The "Yellow Peril"

Recent news has suggested that the Conona COVID-19 "Plague" that has allegedly traversed the world got its start in level four bio-labs in Wuhan, China. Already, German media has suggested that their government file suit in the World Court for damages caused by the COVID-19 virus in its country, despite the fact that many German hospitals were empty during this alleged crisis. Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Congressman Dan Crenshaw of Texas have both introduced legislation in U.S. Congress that would amend the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act to allow American citizens to file suit against China for damages incurred due to the COVID-19 virus. On April 21, 2020, the State of Missouri filed suit in Federal Court against China as well. The State of Mississippi followed with a suit of their own on May 12, 2020. Other countries are reportedly preparing to sue China in World Court as well.

Khigh Dhiegh Playing Wo Fat in Hawaii Five-O

Making the story even more interesting is a filing from the U.S. Justice Department alleging that Dr. Charles Lieber, chair of Harvard University's Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology was secretly working for the Chinese government in their Thousand Talent Program. In a story of intrigue that rivals the work of the original Wo Fat, the mythical Chinese agent from the old 1968 series, Hawaii Five-O starring Jack Lord, two Chinese Agents were caught trying to smuggle to China, virus vials from labs in the United States. Dr. Lieber was accused of setting up a bio-lab at Wuhan University in China in exchange for $1.74 million. Much of this arrangement was "kept secret" from Harvard University. This storyline is very similar to many episodes of the 1968 Hawaii Five-O series where Wo Fat either attempted to gain the cooperation of American scientists or literally kidnap them to do China's bidding. It turned out that Hawaii Five-O was being prophetic.

The most disturbing element of Dr. Leiber's espionage was his research in nanotechnology. He was creating transistors so small that they could penetrate cell interiors and probe their interiors. This kind of research would be very interesting to a nation like China that has been on the receiving end of the world's ire. Eventually, that is going to result in economic sanctions that could collapse their economy. Therefore, they will be obliged to find other ways to turn Dr. Lieber's technology into an eventual vaccine. In the Bible Code, the word "China" links to "Cain" suggesting these vagabonds are secretly working together (at least on this project). China needs Cain's connections with Ancient Evil and Ashima (The Joker) to contaminate the upcoming vaccine. All of these parties seem to have a vested interest in contaminating and controlling people. But how are they going to do it? Let's look at the Bible Code and see?

Bible Code Matrix

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The disturbing element of this Bible Code is the number of times the word "blood" comes up, often in very strategic places. The most notiable occurence comes in connection with the words "vampire" and "contamination." That occurrence also connects with the Hebrew calendar year 5782 suggesting once again a confirmation of the covenant Cain made with "Ancient Evil." The covenant year Cain made with "Ancient Evil" is confirmed a second time with another "blood" occurrence happening in commection with the word "covenant." The third occurrence of the word "blood" connects with the Chemarims (the false priests mentioned in Zephaniah 1:4).

The main "loose end" left in this Bible Code is the Chemarims. We know that in this Bible Code, they are the ones who contact the spirit world to obtain information that cannot be obtained through human channels. Our next Bible Code will investigate further, the role of the Chemarims and see what they are finding out. Click here to study the next page in our Bible Code study.

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