin Laden was bio-terrorism. Now, it looks as if they have finally succeeded in their work: infecting the United States with the Ebola virus. Thankfully, this effort proved to be fruitless. Professor van Helsing also suggested that Barak Obama, the alleged President of the United States is complicit in this crime. However, this might have been a "dry run" for their future efforts. We would see Osama bin Laden's name in another Bible Code connected with the COVID-19 virus that is ravaging the world today.

The next page tells an interesting story about Osama bin Laden. Our government told us on May 1, 2011 than Seal Team Six visited a compound via helicopter in Abbottabad, Pakistan where Osama bin Laden was supposedly living. They moved in, supposedly killed Osama bin Laden, took his dead body on their helicopter, transferred it to a U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier the U.S.S. Carl Vinson. Then, after doing some kind of "Islamic burial ceremony," they buried him at sea, "in accordance with Islamic Tradition." But is this truth or a cover story? Click here to see what the Bible Code says about the death of Osama bin Laden.