Jerod Kushner

While President Trump battles with a hostile Democrat Party in his own country, his son-in-law and "special envoy" to the Middle East is tried to broker a peace deal between Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and the rest of the Arab world. President Trump placed him in this position despite his lack of experience in the diplomatic world. If one looks at Kushner's resume, you will find that he received an Artium Baccalaureates (A.B.) degree from Harvard University in 2003 majoring in Government. While he was at Harvard, he was active in the Chabad House on campus.

After he graduated from Harvard, he attended New York University graduating with a joint Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) and Juris Doctor (J.D.) degrees in 2007. Despite having a law degree, he is not licensed to practice law in New York or any other jurisdiction. Instead, he took over management of Jared Kusher in front of his famous buildinghis father's real estate firm and is also the owner of the New York Observer a weekly New York City newspaper. His most notable real estate transaction was the 2007 purchase of an office building at 666 Fifth Avenue. The real estate crash a year later turned that investment into a nightmare. After years of trying to make the investment work, his company sold the property in 2018.

Cadre's connections

Jared Kushner's main accomplishment in the real estate world was the creation of RealCadre LLC with his brother Joshua and Ryan Williams. They created a unique on-line real estate investment platform that allowed investors to select what real estate they wanted to invest in. Their connections with Goldman Sachs [NYSE:GS] and the Blackstone Group [NYSE:BX], along with George Soros-controlled Soros Fund Management clearly helped this new company through the development stage.

Before 2015, Jared Kushner was just another real estate mogul in a city full of real estate moguls. Prior to that time, he supported Hillary Clinton in 2008 Democrat Primaries and his newspaper endorsed Barak Obama over Senator John McCain in the general election. However, in 2012, his newspaper did endorse Mitt Romney, but was still contributing to Democratic groups.

But in 2015, Jared Kushner joined his father-in-law's presidential campaign, setting up a very creative campaign apparatus using a digital system featuring an aggressive on-line and social media footprint. Using his experience turning the New York Observer into an effective online newspaper, he transformed the Trump campaign.

While Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and the other Republican candidates used the standard election promotion model using massive media advertising buys on radio, television, and the print media; Jared Kushner used the Internet and especially social media to vault Donald Trump into the presidency. Playing like he was a potential employee on Donald Trump's famous TV Show: The Apprentice, Mr. Kushner limited his fundraising to campaigns on the Internet using free or low-cost mediums, but he also used several social media platforms to get the Donald Trump message out to the public. Jared Kushner succeeded using the Internet to its fullest in 2016 where Howard Dean failed in 2004. Jared Kushner exploded the standard campaign theory that you cannot win a national campaign just using the Internet.

In the early Republican primaries, while Jeb Bush spent $110,000,000 of "Deep State" money to promote himself in Iowa, New Hampshire, and the "Super Tuesday" states. Jared Kushner used his Internet model and spent a fraction of the money Jeb Bush spent. After a month, the results were clear: Jeb Bush was forced to suspend his campaign on February 20, 2016 after showing poor results in the early primaries. (He never got more than 3% of the vote in any election!) In that same time period, Donald Trump won several primaries outright spending a fraction of the money Jeb Bush and other Republican candidates spent. By May of 2016, it was clear that Donald Trump was going to win the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

In the General Election, Mr. Kushner still only spent 59% of what the Democrats spent, and Donald Trump won the general election in a "landslide." The person most responsible for winning the election in the Fall of 2016 was Jared Kushner. At every turn, he outmaneuvered and out-managed the Hillary Clinton campaign. Where the Democrats used the standard "flood the media" model, Donald Trump traveled the country, making a record number of campaign stops, while Jared Kushner used the Internet and social media to sell the American public on Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton made limited campaign stops to relatively small audiences. She looked tired and sick to many campaign observers.

After Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, he installed Jared Kushner as his "Senior Advisor." In this role, he was charged with among other tasks, restarting the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process. Since then, he made multiple trips to the Middle East trying to do what other more professional diplomats had failed to do: bring peace to the Middle East. Recently, rumors have emerged suggesting that he has developed a peace plan that he has been trying to sell to the Israelis, the Palestinians, and the rest of the Arab World. The peace process is far from over, but at the moment, Mr. Kushner is traveling the Arab World, polling them about what he has come up with. So far, his alleged plan has not gone very far. No real analyst of Middle East affairs thinks a peace agreement is forthcoming. Even with the new agreement that Kushner proposed before Trump left office, most analysts are skeptical.

The media never told us about who Jared Kushner really is. We hear about Jared's father's criminal convictions for tax evasion, witness tampering, and illegal campaign contributions. We see how he benefitted from his father's wealth and used it to become successful in his own right. Yes, he has had some reverses, but so far, he seems to have come out stronger than ever. But deep down, who is Jared Kushner? What do the Bible Codes have to say for this man? Is he the "antichrist" that some have started calling him. Maybe, it is time we found out. Click on this link to learn about Jared Kushner and the Chabad-Lubavitch Connection.