Bible Code Risks

The Randomness Risk is the biggest obstacle a Bible Code researcher face every time they do a Bible Code. One of the reasons we have not considered the code on the last page valid is because there are only three words in it. To make the code valid, we either need to find more words in the area of the code or we need to find connecting words to make a phrase or even a sentence. Bible Code Bombshell Author R. Edward Sherman did this with his 110 letter discovery shocked a world of statistical skeptics and rendered irrelevant, the "monkey text" and "Moby Dick" theories of Dr. Brendon McKay and his Arab critics.

We have come to discover there is yet another way to defeat the Randomness Risks put forth by Bible Code Researchers. We find that if you can find words in "close proximity" or even interconnected to each other, you can build a code and defeat the Randomness Risk. We did this by doing additional research on the code to see if we can find additional data. Here is what we found:

Bible Code


We cannot understand every word in this code, but there are some that we can understand and use. For example, we see that Russian Military Intelligence (acronym = GRU) appears in the code,as does the Russian Central Intelligence Agency (acronym = SVR), but missing from the code is the predecessor organization, the KGB, which history recounts as one of the most ruthless organizations in human history (The book KGB: The Secret Work of Soviet Secret Agents by journalist John Barron tells some very interesting stories. We also see a time mark for the decade 2009 through 2010, which explains why the KGB is absent from this code. We also see that they are still doing their occultic research, much like the KGB has done before them. We see also that they continue to be a major player in the United Nations sitting on the Security Council with veto power. The most curious word in this code is the word "diamond." We are unaware of any diamond mines in the country, but do know that they can use diamonds in their technology.

Like most codes, we depend on the comments of others to explain to us what some code might mean. If you have some ideas, e-mail us at and we will gladly consider your ideas.

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