Ancient Evil and Barak Obama

Check the Consumer Fraud Section of every state attorneys general office, and a saying is common to all of them:

If a deal seems to be too good to be true, it probably is!

Many years ago, the late Anna Alden-Tirril and Jonanthan van Helsing wrote a book series titled Cyber Loves' Illusions. In this book, the authors described the plight of people who had lost considerable amounts of money to a class of scam artists called "Romance Scammers." They preyed on unmarried and divorced men and women, getting them to send them considerable sums of money. These victims parted with their money because they thought they were receiving the love that they never received at any point in their lives. It was only after their money was gone that the "love of their life" suddenly lost interest. These people then realized that they have been "scammed."

As we watched Barak Hussein Obama rise in the political landscape in 2004 with his U.S. Senate campaign win. Political analysts began to see him as a rising star. When he started campaigning for president in earnest in 2007, he found a "grass roots" following willing to work to get him in office. Even black churches started doing "fundraisers" to support Barak Obama. It was efforts like this started Barak Obama on his way to the White House. While the other candidates went to Hollywood and their big business donors to get their money, Barak Obama "pounded the pavement" to get the money he needed for his campaign.

Only after it became apparent that Hillary Clinton's campaign was falling apart that Barak Obama started getting large donor money. This money was what he would need to get through the General Election Campaign in the Fall. But what was interesting to us was how a veteran politician like Senator John McCain make mistakes in his campaign like he had never made at any other time in his career. He looked indecisive in the debates while Barak Obama seemed energetic and decisive. The devils seemed to have cleared away the opposition to Barak Obama. The following Bible Code confirms Ancient Evil's control of Barak Obama:

Bible Code Matrix Bible Code Key

When we started searching the Bible Codes for Mr. Obama, we found several. This one shows that Mr. Obama is indeed aligned with "Ancient Evil" and has been for a long time. In fact, he is a Chemarim (false priest from Zephaniah 1:6) who is in contact with Lucifer. Cain and his "daughter" Malia (Obama named his daugher after her) are also with him. They are believers in a one-world government, but they do not appear to be following the Royal Families like we have seen with the Trump Administration.

We will continue to research Barak Obama... we do not think his work is done. If his work was done, he would have died by now. Bookmark this page and check back from time to time.

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