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With every Bible Code we do, we get a little closer to what the Order of the Black Sun has been planning for people. In the first Bible Code we did, we learned that the virus we now call the COVID-19, was being developed in labs in Nazi Germany during World War II. But when the War went badly for Nazi Germany, the German scientists needed to find another place to continue their untoward research. They hated the Russians intensely (they were the detested Slavs, a race of "monkeys" according to Nazi literature), so they didn't want their research falling into their hands. Their only hope was to find someone in the West they could turn their scientists and research over to.

These scientists would have contacted the British again, but after their disaster with Rudolf Heß (Hess) in May of 1941, that did not seem like a likely option. It was now early 1944 and the German armies were retreating in the east and in Italy. The only option left for them was to deal with Allen Dulles, an American intelligence operative with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in Bern, Switzerland. While Mr. Hitler allegedly continued to rant and rave at his generals, Martin Borman, always the planner, realized that the War, for all intents and purposes, was lost after the loss of the Sixth Army at Stalingrad. They needed to plan for a future after the War. They further realized that the key to this plan was Allen Dulles. However, for this to work, they would have to give him something important that would impress his superiors in the OSS.

Fritz Kolbe

The German diplomatic service was encouraged to post Fritz Kolbe (codenamed "George Wood"), a mid-level diplomatic courier to Switzerland and allowed him to pass classified information to Allen Dulles. Mr. Kolbe initially passed to Dulles information about the V-1 and V-2 rocket programs (something the allies had little information about). Later on, Kolbe passed on to Dulles, diagrams and some of the schematics for the Messerschmidt Me-262 Jet Fighter plane. However, Mr. Dulles, always the negotiator, wanted something substantial from the Germans before he would help them. He wanted three things:

  1. to be initiated into the Order of the Black Sun,
  2. he wanted a membership roster of the Order, and
  3. he wanted an introduction to the famous psychic: Maria Orsic (he didn't even know what she looked like).

The Germans had no problem giving Allen Dulles the membership roster to the Order of the Black Sun, but they were hesitant about allowing a man from the United States (completely of Irish lineage with no noticable German heritage) to become part of their Order. They had never placed their "mark" on anyone not a pure German. After much discussion, it was agreed that he should become part of the Order of the Black Sun. They sent a plane to an abandoned airfield near Bern, Switzerland and picked him up. They flew him to straight to an airport near Wewelsburg Castle in Büren, Germany. There, he was initiated into the Order and subsequently given the membership roster he desired. They discovered, much to their shock, that he had a lot in common with them, most notably that he had very little time for the Russians and their Communism. Mr. Dulles also understood that the United States and his intelligence services needed those German intellectuals as much as these intellectuals wanted to depart from Germany.

Wewelsburg Castle

Wewelsburg Castle was the official home of ϟϟ leader Heinrich Himmler. He had equipped it with every accoutrement of occultism his ϟϟ Ahnenerbe could find. But in 1944, he spent very little time there. Only Himmler's servants and other ϟϟ officials lived there. These ϟϟ officials were happy that they were going to have a guest and a ceremony that night, even if that guest of honor was going to be an Irish-American. The plane had to fly low so that Allied fighter planes could not see them, so the flight was going to be rough. But they arrived and Mr. Dulles was given the best meal the Germans could offer under the circumstances. When it came close to midnight, they started the ceremony. Maria OrsicThe priestesses leading the ceremony were allegedly White Russian pyschics codenamed "Maria Orsic" (indeed, the women Dulles wanted to meet), reputed to be very famous mediums who were supposedly leaders of the legendary "Vril Society." Even though their leader was 48, she was still very attractive. Most of the ceremony did not make sense to Mr. Dulles as he was only versed in "modern" German. But when he was given an injection as part of the ceremony, he began to realize that he was changing inside. One of those changes was a sex drive that Mr. Dulles' sister Eleanor said would drive him the rest of his life. Dulles' sister claimed that he had affairs with over a hundred women! Some urban legends have "Maria Orsic" being one of the many mediums that Adolf Hitler would consult during his lifetime. Unfortunately, we have no way to confirm or deny these stories. We do know that members of the Order were spiritually involved with them, though they were never known to have sexual encounters with them. At the end of the evening, they were also introduced to Allen Dulles.

What was making Mr. Dulles change on the inside? He could feel something happening to him as he rode on the plane back to Bern, Switzerland. The Germans even had a doctor ride with him on the plane to make sure he would be all right because they had never tried their injection on a non-German. Mr. Dulles was all right, but he was still wondering what was happening to him. We wondered too, so we did a Bible Code in the hope we could find out. Here is what we found:

Bible Code Matrix Bible Code Key

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The first thing Allen Dulles noticed was that there is a "mark" on him. The first thing to come to his mind: Did I sell my soul to the Devil? He remembered a 1941 film he had watched with his wife in a movie theater, titled The Devil and Daniel Webster. He remembered that in the movie, when the downtrodden farmer: Jabez Stone made his deal with Scratch (AKA the devil), that Scratch was obliged to put a mark on him. He also remembered a short story he had read by Stephen Vincent Benet by the same title, that he had read as part of an American Literature class in high school. Indeed, he did feel like the demons were there in earnest. He also sensed the presence of Cain (known to the Germans as Osirus), the first murderer... maybe the original power behind the Nazi Party. As part of this ceremony, he felt the power of "The Serpent" which had deceived Eve and put humanity on the road of death back then. But then, when he was given the injection, (the Nazis called this injection der Impfstoff), that he felt a change start to come over him. The Nazis explained to him in English that the injection was a "vaccine" against a malady they called "Ebola" or "West Nile Virus." The only sad thing was that the famous lawyer Daniel Webster was not there to plead his case for retaining his soul.

Allen Dulles almost wished he had never asked to become a member of the Order of the Black Sun. However, he did enjoy the company of these beautiful White Russian psychics and realized that he could be spending a lot of time with them.

The next day, he felt a darkness over him that he had never felt before. It seemed to effect everything he tried to do from that time forward. This Bible Code is not done yet. We have only begun to scratch the surface of this Bible Code. Click here to visit the next page.

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