The Leopard Alliance -- The Meeting of the Asian World

When we discovered what we did about the last code, in light of history, we decided that it was time to see if another minimal skip-length code existed for the Leopard Alliance. It is important to realize that the more times a code idea appears in the Bible Codes, the more viable the meaning of the code.

We wanted to explore just who the members of this alliance are and what they could be up to. Our research dug up this interesting code:

The Leopard Alliance IIThe Leopard Alliance II Words

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The King and I with Deborah Kerr and Yul BrynnerThis code mirrors the previous code with one major exception. This code adds Siam to the list of nations in the first code. The Kingdom of Siam had its capital in what is now Bangkok, Thailand. At one time, the Siamese Empire consisted of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. The Kingdom of Siam was the subject of a famous musical titled The King and I starring Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr. It was a classic Rogers and Hammerstein production in 1956 and has been remade several times since. While the show was very popular in the West, the Thai government took exception to the factual errors and banned it. It seemed like Ernest Lehman, Oscar Hammerstein II, and Margaret Landon were more interested in making money with the play than they were to preserve history. However, this was not the first play/movie to be riddled with historical errors and it has not been the last. Show business takes liberties at the expense of history whenever it suits them.

The reason you do not find the Kingdom of Siam on a modern map is because it became The Kingdom of Thailand in 1939. That was a troubling time because they were serving as a buffer between the British in Burma and the French in Indochina (now Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia). When the Japanese invaded in World War II, they were forced to sign an armistice and allow the Japanese to use their airspace and their railroads to fight the British. On the other hand, they set up a resistance movement to fight the Japanese for the balance of the war.

In ancient times, they often ruled much, if not all of Southeast Asia and had diplomatic relations with China and India. But now, we are starting to see the empire assembled again, as Communist forces in Laos and Vietnam are now attacking Thailand on a regular basis. Thankfully, the United States government has been supporting the Thai military to keep it from being the next domino to fall.

The most important part of Daniel 7 though is the Terrible Beast the arises in the end. Most preachers, when they come to this part of Daniel, start telling tales of a new world government that would make Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zadong, and Pol Pot pale in comparison. They portray the Terrible Beast government as totalitarian state that will persecute Christians and Jews for the sport of it and bring about the rule of "the Antichrist." Is there some basis in these teachings? Check out the Terrible Beast files to learn for sure.

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