The Return of the Joker

The Joker Returns

It is one thing to sell your soul to obtain the big three: money, lust, and power, but it is quite something else when you realize that there is a monkey-wrench in your deal. When you look at the newest version of the Bible Code, just seeing Ashima (the Joker, see II Kings 17:30) on the tag-end of your initiation ceremony is going to make you cringe. Even if Allen Dulles had known that Ashima was going to be in attendance at his initiation in Wewelsburg Castle, I don't know if he would have backed out. But, when Allen Dulles saw that Ashima was there, he knew that something in his deal was not right. What that something was, he could not for the life of him find out. Ashima is not going to tell you that your have made a bad deal until you understand that you have made a bad deal for yourself. That's how he works... All Allen Dulles can do is "deal with it!"

When we started looking at these Bible Codes, we were looking for information... Now, we are trying to set a timeline. To do that, we need to look at the code in question:

Bible Code Matrix Bible Code Key

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We looked for timing in this Bible Code and got more than we would have imagined we would get. We saw Mr. Dulles immediately calling upon his contacts immediately upon settling in at Herrengasse 23 in Bern, Switzerland. We think this started late in 1940 when he was still working for the State Department. He had spent the previous two years writing books in America to promote the idea that America needed to be part of World War II. Unfortunately for him, most Americans were not buying his rhetoric and even Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR)'s 1940 presidential campaign battle cry repeated Woodrow Wilson's 1916 slogan, "He kept us out of the War!" Little did the American public realize that FDR's plans were to get us into the War, and to do so by upsetting the Japanese. The ensuing summer, FDR promised Churchill that America was planning to enter the War by the end of the year. That allowed Churchill to arrest Rudolf Hess and treat his "peace mission" as farcical. If Roosevelt had balked, Great Britain would have been obliged to entertain Hess' peace initiative and end up working with Germany in their plan to invade Russia. After their experiences in the Crimean War a century ago, they were not that willing to fight Russia for Germany either.

However, after a year of working in Bern, Switzerland, Mr. Dulles has little to show for his time there. At first, the British seemed to dominate the diplomatic efforts. But to be fair, it was the British fighting for their life via the German Blitzkreig unleashed upon them by Hitler and Goering's Luftwaffe. However, Allen Dulles' opportunities came when the British and the Germans could no longer trust each other. The Germans realized that they could trust Dulles up to a point. He might give them information if they in turn offered him something. But, as the Germans started to have serious reverses in the East and in North Africa, they were a little more talkative.

By the summer of 1943, the trading of information started to grow considerably after the German disasters of Staligrad and North Africa. The top brass of the German Army realized that losing the entire Sixth Army meant they could no longer stand against the growing Russian Army for more than three years. As such, they started thinking more about their future after the War and not so much the War itself. While the SS began talking of "miracle weapons" and feeding the leadership a diet of such information, many German officers were starting to think of their future after the War. That is where Allen Dulles came in. They knew that the British weren't going to do anything for them, but the Americans might. However, until Allen Dulles got what he wanted from the Germans, he wasn't on board with helping them.

The two date marks on this Bible Code still make us wonder is the 1947-1948 years when Allen Dulles was supposedly working for the Dewey Campaign and setting up the CIA's "Office of Policy Coordination," it seems he was still active in clandestine activities. That is something we will have to explore. Also tied with World War II dates is another date: 5782 or 2021/2022. How are they tied? We need to find out before it is too late and we cannot prepare.

We are not done with this Bible Code. We continued to do our research and have discovered a lot more. Click here to visit the next page.

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