The Ancient Evil Blacklist - John F. Kennedy

When John F. Kennedy secured the Democratic Party nomination for President of the United States, he did so despite the considerable odds against him. His number one contender, Senator Lyndon B. Johnson was one of the craftiest politicians in Washington. He used the "Box 13" scandal to secure the Democratic Party nomination for U.S. Senator in 1948 against the popular Texas Governor Coke R. Stevenson. He won the hearts of the Texas populace with Bell Helicopters and other creative political moves that kept him one step ahead of his political competition. Yet, in 1960, he got cold feet. Even though he wanted to be president, he didn't run in any of the fourteen Democratic state primaries. Even at the Democratic Convention, he seemed indecisive and uncharacteristically conservative.

The other player at the Democrat Convention that seemed to have a chance to be the nominee was Stuart Symington of Missouri. He had the support of former President Harry Truman and had the best resume of the group. He worked in industry after graduating from Yale University in 1923. He didn't get interested in politics until 1945 when President Truman asked him to serve on the Surplus Property Board, the Property Administration, and later was the Secretary of War for Air. When the Air Force was broken off from the Army, Mr. Symington was the first Secretary of the Air Force. In 1952, he was elected to the United States Senate from Missouri and quickly became a rising star in Washington politics. His opposition to Senator Joseph McCarthy won him lots of friends in Washington. Yet, in the 1960 campaign, he was not as ambitious as he was in his Senate races and his campaign stalled.

These are just two examples of how previously expert politicians stumbled when running against Kennedy. There were others as well. But when we see this, we wonder if John Kennedy had some spiritual help? Here is the Bible Code we found:

Bible Code Matrix Bible Code Key

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The Ancient Evil connection to John Kennedy is very evident in this Bible Code. The Hebrew letter Dalet (ד) is found in both words. But the key word that connects John Kennedy to everything else is KGB. Before he married Jacqueline (nee Bouvier), he was involved with Ellen Rometsch, a woman later suspected of being an East German (Stasi) spy. While our government continues to hide this, this Bible Code suggests there might be a problem.

His health problems also appear in this code, but it suggests that someone close to him might have been contaminating his food. He did not have a lot of friends with the CIA and this Bible Code does suggest that he did threaten to break the agency into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the wind. Also looming in this Bible Code are the royal families and its beast Therion, along with his helpers Nergal, Osiris (Cain) and Ashima. His involvement in the Masonic lodges is also evident, as is his involvement with Horus. Belonging to the Masonic Lodge seems to be a prerequisite for maintaining your position in Congress and moving upward.

In the past, we have done Bible Codes on the Assassination of JFK. We will look them up and post them. Bookmark this page and return often.

We should also note that we have covered the early days to JFK's presidency in this report.

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