What Do They Have Planned For Us?

As we began to add words to this Bible Code, our first question got answered in quick order. When we see "Lilith" in a Bible Code, our first question becomes where is Cain in all of this? This time, we found him working in tandem with Lilith and with Jerad Kushner. It turns out they are working on creating "music."" The word attached to music is the word "Poison." That can mean one of two things. Our first thought was that it is a kind of infectious music that subverts people to do the wishes of the New World Order. The second thought could be that the music is coming from one of two Metal Bands named "Poison:" one out of Germany (playing "Teutonic Thrash Metal") and the other out of the United States (playing Glam "Hair" Metal). The German band gets more of our interest because they have a clearly pagan religious element to their band. However, they were only active from 1982 to 1987 (they had a falling out with their record producer). Whatever it is, the credit for the idea comes from demon Lilith, who seems to understand the music business better than anyone else. But to get a better picture, let's look at the Bible Code:

Bible Code Matrix Bible Code Key

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The interesting thing is that Cain is working with Jared Kushner while Lilith is working with the Shadim working with President Trump. Our question becomes: Does President Trump know that his son-in-law is communicating and working with "Ancient Evil" and Cain? Also mixed into this communication sequence is the satyrs who are also working with Lilith.

Another element that appeared in this Bible Code is that the United States of America has been sold out to "Ancient Evil" since at least 1947 when President Truman made a deal with the "aliens" (demons) at Roswell, New Mexico. (We discovered this unfortunate fact when started doing Bible Codes in 1999-2000) It is also the year when the Central Intelligence Agency was officially started (via the National Security Act of 1947 and the Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949). We get the impression that President Trump did not know about this deal Mr. Truman made until he took office (We suspect Hillary Clinton knew about thi deal and was willing to sign the "contract extention" without question). From our projections, the first deal lasted 40 years and went to 1987. After the 1987 stock market crash, President George H.W. Bush renewed the agreement once he took office (as far as we can tell, President Reagan refused to sign the "contract extention"). The agreement was again renewed in 1998 just before President Bill Clinton left office (they were not sure that George W. Bush would sign the "contract extention").

Now, the matter came up again in 2017, 70 years after President Truman signed the first agreement. This time, President Trump has apparently refused to sign a new contract. Now, we are at the pressure point. Babylon lasted 70 years after they took over the Southern Kingdom of Israel (Judah). The United States has now reached and passed that 70 year threshold. The agreement Ashima wants the United States to sign is unacceptable to President Trump. Ancient Evil in response to President Trump's refusal, has generated a economic depression using COVID-19 and the ANTIFA Riots to bring pressure on the United States to capitulate. Instead, President Trump has been forced to take "hyper-measures" to shore up our economy at the risk of hyperinflating the dollar.

It appears that the upcoming election is going to be about one issue and once issue alone that only the insiders and the readers of this website know about! Will the United States sign a new agreement with the aliens (AKA Ancient Evil) in the hope of getting a better future? From what I can see, Joe Biden would sign a new contract agreement with the aliens (AKA Ancient Evil) and President Trump will continue to refuse to sign any agreement. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out in the mail. The next few months will be very interesting.

We are nearing that place where this Bible Code is mathematically viable... but there is much more to learn. Click here to go to the next page and see how this Bible Code develops.

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